Toronto Pro Show 2023 Results, Scorecards, Winner List

The Toronto Pro Super Show concluded yesterday, June 4, 2023, and new champions were unveiled in 10 divisions. The grand premiere ceremony, which took place in Toronto, was attended by athletes from all over the world. It is noteworthy that a significant change compared to the previous several years was the modification of the qualification system for the pinnacle of Olympia bodybuilding competitions.

Toronto Pro Show 2023 Results

It has come to light that according to this year’s Toronto Pro Show 2023 results, the participants competed in divisions like Classic Physique, Men’s Wheelchair Woman Bodybuilding, Figure Bikini, and Wellness Bodybuilding. Under the information, it has been revealed that the Toronto Pro Show 2023 results for the year 2023 were named after Ian Vallier. Apart from Ian Vallier, nine more champions who participated in this competition were also crowned with grandeur.

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If we look at this year’s Toronto Pro Show 2023 results, it comes to the fore that people were attracted a lot by the men’s open division. And in such thrilling competition, Ian Weller and Hasan Mustafa were the main focus of this much-awaited competition. On June 3, new entrants who earned their Pro cards were provided with a simple opportunity to join the professional ranks of the competition.

Toronto pro show 2023 Overview


Article Heading  toronto pro show 2023 results
Event Name Toronto pro show
Toronto pro supershow winner  Iyan Vallier
Last year winner Mohammad Shaban
Year 2023
Competitors participate date  3 June 2023
Result date 4 June 2023


Toronto pro shows the 2023 Results date


Events  Competitors participate list Updated list release date Participate date  Exhibition date In florida ticket booking date 
Date 30 May 2023 31 May 2023 3 June 2023 4 June 2023 9 October 2023


Toronto Pro Show 2023 Results
Toronto Pro Show 2023 Results


Fitness Shows 2023

The 2023 Toronto Pro Super Show kicked off last Sunday, June 4, 2023, in Toronto, with 10 IFBB Pro divisions hoping to qualify. According to Sangyan, the Olympia qualification system has changed this year. 

According to this, you have to win a show if you have to qualify under the Olympia qualification system, i.e., if you didn’t finish in the top 3 in the previous year or if you didn’t finish in the top 5 in the men’s open. Fitness Shows 2023’s full results have been released. 

Below, we have given a complete breakdown along with the official scorecard for your convenience. The main attraction of the show was the crowning of a new champion in the men’s open divisions at the Toronto Pro Show 2023 results.

2023 Toronto Pro Supershow Results

classic physique

  • Winner: Samuel Paquin
  • 2nd place: Carl Gaithersburg
  • 3rd place: Gregory Dawson
  • 4th place: Edgar John Augustine
  • 5th place: Maurice Burgess

men’s physique

  • 1st place: Mehdi Kabaj
  • 2nd place: Rodrigue Chesnier
  • 3rd place: Bhuvan Chatham
  • 4th place: Julian Collie
  • 5th place: Gary Cooper

female bodybuilding

  • 1st place: Julia Whitesell
  • 2nd place: Teresa Ivanchik
  • 3rd place: Tananarive Hui
  • 4th place: Melina Perron

Men’s open bodybuilding

  • 1st place: Ian Valliere
  • 2nd place: Hasan Mustafa
  • 3rd place: Ross Flanagan
  • 4th place: Robin Strand
  • 5th place: Joe Seaman

212 bodybuilding

  • Winner: Piotr Borecki
  • 2nd place: Sung Yup Jung
  • 3rd place: Chris Buhr
  • 4th place: Hwang Shin
  • Fifth place: Ming Chun Hon


  • 1st place: Lola Montez
  • 2nd place: Menon Dutili
  • 3rd place: Jodi Bom
  • 4th place: Lauren Martin
  • 5th place: Dalila Alger


  • 1st place: Sandra Colorado Acal
  • 2nd place: Kristen Bradwell
  • 3rd place: Emily Azzarello
  • 4th place: Anne-Marie Gobel
  • Fifth place: Lauren Barton

wheelchair bodybuilding

  • 1st place: Mohammad Reza Tabrizi Noori
  • 2nd place: Tim Caldwell
  • 3rd place: Jason Metcalf
  • 4th place: Brian Williams
  • 5th place: Jack McCann


  • 1st place: Ellie Fernandez
  • 2nd place: Adair Liebrecht
  • 3rd place: Maxine Somov
  • 4th place: Brittany Gillespie
  • fifth place Katerina Kaufman

 female body

  • 1st place: Emilia Martin
  • 2nd place: Romana Schutzen
  • 3rd place: Amandine Collie
  • 4th place: Alyssa Copolino
  • 5th place: Nathalie Thompson

2023 Toronto Pro Supershow: All Division Winners

  • Image: Lola Montez
  • Men’s Open: Ian Valere
  • Male 212: Piotr Borecki
  • Welfare: Sandra Colorado Acal
  • Bikini: Ellie Fernandez
  • Female Physique: Emilia Martin
  • Classic Physique: Samuel Paquin
  • Men’s physique: Mehdi Kabdj
  • Female Bodybuilding: Julia Whitesell
  • Wheelchair Bodybuilding: Mohammadreza Tabreeza Noori

Toronto pro show 2023 Results Tickets

Official information has been received that this weekend’s event is going to see an elite group of athletes and competitors who have qualified for the Toronto Pro Show 2023 results for the year 2023. The event will be held from November 2nd to November 5th in Orlando, Florida in 2023, and this time is very special for those who are interested in booking these Toronto Pro Show 2023 Results Tickets because now they only have time until October 9 to earn tickets. 

As the highest-ranking Mr. Olympia finisher of this year, to be held on June 3, 2023, Ian Weller gained the most popularity as he was received as the favorite in the competition. Apart from them, now Buffalo is also expressing hope that Hasan Mustafa can continue his struggle for Golden.

FAQs regarding Toronto Pro Show 2023 results

When will the Toronto Pro Show 2023 results be released?

The result of the Toronto Show 2023 came out on June 4, 2023.

What are the 10 divisions included under the much-awaited Toronto Pro Show 2023 results?

  1. men’s open
  2. 212 bodybuilding
  3. classic physique
  4. men’s physique
  5. men’s wheelchair
  6. female bodybuilding
  7. Shape
  8. Bikini
  9. female body
  10. welfare

Who was the champion of the Toronto Pro Super Show in 2023 and last year in 2022?

In the year 2023, Ian Vallier and, in the year 2022, Mohammed Shaaban were crowned champions of the Toronto Pro Super Show.

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