World Aids day 2022, Theme, Significance, History, Importance

Any pandemic in the world is not incurable. We can definitely deal with them, provided we have a feeling of confidence and trust in God. Today, I was going to talk about the epidemic. The name of the epidemic we are talking about is AIDS, today we are celebrating World AIDS DAY 2022 on December 1, 2022.

World Health Organization WHO on December 1 World Aids Day 2022 Friends, we have declared you clear here that every year, with a new theme Celebrate World AIDS Day i.e. World AIDS DAY 2022.

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World Aids day 2022

This time which has been created, removes the inequality spread in the society and stresses on eliminating AIDS. So friends know what is special on World AIDS DAY 2022 this information will be seen under this article under this Article World AIDS DAY 2022.

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As we know, the recognition was provided by the World Health Organization for the first time in 1987 to celebrate the World AIDS DAY 2022 on December 1. Because the first case of AIDS was revealed in 1986. Since then, due to AIDS, about 600,000 people have died due to HIV AIDS infection.

Apart from all these, we also tell you on the occasion of World AIDS DAY 2022 here that every year on May 18 we celebrate World AIDS Vaccine Day and we celebrate that day as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. That means this day is light on the importance of the AIDS vaccine on May 18.

Aids Awareness day 2022 Overview

Article title – World Aids day 2022

Aids full form – Auto immune deficiency syndrome

HIV full form – Human immunodeficiency Virus

World Aids day 2022 theme – Equalize

First aids matter found in – Kango, Africa

Aids reports – Alisa report, western blot reports, cd4 count report, PCR report

World Aids day celebration date – 1 December.

World Aids day
World Aids day


How to celebrate World Aids Day 2022

World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 December 1, people are celebrated to be aware of AIDS

On this day people wear red ribbons.
You can purchase this type of red ribbon from any medical store and can contribute to World AIDS Day in the country’s interest.

Every year U.N.O. The agency, the governments of different states and countries run awareness campaigns to deal with various types of HIV infections for the future of society.

Different campaigns are communicated to deal and protect people from HIV infection by various Social Seven Institute, Women’s Commission and different organizations.

Whatever people suffer from HIV, they raise their voice on the issues of their life.

Unaids World AIDS DAY 2022

Here we are willing to give you one thing that unaids world AIDS DAY HIV infections under 2022 not only children and youth, but also every age individuals Can take into the screws. Keeping in mind this, Unaids World AIDS DAY 2022 under the United Nations worldwide, under the World ADus campaign, he started running a strong campaign.

At first, people were shy about talking about HIV/AIDS. But later it was said that it is not a treatment. UNAIDS World AIDS DAY UN on the day of 2022, following all the rules for the prevention of this disease, it was made mandatory for people of every section of the society. So let’s know that some special information about AIDS on the occasion of Unaids World Aids Day 2022

World Aids day Activities 2022

As we had clarified to you that World AIDS Day started in 1988. These World AIDS DAY Activities are celebrated on December 1 per year in 2022, so that those who have gone to AIDS’s screws and tribute to them can be given true tribute and we People of society can be aware of AIDS World AIDS DAY Activities Under 2022.

Do you know how HIV Ads are here, please give you information according to World AIDS DAY Activities 2022, that HIV AIDS continually destroys the CD4 white blood cells present in our body as You know that white blood cells work to fight diseases in the body. Due to HIV, white blood cells in the body reach below 200 per cubic millimeter.

World Aids Day Theme 2022

As you know that each year World AIDS Day is celebrated with the new team according to World AIDS Day Theme 2022 Last year under World AIDS Day in 2021 World AIDS Day Theme was. “Ending inequality and eliminating AIDS ” but this year i.e World AIDS Day Theme 2022 theme is equalized and this time world aids day theme 2022 Under the “Call to Action ” World AIDS Day 2022 has been selected.

And whose purpose is to increase all the test information and awareness associated with HIV. In this context, we will tell you that when World AIDS Day was celebrated in 1988, it was the theme that communication means communication.

Symptoms of Aids

Here we are telling you today in relation to the Symptoms of AIDS that if you do not do God, then what do you see in the beginning? You should take opinions from the doctor at the right time by paying attention to these symptoms.

You may also experience excessive fatigue in the body. You can have a long-term fever, cough in the throat, red-red rashes or your skin is very sensitive. In your genital or mouth wounds, and swelling in the lymph nodes and the Bajan phenomenon is also one of the important symptoms.

World AIDS DAY IN Hindi

Here you should explain that HIV virus can spread to you in many ways. For which you should take precautions. In the context of World Aids Day in Hindi, let us tell you that at present, the effective treatment of HIV infection is not yet available. You can only overcome HIV by adopting the necessary practitioners. If any HIV infected person also fails HIV from the re-use of the needle or by the exchange of blood in the HIV infected person.

World AIDS DAY in Hindi If any mother is HIV then breastfeeding also spreads to children from HIV mothers. If cutting cuts off the same blood at the barber shop, it is threatened to spread HIV. HIV spreads mainly with unsafe sex. According to World AIDS DAY IN Hindi, if a person who is infected with HIV is spit, saliva, sweat, tear, stool urine or vomiting can also infect HIV.

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FAQS terms of World Aids day 2022

When is World AIDS Day celebrated?

World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1 each year.

What is the theme of World AIDS Day 2022?

This time the theme of World AIDS Day is the spirit of equality

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