STS Karnataka 2022, Karnataka Student Tracking Portal

The STS Karnataka 2022 was developed by the Karnataka government to keep track of student report cards and teacher files. This STS Karnataka 2022 Login official website is made to make processing student and instructor data from Karnataka state schools simple. The management of student and instructor data using this computerised system enables access to information throughout Karnataka.

The government offers the pupils a number of services under this scheme. The fundamental procedure of midday meals is also monitored via the STS Karnataka 2022 login’s official website. There are numerous direct links that can provide the user direct access and use their login to track their information.

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STS Karnataka 2022 aim

The government’s primary goal is to stop the duplication of school records. The authorities would be assisted in catching fraudsters who set up phoney schools through this platform. Officials from schools must register online; physical paperwork is not accepted by the Department of Education.

The online application process will be available each year by November 30th via the website To ensure that all students can afford an education and that no school has an excessively high tuition, the government also sets a standard school fee for all institutions. For the school, parents, and guardians to view and apply at the school level, the fee structure is indicated on the website portal

Karnataka Student Tracking Portal 2022 Overview

Department name Student Tracking System Karnataka
Government name Karnataka government
Apply mode Online
Category Student tracking portal
Applied for School students


Benefits of Karnataka Student Tracking Portal

  • Using the STS Karnataka 2022 online architecture won’t always result in clarity in the teaching office.
  • The Training Division is given the ability to realise the full potential of the students in the state thanks to STS Karnataka 2022
  • Every student in the state has access to educational materials via the Internet.
  • The nature of training can be determined with the help of consistency in education.
  • Without valid documents, schools may expel students.
  • STS Karnataka 2022 is prepared to comprehend the teacher admissions ratio.
  • A useful Global Positioning Framework is produced by the Shiksha Mitra Portable Application, allowing access to real websites from yet another device with device parity.


STS Karnataka
STS Karnataka


STS Karnataka 2022 Karnataka Student Tracking Portal

  • School Services: Through this service, the state department of education allows for online requests for school approval, grant permissions, accreditation, renewal submissions, and more. Additionally, a choice for minority-serving schools to assist minority children in the state.
  • These services have an online procedure that enables the creation of digital records for each student and teacher. Student Achievement Ranking System Teachers frequently update students’ career accomplishments so they can be better supported.
  • Employee Services: These give access to online employee options so that other departments and teachers in the school can use them to check their information.
  • SERVICES OF THE DEPARTMENT ONLINE: The department’s services include approving school accreditation or minority school accreditation. Additionally, this tool can be utilised to renew any service offered to schools by the State Education Department.
  • MIS: This service is utilised for coordination, analysis, and information control in decision-making. In order to determine how well both teachers and children are doing, they supply the accurate catch and count depending on the information they receive from the schools.
  • Exam portal: The department’s online examination is set up so that the school can submit all of the exam’s information, including student registration, online. Through the internet portal, exam hall tickets and other materials are also made available.

Karnataka student tracking portal School login

  • Open the programme, enter as the STS School login Karnataka website address, and then click the enquiry button.
  • Saksham school power is now available at “School Login Karnataka.”
  • To access the Teaching Achievement Global Positioning Framework, click on it.
  • Click on the “Enrollment tab” to access the SAT’s login or STS’s Open School login page.
  • The school administration should choose the client connection for the STS login UG for the school.
  • A new internet page will now display on the screen; this one needs to be powerful.
  • Shakti should complete the structure with the necessary information before entering the manual human test code and clicking the submit button.
  • Thus, Karnataka completes the online interface’s enrollment of school experts.


STS Karnataka 2022 Registration

  • New users need to go to the official website, such as, in order to register on the STS Karnataka 2022 Tax Portal.
  • The user registration link mentioned on the “Landing Page” should be selected by a recipient by tapping the “Listing” option.
  • The next website page will open with a nominations structure.
  • A recipient is required to provide a plethora of information, including personal information, the location of posting, confirmation of their contact information, and verifiable proof records.
  • The recipient can tap on the “Submit Button” after carefully examining the details.


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