Tik Tok Banned Countries, Top 10 List, Why TikTok Banned

Tik Tok mobile application app which is like a heartbeat for today’s youth, we and you call it a popular short video app because this application is Chinese-owned then it is bound to be a cause of concern.  Governments of many countries are concerned that it has been used under Beijing to collect information about users and spread fake news. So today through this article we will also provide information regarding Tik Tok Banned Countries.  Actually, let us tell you that TikTok is under global scrutiny. Because its ownership is protected by the Chinese-owned company ByteDance. So here we are giving you the list of Tik Tok Banned Countries today.  Where this application is completely banned.

TikTok Banned Countries

It is coming to the knowledge that many government agencies have started working towards a partial or complete ban on the social media popular application Tick Talk. Countries like India and USA have also expressed concern in this list of Tik Tok Banned Countries. Because through this application, Dragon TikTok is stealing users’ data. And using it against the social and space security of the countries.

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In such a situation, there is bound to be concern for countries around the world, where countries like Indonesia and Bangladesh have implemented it to reduce the spread of pornography and information through Armenia and Azerbaijan. At present, we have told you about the list of some Tik Tok Banned Countries here.  Which you must read.

TickTock Banned Countries 2023 Overview

Article Caption TikTok Banned Countries
Category Tick Tok Ban News
Countries who Ban TickTock India, Canada, Pakistan, USA, European Union, Indonesia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc.
Reason to Ban Application internal security of the country and obscene material storage
Year 2023
Why India Ban TickTock In 2020, after a geopolitical dispute with China and Internal protection
Why countries Banned TickTock In view of the possibility of sensitive user data being at risk

Tik Tok Banned Countries List 2023

Here you are getting information about which countries around the world where this Chinese-owned application has become a matter of concern all over the world, Tik Tok has been completely banned.

  • A statement has been issued by the Government of Canada that they have added themselves to the list of Tik Tok Banned Countries as soon as possible keeping in view the potential privacy and security risks of Tik Tok. That is, the Canadian federal government has banned Tick Talk from being installed on the Play Store and App Store.
  • In the same sequence, the USA has protected itself from the Chinese company BiteDance by putting a full stop to the use of Tik Tok in view of the internal and social security of the country. It is believed that the Chinese company can disturb the country’s security by gathering more information about American users through the app.
  • In this sequence, the European Union has also banned the use of the Tick Talk application, which has also been called a threat to the country’s security by the European Union. Sweden and Denmark are also included in this.
  • TikTok has also been banned by Pakistan because Pakistan claims that there is lewd and obscene content in this application.
  • Taiwan also joined the Tik Tok Banned Countries List 2023 in December 2022 and a team was formed to investigate the activities of this illegal application on its island.
  • In the year 2022, Tik Tok was also tightened by Afghanistan and Tik Tok was included under Banned Countries List 2023 because they alleged that it was misleading the younger generation.
  • TikTok was completely banned by India in June 2020 considering the security, integrity, and sovereignty of the country at risk.
Tik Tok Banned Countries
Tik Tok Banned Countries

Why Is TickTock Banned

As you know that the social media giant company Tick Talk is receiving various criticisms around the world and questions are also being raised on this application, so the question you asked Why Is TickTock Banned is a very important and important question. In fact, let us tell you that expressing concern about this application, the White House has also registered its name in the long list of Tik Tok Banned Countries. America has even said that on the basis of the bill issued by them, Tik Tok will be banned on the nationwide platform.

In fact, let us tell you that on March 7, a new law was introduced by several senators, which would create new technologies to ban Chinese owned video application Tik Tok and many other foreign-based technologies. A statement issued by TikTok said that the US ban is an export of American culture and the values ​​of the people who use our service around the world over allegations.

[ Note: All information are collected from the internet, we do not claim to confirm any news. ]

FAQs regarding Tik Tok Banned Countries

Which are the countries by which Tik Tok has been banned?

The list of Tik Tok Banned Countries includes countries like India Afghanistan Pakistan Canada European Union.

Why is Tik Tok banned by countries?

Many countries have slammed TikTok for its questionable privacy policies and obscene and inappropriate content on the platform.

TikTok is the application of which company and of which origin?

Tik Tok is an application of bitedance company and of Chinese origin.

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