SEC Exam Priorities 2023, Complex Products, Annuities, Non-Traded REITS

The SEC exam priorities for 2023 were announced by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday, and the exams are set to determine whether advisors follow the new disclosure rule and the best interests rule, among other things.  The SEC Exam Priorities 2023 focused on whether registered or investment advisors have proper policies and journals to prevent advisors and those in need and whether they have met the basic requirements of the RIA Rule. 

SEC Exam Priorities 2023

Today, you will also get information on SEC 2023 Exam Priorities and how it can affect your legal, regulatory, and compliance matters. According to Richard Best, Director of the Examination Department, our priorities reflect the changing landscape and rich risks in the securities markets and are the product of a risk-based approach to examination selection.

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SEC 2023 Exam Priorities

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SEC 2023 Examination Priorities

SEC Exam Priorities 2023 Balances Resources in a Differentiated Registration Base We will add on compliance with the new ACC rules that apply to investment advisors and investment companies and will keep an eye on emerging issues and regulations aimed at protecting retail investors. Under SEC Exam Priorities 2023, broker deals and RIAs using enlisted technologies that crypto engages in such trading will be assessed for their compliance and standards of care for risk management operations and review process.

SEC Exam 2023 Priorities Overview 


Article Title  SEC Exam Priorities 2023
Category  World
Exam Types Multiple choice, short Answer, essay exam, Case Study exam
SEC Salary 113457 Dollar Average
SEC Exams Frequency  4.5 Years
Best method For exam Online
Three board in India CBSE, NIOS, CICSE


New Investment Advisor and Investment Company Rules

The New Marketing Rules shall be focused by the Division and such written policies and procedures shall be adopted and implemented by Registered Investment Advisors appropriately designed to prevent. Which will be under the New Investment Advisor and Investment Company Rules. 

The focus will also be on the new rules that will apply to investment companies with this impact.  And such rules will be made which will include derivatives rules and fair valuation rules. According to Richard R. Best, our testing program continues to grow and is committed to furthering investor protection through high-quality Bali exams. The division’s 2023 priorities under SEC Exam Priorities 2023 will cover all of this.


SEC Exam Priorities
SEC Exam Priorities


Retail Investors and Working Families

This type of division would continue to address standards of conduct issues for broker dealers and RIAs. To ensure that retail investors and working families are receiving recommendations and advice in their best interests. 

The examinations will also assess practices regarding review of investment options, management of conflicts of interest, consideration of the investment goals and characteristics of the accounts of Retail Investors and Working Families.

Emerging Technologies And Crypto Assets

Examination of broker dealers and RIAs will be conducted by the Division to incorporate technical and online solutions to meet the demands of compliance and marketing and service investor accounts using emerging in-person technologies.  The registrant’s examination through Emerging Technologies And Crypto Assets will take into consideration the offer sale recommendation or advice with respect to trading in crypto or crypto related assets.  

The collaborative effort to prepare annual exam journals under SEC Exam Priorities 2023 will begin with feedback from exam staff to identify specific practices, products, services and other factors.

Information Securities And Operational Resiliency

Google’s dealer and RI review will take into account cybersecurity issues associated with the use of third-party ledgers, including the security and integrity of third-party registrars’ products and services, according to Information Securities and Operational Resiliency of the Third Party has been used unauthorizedly. 

The division will review the practices of broker dealers and other registrants to remove interruptions in mission critical service and protect investors’ information records and assets.

The Broker Dealer and Exchange Examination Program

Broker dealers and exchanges should pay close attention to all aspects of securities compliance, as any failure to comply may result in inspection and other action. As the retail investment market is expected to grow in 2023. Broker dealers and exchanges will face increased scrutiny on how they do market disclosures and other things that affect the public. To check things out in the year 2022, the following were the SEC Exam Priorities 2023.

  •  Transfer Agent 
  • Security Based Swap Dealer 
  • Municipal Advisor Broker 
  • Dealer Operations 
  • National Securities Exchange 
  • Micro Cap Musical and Over the Counter Securities.

SEC Enforcement Division

The Examination Division of the Securities and Exchange Commission has just prepared its 2023 Examination Priorities Report for the SEC Enforcement Vision, with a focus on new investment advisor and investment company regulations.  RIAs for private investors Security environment Social and governance Information security and operational flexibility for retail investors and working families Emerging practices and crypto assets. 

The Division outlines its exam priorities annually to provide insight into its risk-based approach to SEC Exam Priorities 2023. Here are common areas it believes pose potential risks to investors and the integrity of the U.S. capital markets.

FAQs regarding SEC Exam Priorities 2023

What is the SEC Division of Examinations?

The mission of the Division is to protect investors, maintain market integrity and support responsible capital formation through risk-focused policies.

What are the SEC exam preferences?

Private funds include environmental social and governance investment retail investor protection information security.

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