Zika Virus – Signs, Symptoms and Precaution

According to the latest updates being received, the threat of Zika virus has increased significantly in Karnataka and it is feared to spread across the country. The matter came to light when the Zika virus was confirmed in the body of a 5-year-old girl. Karnataka State Health Minister K. Sudhakar told people to take precautionary concrete steps to avoid this Zika virus, and he also  Said that the health department is fully prepared to deal with the Zika virus.  

Zika Virus 

But along with this, people will also have to be fully alert. Friends, you must be thinking about what this Zika virus is in the end, how it spreads and what are the ways to prevent this zika virus symptoms. Concrete steps should be taken friends, let us explain to you in this article Zika Virus to solve all your doubts. Strict vigil has been ordered. There are a lot of efforts being made by the government to control Zika virus. Nevertheless, people have been instructed to take precautionary measures.

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Zika Virus 2022 Overview

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Article Caption Zika Virus 
First case found in  Raipur Karnataka
Zika virus Symptoms Viral fever, pain in Muscles or joints, headache, red eyes etc.
Year 2022
Virus Name Zika virus
Spread by  Mosquitos
Other transmission Read article

Zika Virus Symptoms

Zika virus which is just now spreading its legs in India, we have to be very conscious about it, for this we have to be very serious about Zika Virus Symptoms, only then we will be able to recognize Zika Virus Symptoms and not escape from the outbreak of Zika virus. 

Zika Virus
Zika Virus


If found, let us tell you here which symptoms appear in your body so that you can get your treatment carefully after getting information about Zika Virus Symptoms in advance. Under Zika Virus Symptoms, there is pain in your muscles, there is also pain in your head. According to Zika Virus Symptoms, you may also have fever and there may be a possibility of pain in every joint of the body, apart from this, according to Zika Virus Symptoms, you may also have rashes on your body.

Zika Virus India

Let us talk about how the first case of Zika virus came to light in India, then according to the Zika Virus India report, let us tell you that in the year 2017, 3 cases were reported in Gujarat, and in the year 2018, the report of Zika Virus India, According to the WHO, a case had come to the notice recently where a case of Zika virus was found in the body of a 5-year-old girl in Karnataka.  

Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar has taken this matter very seriously. According to the report of Zika Virus India in the year 2017 in Tamil Nadu, the infection was confirmed and along with this, a similar case came to the fore in Rajasthan’s Jaipur in the year 2018, after that the case of Zika virus came to light in other parts of the country as well is coming.

Zika Virus in Karnataka 2022 

This is the first such case of Zika virus i.e. Zika Virus in Karnataka 2022 in the state. This cognizance was given by Health Minister K Sudhakar and sent to Puri’s lab and when the report was received on December 8, according to that two samples were negative and one sample was Zika positive. 

Talking about the recent months, according to Zika Virus in Karnataka 2022, this virus has been found in Kerala, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. According to Health Minister Sudhakar, in neighboring districts of Raipur to get updates related to Zika Virus in Karnataka 2022. 

Zika Virus Is Spread By

First of all, you should get information that Zika Virus Is Spread by ie how Zika virus spreads, then here we give you information under Zika Virus Is Spread by, that unprotected sex, blood transfusion, and Zika virus are spread by mosquitoes.  Zika virus is spread through bites. Even under Zika Virus Is Spread by, entry of Zika virus is possible in the fetus of a pregnant woman who is affected by Zika virus.  

That is, the most important thing is that the Zika virus spreads through mosquito bites.  That is, such mosquitoes bite in both day and night to spread Zika Virus, so we should be very careful and alert from mosquitoes. And to avoid mosquitoes, mosquito nets, coils, sticks, or mosquito bats should be used.

Zika Virus UPSC 

If we talk about Zika virus, then according to the news of Zika virus UPSC, Zika virus remains in a person for 7 days, if you see any symptoms related to Zika virus UPSC within these 7 days, then you should immediately consult your expert doctor.  should contact.  

And blood and urine tests should be done soon. And most importantly, on seeing the symptoms of Zika Virus UPSC, sufficient amounts of fluids like water, coffee and juice should be drunk.

Zika Virus Raichur

According to the information coming in front, the duration of Zika virus disease lasts from 3 days to 14 days, according to the Zika Virus Raichur report, according to the report of the World Health Organization, many people do not show symptoms of Zika virus.  

According to the report of Zika Virus Raichur, currently no treatment of Zika virus is possible, but still we should drink more and more water, take maximum rest and take any medicine only on the advice of our doctor.

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FAQs related Zika Virus 

How does the Zika virus spread?

Zika virus is transmitted from a pregnant mother to her child through unprotected sex, through mosquito bites, and through blood transfusions.

What are the signs in the human body due to Zika Virus?

Due to the spread of Zika virus, mild fever, red rashes, muscle pain, headache, redness of eyes, etc. many types of symptoms appear in your body.

When did the new case of Zika Virus come to the fore recently?

Recently, a case of Zika virus has been reported in a 5-year-old girl in Raichur, Karnataka.

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