Purnima January 2023: Date, Time, Puja Rituals and Significance

The Sanskrit name for the full moon is purnima or pournami (Sanskrit: Purnima translates to “full moon night or day.” It is the moment when the moon is completely lit up. Purnima January 2023 begins on the 15th tithi of the lunar fortnight, commonly known as Shukla paksha or the waxing phase.The moon’s 15-day Krishna paksha (waning) phase begins with the conclusion of the Purnima tithi. The Purnima January 2023 dates, or Pournami days, for 2023 are listed on this page according to the Hindu lunar calendar.

Many religions, especially Hinduism, have a specific place for Purnima. The lunar cycle is highlighted by the Hindu lunar calendar, and Purnima January 2023 is seen as particularly lucky for devotion and keeping religious commitments. Each of the 12 Purnima days, which occur on average once a year, has special significance. The Hindu holiday of Purnima January 2023 is a day of fasting and prayer. God Vishnu Mantra full moon is considered to usher in fresh starts and joy in your life.

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Purnima January 2023 

In Hinduism, Purnima is particularly important. Hinduism uses a lunar-based calendar, which affects when Hindu Panchag occurs. A full moon is what? The moon is entirely visible on this particular night. Every 30 days, the night of the full moon occurs; thus, it may be said that the full moon occurs once per month. In 2023, there will be numerous Purnima, including:

Purnima January 2023 Overview

Shravana Purnima/August Purnima 2023 Date and Time
Pausha Purnima January 17, 3:18 am – January 18, 5:18 am
Magha Purnima Feb 15, 9:43 pm – Feb 16, 10:26 pm
Phalguna Purnima Mar 17, 1:30 pm – Mar 18, 12:47 pm
Chaitra Purnima April 16 at 16:25 – April 17 at 12:25
Buddha / Vaishakha Purnima May 15 at 12:46 – May 16 at 9:44
Jyeshtha Purnima Jun 13, 9:03 pm – Jun 14, 5:21 pm
Guru / Ashadha Purnima Jul 13, 4:01 am – Jul 14, 12:07 am
Adhika Purnima Aug 11, 10:38 am – Aug 12, 7:05 am
Shravana Purnima Sep 09, 6:08 pm – Sep 10, 3:29 pm

Purnima January 2023 Rituals And Significance

The Hindu calendar designates Purnima January 2023 as an auspicious day since it is believed to be the day of the soul’s, body’s, and mind’s rebirth. Additionally, it is believed that performing pooja, havan, and fasting on Purnima January 2023 can increase wealth and happiness in the household because the day has a stronger gravitational pull from the sun and moon.

People think that fasting on Purnima in January 2023 is good for their digestion and overall well being. So, if you want to organise a little Lord Vishnu or Ganeshji puja at your house during Purnima, SmartPuja can assist you. In addition to Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marwadi, Kannad, and Bengali, we also provide Purnima Puja service in these other languages.

Purnima January
Purnima January


Purnima January 2023 Importance 

The Hindu holiday of Purnima is very important. Purnima in January 2023 therefore falls on twelve holidays and significant occasions over the course of a year.The moon is in its full splendour and represents the eradication of darkness on a full moon day.On this day, special pujas like the Satyanarayan Puja are performed.Several of the gods are alleged to have been born on this day in Hindu mythology.

Purnima Vrat 

Every month there is a full moon, known as Purnima, and people think that keeping a fast on this day will bring them good fortune and salvation. Taking a bath in the Ganga river can wash the sins from your previous life away.

Other than this Purnima in January 2023, months that fall during that year have their own unique significance. The significance of each Purnima vrat will be discussed in more detail below.

Paush Purnima– On the day of Paush Purnima, it is customary to fast and take a bath in the holy waters of the Ganga, which is said to cleanse one of all sins and grant one’s wishes with the help of the gods. January is often when Paush Purnima January 2023 occurs.

Magha Purnima– On the day of Magha Purnima, anyone desiring tranquillity and mental purity should maintain a fast and take a holy bath in either the Ganga or the Yamuna rivers. On this day, blessings obtained through charitable service are compared to those gained through Maha Yagya. February is often when Magha Purnima occurs.

Phalguna Purnima– It is firmly held that by fasting on Phalguna Purnima, believers will get divine blessings from Lord Vishnu and have all of their requests granted. On Phalguna Purnima, during the mighty Samudra Manthan, Goddess Lakshmi is said to have been born. March is often when Phalguna Purnima occurs.

Chaitra Purnima– All barriers to achieving health, riches, and success are removed from a person’s life when they observe a fast on Chaitra Purnima. It aids in banishing negative karma. Typically, Chaitra Purnima takes place in April.

Vaishakha Purnima-Other Fasting on Vaishakh Purnima not only promotes happiness and health but also delays death. On this day, prayers are offered to Lord Chitragupta, a companion of Yama Raj, to ward off evil karma that causes premature death. The Hindu holiday of Vaishakha Purnima usually falls in May.

FAQs Related to Purnima January 2023 

What is the name of the full moon in Sanskrit?

Purnima or Pournami

Why is Poornima important?

According to the Puranas, the full moon day known as Purnima is linked to conception, rebirth, creation, and manifestation.

What do you eat on Purnima?

These include khichdi, poori and choley as well as halwa.

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