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For television lovers, those who like to watch TV for the duration and decades of smartphones. Here is the news or the new update from TRAI. If you are also a TV lover then this post will be very beneficial for you. You must know about TRAI’s new guidelines if you are also sitting in front of the TV a lot. In this post, we’re going to tell you about the new guidelines of TRAI, new rules for TV channels, The new update about the various channels, what is TRAI, The amendment that is done by TRAI new rules. To know all about TRAI new rules stay with us in this post at last.

Trai New Rules For Tv Channels

The TRAI Telecom regulatory authority of India has issued new guidelines regarding television. According to this the TRI has revised the new tariff order 2.0 affecting crores of customers. So you will know further about this in detail. According to official news, all channels at rate 19 or below will be included in a package known as bokeh. This news or amendment is done by the telecom regulatory authority of India.

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Trai New Regulations

According to official TRAI, new regulations and guidelines received from TRAI came into effect on one February. Along with this TRAI also said that after one February all channels will have to ensure that customers are offered service according to the channel or combination that is selected by the customer and the offered channel will be included. Included with this the broadcasters also said that report in their channel and channels MRP package structure by 16 December according to the said.

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Trai New Rules For Tv Channels Overview

Title TRAI New Rules
Year 2023
Category New Rules
New Rules Given
Implementation Date 1 February
Full Form  Telecom regulatory authority of India


Trai Regulations For Tv Channels

The TAri regulation supporting TV channels is related to the pricing. However we have detailed description about this. The amendment of TRAI cable and DTH customers will get more relief after this. The implementation date of the new rules starts from 1 February 2023. So you have to follow this amendment that is done by Telecom regulatory authority of India.

So according to the guidelines that is done by TRAI is that all the channels at rate 19 or below will be included in the package that is known as bokeh. You can read much about this in the official website of telecom regulatory authority of India or the PIB websites. This was already implemented so you have to follow the rules according to the telecom regulatory authority of India.


Trai New Rules For Tv Channels
Trai New Rules For Tv Channels


Trai New Rules For Tv Channels list

The TRAI New Rules for TV channel list sir is applied for all the TV channels that are under the telecom regulatory authority of India. Another thing is included in this as up to 45% of. Apart from this are the TRAI guidelines. They also said that they are fixing the price of the package but also the broadcaster can give a maximum discount on it. The discount will be up to 45% from the maximum retail price or MRP amount from Channel that is selected or included.

Trai New Rules

The new tariff of telecom regulatory authorities has ordered that the pricing related to the channels of television will come into effect on one February 2023. As a result of this new telecom regulation that DTH and cable operators have expressed their concern about this. That is the earlier over the potential increase of approximately 30% in the video is a type of TV channels and their price included in this. However this can sometimes be hard to conduct officially in many areas.

There can be a problem initially according to this rule but after that the rule will be confined by everyone to all the conductors. However rules are implemented and all have to follow the rules and according to the pricing selected by the telecom regulatory authority of India.

Trai Amendment

In addition to this it is also said that the tariff hike could lead to loss of subscribers for operators and this is especially for the trend of cold cutting may further accelerate with the rise of OTT channels ietc. so this can be more riskier than the other. The TV broadcasters have already increased their banquets and the popular channels. This price is between 10 to 15% according to the new amendment done by Telecom  regulatory authority of India. So this is all about TRAI New rules for TV channel 2023 if you like this post then do share with your friends and family.

FAQs related to Trai New Rules For Tv Channels

When did the TRAI new rules for TV channels be implemented?

The new rules were already implemented on 1 February. 

What is the full form of TRAI?

The full form of TRAI’s telecom regulatory authority of India.

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