Shivani Dubey Biography, Date of Birth, Profession, Age, Qualification

Shivani Dubey Biography: Biography of Shivani Dubey, who is a journalist. Shivani Dubey is a journalist who is based in India. Things like entertainment, lifestyle, culture, politics, and social trends were among the topics that Dubey discussed socially. Dubey and Alakh Pandey, who teaches physics, are engaged to be married and plan to do so shortly. This blog contains information about Shivani Dubey, who is Alakh Pandey’s wife. This includes Shivani Dubey Biography, age, partner, parents, career, husband, salary.

Shivani Dubey Biography 

According to Shivani Dubey Biography Alakh Pandey sir, who teaches physics to thousands of students all over the world, is married to Shivani Dubey. Shivani Dubey is his helper. Alakh Pandey has disclosed to everyone that Shivani Dueby was of immense help to him during the introduction of the Physics Wallah app, and the two of them have been romantically involved since 2019. Shivani Dubey is also the covert character Babita that Alakh Sir uses while he is instructing his students, and he frequently refers to her in this capacity.

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Shivani Dubey Profession

Indian journalist Shivani Dubey is engaged with Alakh Pandey, an online educator and motivational speaker. Alakh Pandey is the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah, an online ed-tech platform. Shivani Dubey hails from India. Due to the fact that Dubey was born in 1996, she is currently 27 years old. She took birth in Allahabad, UP. She also goes by the name Babita. She graduated with a Master of Science in Chemistry after completing her schooling at CBSE School and receiving her diploma. 

Shivani Dubey Profile 


Name Shivani Dubey
Year of Birth/ Age 1997
Height 5 ft 3 in
Weight 55 kg
Category Biography
Nationality Indian
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Religion Hinduism
Home Town Allahabad
Husband  Alakh Pandey


Shivani Dubey Instagram

She had previous employment with a variety of publications including VICE, ELLE, Refinery29, and i-D, amongst others. Her weight is 70 kg, and she stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches mentioned in Shivani Dubey’s Biography. Shivani Dubey spent her childhood in Allahabad, which is located in the state of UP. She graduated with a Master of Science degree in chemistry. After being together for two years, Shivani Dubey and Alakh Pandey decided to take the next step and become engaged after two years of dating. The couple plans to wed in the near future. When Alakh Pandey recounted how she had assisted the Physics Wallah in his several interviews, she became a topic of discussion in the news.


Shivani Dubey Biography
Shivani Dubey Biography


Shivani Dubey Net Worth & Salary

There is no place on the internet that provides information regarding Shivani Dubey Net Worth & Salary. It would indicate that she would be receiving a respectable wage somewhere in the range of 40,000 to 60,000 Indian Rupees (INR) as a result of her employment as a journalist. Due to the fact that she has an income, her current net worth is probably between 1 and 2 crores of Indian Rupees. On the other hand, Shivani Dubey Net Worth & Salary has between 80 and 90 crores of Indian Rupees (INR) in terms of their combined net worth in Shivani Dubey Biography.

Shivani Dubey Husband ( Fiance )

Shivani Dubey Biography says marital status of Dubey is that she is single. She is about to tie the knot with Alakh Pandey, commonly known as Physics Wallah, who is a physics instructor and a YouTuber. Shivani Dubey Husband ( Fiance ) made a name for himself in the education world thanks to his innovative teaching strategies, and he’s now making headlines thanks to his game-changing love life. Shivani Dubey Husband ( Fiance ) got engaged on October 2, 1991, making her fiance’s age exactly 31 years old. They’d been in love for the previous two years and for many years after that.

Shivani became Alakh Pandey’s fiancée in June 2022, following a relationship with him that lasted for two and a half years. Physics Wallah is an online educational technology platform, and Alakh Pandey is its founder and chief executive officer. The month of February 2023 is reportedly set as the wedding date for the couple.

Shivani Dubey Career

According to Shivani Dubey Biography, Shivani Dubey Career was made in the journalism field who works on a freelance basis. She worked with several of the most prestigious magazines, including i-D, Refinery29, Elle, and Vice, among others. Let us inform you that this young woman is working as a journalist, as stated by a variety of media publications that have discussed in Shivani Dubey Career and previous job experiences and shared them with us. It has been asserted that she has disseminated knowledge on a variety of topics, including politics, social media, lifestyle, entertainment, and others. It is also said by several publishers that Shivani has worked for major publications such as VICE, ELLE, Refinery29, i-D, and many more of these types of publications.

It is possible that in the not-too-distant future, she will take over as CEO of the company that her husband founded, Physic Wallah mentioned in Shivani Dubey’s Biography. She will be in charge of her husband’s companies’ more high-level business dealings. When she finally ties the knot with Alakh Pandey, you can expect to find out a lot more about her professional life.

FAQs regarding Shivani Dubey Biography

When was Shivani born?

1996 was the year that Shivani Dubey was born.

What exactly is Dubey’s age?

It has been 27 years since Shivani Dubey was born.

What nationality does Dubey belong to?

The journalist Shivani Dubey belongs from India.

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