Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, Latest News, How SVB Crisis Unfolded

Silicon Valley Bank which was known as the 1st largest bank and it also plays its part for lending money to the biggest technology startups collapsed last Friday after defrauding all its investors and depositors. The impact of the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse was that there was a huge recession in the global markets as well. The Silicon Valley Bank which is based in California became one of the biggest bank failures after the 2008 financial crisis and barely 2 days after the announcement was made, it saw a sharp drop in deposits resulting in Share sales began to be organized, resulting in both investors and customers jumping off the sinking ship upon hearing the news of the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

SVB i.e. The Silicon Valley Bank UK unit is on the verge of being declared bankrupt, the business has already been closed by the bank and new customers are not being taken by the bank anymore. On Saturday, leaders of about 180 companies presented a letter to Britain’s Chancellor Jeremy Hunt calling for intervention in the aftermath of the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.

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Signature Bank Collapse

Although it is being said that the UK is just the beginning in relation to the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse. Silicon Valley Bank also had branches in Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Israel, and Sweden, and there are frequent warnings that a Silicon Valley Bank failure could wipe out startups around the world without the existence of a government.

Silicon Valley Bank Share Price 2023 Overview

Article title Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
Category Bank Collapse
Year 2023
Date 10 March 2023
Bank Collapse in total time 48 Hours
While Collapse total bank Assets 209 Billion dollar Assets and 175 billion dollar bank Deposits.
CEO Grage Baker

Silicon Valley Bank News

Some of the facts that have become clear regarding the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank are as follows.

  1. The first is that the Silicon Valley bank suffered what proved to be the biggest retail banking failure since the 2008 global financial crisis.
  2. Second, Valley Bank was closed on Friday by US regulators and its deposits were seized. It was all done so dramatically, according to Silicon Valley Bank News, that the hi-tech lender’s share price plummeted amid customers running on deposits.
  3. One of the main reasons for the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse was that the Silicon Valley Bank invested most of its assets in US bonds after earning a huge amount of money by investing in tech startups.
  4. And to reduce the rate of inflation, the Federal Reserve Bank manipulated interest rates last year, resulting in bond prices going down.
  5. Startup funding has also reduced in the midst of the Kovid-19 pandemic, as large amounts of money have been withdrawn by bank customers.


Silicon Valley Bank Collapse
Silicon Valley Bank Collapse


How SVB Crisis Unfolded

On Friday, the tech and startup-focused lender was ordered to shut down by California regulations. And it was asked to keep it under the control of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In response to How SVB Crisis Unfolded, there was an overnight jolt when SVB shares plunged a whopping 60% in premarket trade. After which the depositors started competing to withdraw money.

Meanwhile, news broke that SVV Financial Group was also in the process of selling itself after its failed fundraising attempt. But in relation to the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, there was no benefit of any kind because the deposits went out very quickly. And shortly after it was posted by the FDIC that SVV had been shut down by the California Department of Financial Production and Innovation.

Decoding the SVB Collapse

The possibility is being expressed that the collapse of SVB Financial Group and the acquisition of FDIC may come to the fore in no time, but in relation to the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, analysts are of the opinion that the Bank will continue to fall prey to high interest rates in the year 2023,  There is a possibility of increase in rates.  Decoding the SVB Collapse Led by the US Federal Reserve, central banks around the world began slashing their key rates to combat inflation, hurting investor sentiment.

And this also affected the business of tech and startup focused lenders like SVB. Risk-taking is not preferred by investors as the higher interest rates result in the costlier available money.

Silicon Valley Bank Merger

Actually let us tell you that the downward spiral of Silicon Valley Bank Collapse started on Wednesday when it felt the need to raise $ 2.25 billion to strengthen its balance sheet, which allegedly advised companies to withdraw their money from the bank. The sudden collapse of a top Silicon Valley developer as part of the Silicon Valley Bank Merger has sent tech investors and startups scrambling.

However, just 24 hours before the financial crisis, Chief Executive Officer Greg Baker personally assured customers that their money was safe with the bank. With regard to the Silicon Valley Bank Merger, the FDIC stated that the bank had $209 billion-dollar in assets and $175 billion-dollar in deposits at the time of the failure. The bank said on Wednesday that it was forced to sell all of its bonds available for sale at a loss of $1.8 billion.

FAQs regarding Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

In how many hours did the Silicon Valley Bank operation collapse?

Silicon Valley Bank’s operations collapsed in just 48 hours.

Silicon Valley Bank was forced to sell all its bonds at a loss of how many dollars?

Silicon Valley Bank was forced to sell all its bonds at a loss of $1.8 billion.

How much total assets did the bank have at the time of the failure according to the FDIC?

The bank had $209 billion-dollar in assets and $175 billion-dollar in deposits at the time of the failure, according to the FDIC.

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