Tallest Building in the World, [Top 10], Burj Khalifa or Shanghai Tower

The race for the Tallest Building in the world is a race That comes from many years. Architects worldwide continually design infrastructures that will create records day by day in the world. The Tallest Building is one of the rays of record and marks the space as the Tallest Structure in the World. In this post, we are going to tell you about who is the Tallest Structure in the World, what is the list of top buildings, which is the Tallest Building in India, which is the Tallest Building in China, and the other country. To know all about Tallest Structure in the World Stay with us in this post at last.

Top 10 Tallest Buildings In The World

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  • Burj Khalifa
  • Shanghai Tower
  • Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower
  • Ping An International Finance Centre
  • Lotte World Tower
  • One World Trade Center
  • Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre
  • Merdeka 118
  • Jeddah Tower
  • Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tallest Building in the World

Some of the buildings are just breath talking my beautiful. You can see this Tallest Building from India to the US and the middle list to Australia. The number of Tallest Buildings is unbreakable. However, we Are going to talk about only one Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is the Tallest Building in the world. Khalifa is located in Dubai. However, we will talk about the Burj Khalifa later in the topic below.

The top 10 Tallest Buildings in the world and each of them is indeed a wonderful, phenomenal tall skyscraper. However, these are striking skyscrapers that have a contemporary design and represent the evolution of technology and modernity all over the world. This Tallest Building shows how much a man can think about to construct.

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Tallest Building in the World Overview

Title Tallest Building in the World
Category Tallest Building
Year 2023
Name Burj Khalifa
Location Dubai
Hight 2917 ft
Tallest Building in the World
Tallest Building in the World


Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is The Tallest Building in the world with a Height of 2,717 ft and Floors 163 (+1 below ground) and Completion Date was 2010. This is one of the great and most wonderful structures done by humans. This is all known as the Tallest Building in the world, the Tallest free-standing structure, the Tallest service elevator in the world, the Highest observation deck, the Highest number of stories, the Elevator with the longest distance, Highest occupied floors. The building is also mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Merdeka 118

Merdeka 118 is the world’s second-tallest structure. If we talk about the height of this structure then it can surpass the Tokyo sky tree and also the world’s second Tallest Building Shanghai Tower but still shorter than the world’s Tallest Building Burj Khalifa. The buildings are the pride of any country and is also the buildings and the structure of the country.

Burj Khalifa is an example of that. The list of Tallest Buildings that are given below the ranking includes only fully completed buildings. Because there are some buildings or construction in the future in those buildings you can be the world’s Tallest Building. The top 10 Tallest Buildings in the world list are given below so you can check the list also the Tallest buildings in India are given and about them.

Tallest Building In India

If we talk about Tallest Building in India then at present the Tallest Building in India is known as a skyscraper. This is situated in Mumbai with a height of 919 feet high or 280 m. It is built on the site where the Srinivasan Mila stood earlier. There are also about 200 skyscrapers which are built in India and more are being made.  Mumbai is there to add 22 numbers to a list of the top most cities that have the most skyscrapers. Mumbai has one of the Tallest Building cities in the world. The second Tallest Building in India is also situated in Mumbai.

Tallest Building in the World 2023

Where are some of the Tallest Buildings in the world, you can check them? The Tallest Building in the world in 2023 is Burj Khalifa. And the second Tallest Building in the world is Shanghai Tower. The names of the buildings are given in a sequence. So you can check out the top 10 tallest structures in the world. These structures are said to be the pride of their country.

FAQs related to Tallest Building in the World

What is the name of the Tallest Building in the world?

Burj Khalifa is the tallest structure in the world.

Who are the top structures in the world?

The list of the names is given above.

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