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Radhika Merchant Biography: In the words of Radhika Merchant Biography Radhika Viren Merchant Zauba Corp. was founded by Viren Merchant, who was born in the Indian state of Gujarat, in the region of Kutch. They moved to Mumbai when she was little. Both the Cathedral and John Connon Schools and the Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai served as her educational institutions of choice. 

Radhika Merchant Biography

Teenage Radhika Merchant (centre of red circle) on a field trip She attended BD Somani International School, where she attained an IB Diploma. Following that, she uprooted to the Big Apple to further her education. At NYU, she studied for her BA in politics and economics. Radhika Merchant Biography: Kutch, Gujarat, is the place of origin for Radhika Merchant. Just after she was born, her family moved to Mumbai, Maharashtra. Radhika attended the Cathedral School, John Connon School, and École Mondiale World School in Mumbai.

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Radhika Merchant Instagram

Radhika Merchant Instagram: She studied politics and economics at NYU and graduated with a BA. She also possesses an International Baccalaureate diploma. As soon as Radhika finished college, she went back to her home country of India. From June to August of 2016, she interned at Cedar Consultants in Mumbai in the role of business strategy consultant. Later, she found employment as a sales professional with the prestigious firm of Desai and Dewanji. She eventually became an employee at India First. Read the whole article for Radhika Merchant Biography.

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Radhika Merchant Biography Overview

Real Name Radhika Merchant
Profession Businesswoman and Classical Dancer
Date of Birth 19 December 1994
Age 28 Years
Birth Place Kutch, Gujarat
Nationality  Indian
Home Town Mumbai, Maharashtra


Radhika Merchant Net Worth

Radhika Merchant Biography net worth Her father, Viren Merchant, is one of the richest people in India and has a net worth of about Rs. 755 crore. Radhika Merchant net worth, who has joined the family business, is said to have a net worth of about Rs. 10 crore. 

Radhika Merchant Biography
Radhika Merchant Biography


Radhika Merchant Family

Radhika Merchant’s family comes from a Hindu family in Gujarat. Viren Merchant is the CEO of Encore Healthcare, and Shaila Merchant is the name of her mother. Viren is also the director of ZYG Pharma Private Limited, Sai Darshan Business Centres Private Limited, Encore Business Center Private Limited, Encore Polymers Products Private Limited, and Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited. In the Radhika Merchant family, the younger sister’s name is Anjali Merchant. All the members in Radhika Merchant Biography.

Radhika Merchant Net Worth – Profession

Radhika Merchant Biography profession went back to India so she could finish her internship with Mumbai-based Cedar Consultants. Radhika Merchant net worth – profession took on a role at the business that had to do with business strategy consulting. She also started working at the Isprava Group after she finished school. It is a type of home development that is backed by well-known Indian business people like Anand Piramal, the Burman Family of Dabur, and Nadir Godrej.

She soon decided to become a member of the Encore Healthcare Board of Directors. At the moment, she works with her father and does a lot to help run the business. Radhika Merchant net worth – profession is also an activist who works to make sure animals are treated well. During her career, she has also worked for companies like Desai and Diwanji and India First.

Radhika Merchant And Anant Ambani

Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani had been going out for a while before they got married in Radhika Merchant Biography. Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani has always been in the news because she dates the youngest son of a billionaire. All of the rumours turned out to be true when both sides of the family seemed to be at every event. Earlier this year, Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani Arangetram was celebrated with a party thrown by the Ambanis. 

Radhika Merchant ex Boyfriend

Anant Ambani is Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s youngest son. His older brothers, Akash and Isha Ambani, are twins. His sister and brother are both married now. He finished his degree at Brown University, which is in the United States. Later, in 2021, Anant Ambani was given the job of Director for the companies Reliance New Energy Solar and Reliance New Solar Enger. This gave him a bigger role to play in the family business. He is also a member of the board of Jio Platforms, which is one of the family’s most successful businesses. He works for the telecom company, the digital company, and Reliance Retail Ventures. Radhika Merchant ex boyfriend.

Radhika Merchant Education

Radhika grew up in Mumbai and went to the Cathedral and John Connon Schools for Educational Qualification, as well as the Ecole Mondiale World School, for her schooling. She also took her radhika merchant education, an International Baccalaureate diploma course at the city’s BD Somani International School. She later moved to New York, USA, to go to York University and get an radhika merchant education in Political Science and Economics. She also got training in Bharatnatyam classical music at Shree Nibha Arts from the Guru, Bhavana Thakur.

Relationship and other Relatives Data

The father of Radhika Merchant Biography is named Viren Merchant, and he was born on January 16, 1967. Relationship and other Relatives Data is a well-known Indian businessman and one of the most powerful people in India. He has also made his mark on the rest of the world. He runs Encore Healthcare Private Limited as CEO and Vice Chairman. Since the news that her daughter was getting married, more people have been looking for him. 

Radhika Merchant Birthday

We already know Relationship and other Relatives Data he does for a living, but he has held many other jobs in the past. He is on the board of directors of several well-known companies, including Encore Natural Polymers Private Limited, Encore Healthcare Private Limited, Encore Business Centre Private Limited, Encore Polyfrac Products Private Limited, ZYG Pharma Private Limited, and Sai Darshan Business Centres Private Limited.

Since 2016, he has been the non-executive director of ADF Foods Limited. It is thought that he makes about Rs. 755 crores a year. He is known for running the business in a moral way. So, he has been able to run the business well and is also known as a very powerful person in society.

Physical Appearance

Physical Appearance and Radhika Merchant Biography is from Kutch, a beautiful area of Gujarat. She has lived in Mumbai for a long time. Cathedral and John Connon Schools, both of which are well-known schools in Mumbai, are where she went to school. She also went to École Mondiale World School Physical Appearance, a well-known school in Juhu. After that, she went to BD Somani International School and got a diploma in International Baccalaureate. 

In New York, where she finished her college degree at York University, she went on to get more college education. She studied politics and economics for her bachelor’s degree. Later, she joined the Isprava Group, a company that builds luxury villas. It is said that Nadhir Godrej, Anand Piramal, and the Burman family of Dabur are behind it.

Career and Achievements 

Radhika Merchant Biography the start of her Career and Achievements, Radhika did a number of internships. After she graduated, Radhika went to work for Isprava, a real estate company that builds and designs high-end homes. She is a director on the board of Encore Healthcare, the pharmaceutical company run by her father, Viren Merchant. Her Career and Achievements works for her parent company.

Social Media Account 

Radhika Merchant Biography keeps to herself, so not a lot is known about her in Social Media Account. She is best known for being with Anant Ambani, the younger son of Mukesh and Nita Ambani. Only paparazzi in India and news networking sites know where she is and what she is doing on Social Media Account.

She could have a social media presence. But if that’s the case, the account must be secret and unknown. Also, the Ambanis keep their lives private and don’t seem to be famous people who are on social media. So, Radhika’s presence on social media platforms is almost nonexistent. 

FAQs regarding Radhika Merchant Biography

When is the wedding of Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani? 

Ans. Radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani are planning to get married in March 2023. 

How old is Radhika Merchant? 

Ans. Radhika Merchant has been alive for 28 years (1994 birth). 

What does Radhika Merchan do for a living? 

Ans. Radhika is a businesswoman and a director on the board of Encore Healthcare at the moment.

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