World Cancer Day 2023 – Theme, History, Date, Prevention of Cancer

World Cancer Day is a day when we bring to the world the power of working together and we teach ourselves that each one of us, no matter how small or big, can help reduce the global impact of cancer,and can play their part. World Cancer Day 2023 is being celebrated tomorrow i.e. 4th February to make a cancer free world and we should also call upon ourselves to play our role no matter who you are and how you are wherever you are. We celebrate World Cancer Day every year on 4th February to raise awareness about cancer prevention, detection and treatment. Let us know some essential and complete information under World Cancer Day 2023.

World Cancer Day 2023

World Cancer Day is celebrated around the world on 4 February to spread information and encourage people about cancer prevention, early detection and treatment. The initiative of World Cancer Day 2023 first goes back to the promotion and support of the World Cancer Declaration in the year 2008 by the Union for International Cancer Control.

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As told by the World Health Organization about World Cancer Day 2023, cancer is the most common cause of death worldwide. World Cancer Day was first made official in the year 2000 under the World Summit in Paris by signing a document called the Charter of Paris Against Cancer consisting of 10 articles.

World Cancer Day Event Ideas 2023 Overview

Article Caption World Cancer Day 2023
Category Health News
Disease Cancer
World Cancer Day Kab hai 4 February 2023
Theme of this Year Close The Care Gap
World Cancer Day Established on 4 February 2000
World Cancer Day Official Colour Blue And Orange

World Cancer Awareness Day 2023

Here we want to inform you that there are many types of disease called cancer. For this reason, many different types of colors and symbols have been mentioned under World Cancer Awareness Day 2023 to show different types of cancer and to promote the fight against it. For example, the pink ribbon is related to breast cancer awareness globally, and the orange ribbon is to spread awareness about childhood cancer.


World Cancer Day 2023
World Cancer Day 2023


Under World Cancer Day 2023, every year many events are held worldwide with the aim of bringing schools, business markets, parks, community halls, community and organization together and it is expected that according to World Cancer Awareness Day 2023 cancer The person affected is not alone. That means all of us will play a mutually respected role in the responsibility of reducing this global disease.

World Cancer Day Theme

To bring various issues related to cancer to the society, World Cancer Day 2023 will be celebrated tomorrow i.e. on 4th February this year i.e. the main purpose of celebrating this day is to educate health professionals and common people on a target of reducing cancer globally. Work has to be done by the public. and was first launched in the year 2000 at the World Summit against Cancer of the New Millennium in Paris.

Under World Cancer Day Theme, let us tell you that the multi-year theme for this World Cancer Day 2022 and 2024 is “Close the Care Gap”. The main objective of the Jesus theme is to focus more attention on risk engagement and opportunities on a global scale.

World Cancer Day Ribbon Colour

Let’s take a look at the colors of the ribbon on the occasion of World Cancer Day. In fact, World Cancer Day Ribbon Colors are forms of life that people wear to express their sympathy and support for people suffering from cancer.

Here we tell you about some different ribbons of cancer on the occasion of World Cancer Day 2023 which is being celebrated on 4th February:-

  • blue pink and teal thyroid cancer
  • white pearl lung cancer
  • blue yellow and purple bladder cancer
  • black skin cancer
  • lavender all cancers
  • purple pancreatic cancer
  • periwinkle blue colon cancer
  • light purple testicular cancer
  • dark blue colon cancer
  • lime green Ger Hodgkin lymphoma cancer
  • yellow bone cancer
  • peach uterine cancer
  • white and burgundy head and neck cancer
  • burgundy multiple myeloma
  • orange kidney cancer

World Cancer Day 2023 Importance

As you and we know, cancer is a condition of the human body in which some cells in the body continue to grow uncontrollably.  And these uncontrolled cells take the form of cancer after some time. In fact, cancer is the single most common cause of death globally. According to World Cancer Day 2023 Importance, the general awareness about cancer screening prevention and treatment is very low when it comes to India and the global population.

In fact, literacy rate and low income greatly affect cancer awareness. This time for World Cancer Day 2023 which will be observed globally on 4th February, low and middle income countries will face a unique challenge in addressing the risk of cancer caused by many chronic diseases.  In fact, lack of education, delay in diagnosis and low access to affordable treatment are the most dangerous.

Prevention of Cancer

  • First of all, for the prevention of Cancer, we have to take less postic diet under highly processed substances in fruits and vegetables.
  • Apart from this, we have to have minimum consumption of tobacco and alcohol under World Cancer Day 2023 Awareness Day.
  • Along with this, one has to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.
  • We have to protect ourselves under Prevention of Cancer and also from coming in contact with harmful chemicals in the environment.
  • Be careful about UV rays and wear protective clothing by using a good sunscreen.

FAQs regarding World Cancer Day 2023

When is World Cancer Day 2023?

World cancer day 2023 is tomorrow i.e. on 4 February 2023.

When was World Cancer Day established?

World Cancer Day was established on 4 February 2000.

What is the theme for World Cancer Day 2023 this year?

This year’s theme for World Cancer Day 2023 is:- “Close The Care Gap”.

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