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Even though Argentina has achieved a new position after getting the FIFA World Cup title, Argentina has not been able to get the top position in the FIFA rankings, that is, with the gain of only one place, Argentina has been able to maintain its position at number two. Brazil, which is ranked at the top according to the World Football Ranking, however was knocked out in the quarter finals, here let us tell you that Brazil was knocked out of the FIFA World Cup by Croatia. 

Under the World Football Ranking, the Brazilian team has so many points that it is probably not possible to remove it from the top position, it is worth noting that the more points the team has, the higher the team is at the top rank. Here let us explain to you that Brazil has got 1840.77 points.  So without delay, we are going to provide you complete information regarding World Football Ranking, so let’s stay in this article till the end.

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World Football Ranking

Even recently, if we talk about the FIFA rankings of the Indian football team, then the Indian team has got 104th place in the FIFA rankings. As you know, the World Football Ranking is very important in the world of football. In fact, under the FIFA World Cup rankings, this information is definitely received about how a country is performing in its international program and tournament. 

However, only the points obtained by any team prove to be helpful in ranking that team. According to the World Football Ranking, in the recently concluded World Cup in Qatar, Brazil was defeated by Croatia in the quarter-finals, but Brazil had gained so many points before that it is still difficult to remove it from the top ranking.  .

2022 FIFA Ranking Overview 

Article Title  World Football Ranking
Category  Ranking
Top country  Brasil
Top 30 teams Given in Article 
India Position 104th
Year 2022
Other information  Read Article


FIFA Men’s Team Ranking

Rank Team Name  Total Scored Points Rank Team Name  Total Scored Points 
1 Brazil 1841 16 Uruguay 1627
2 Argentina 1838 17 Columbia 1613
3 France 1823 18 Denmark 1608
4 Belgium 1781 19 Senegal 1604
5 England 1774 20 Japan 1593
6 Netherlands 1741 21 Peru 1564
7 Croatia 1728 22 Poland 1560
8 Italy 1724 23 Sweden 1558
9 Portugal 1703 24 Iran 1552
10 Spain 1693 25 Korea republic 1539
11 Morocco 1672 26 Ukraine 1537
12 Switzerland  1655 27 Australia 1534
13 USA 1653 28 Wales 1530
14 Germany 1647 29 Serbia 1526
15 Mexico 1636 30 Tunisia 1526

FIFA World Ranking

FIFA Group Continents Country/total
CAF Africa 54
UEFA  Europe 55
OFC Oceania 11
CONMEBOL South America 10
AFC Asia , Australia  46
CONCACAF North , Central America and The Caribbean 35


World Football Ranking
World Football Ranking


FIFA Ranking 2022

Talking about the Belgian team, it has just slipped to the fourth position as it has lost two places. If we talk about England and Netherlands, then they had to get defeated during the quarter finals itself. 

Under the FIFA Ranking 2022, the team of Croatia, which was earlier in 12th position, has now reached the seventh position due to the gain of 5 places. Italy, which was dreaming of getting the World Cup, has now reached the eighth position. 

If we talk about the African continent’s team, Morocco, then it has reached 11th position with the advantage of 11 places, as earlier this team was at 22nd position.  Similarly, Japan’s team has got 20th position in the Asian continent.

FIFA Football Ranking 2022

The Indian team, which is at the 104th position, is just above the New Zealand team. According to the FIFA Football Ranking 2022, New Zealand was defeated by Costa Rica, due to which it withdrew from making its place in the World Cup.If we talk about the members of the Asian Football Confederation, then let us tell you here that India is standing at the 19th position as before. Iran continues to hold the top position among AFC countries.  

If we talk about the world ranking under FIFA Football Ranking 2022, then Brazil is at the top and after Brazil, Belgium, Argentina, France, England, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Denmark are making their own rankings. Now it remains to be seen which team will bounce back during the next FIFA Football World Cup.  Now only time will tell.

FAQs related World Football Ranking

What does World Football Ranking mean?

The FIFA Football Rankings are the top ranking which teams are performing in international events and tournaments.

Who is at the top position under World Football Ranking?

Brazil continues to top the world football rankings.

What is the position of India according to the World Football Ranking?

India is ranked 104th in the FIFA Football Rankings.

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