Pubg Mobile 2.3 Update APK 2022 – Download, Release Date & New Features

As you know, there are millions of fans of PUBG all over the world. People are waiting impatiently for pubg mobile 2.3 update apk 2022. pubg mobile 2.2 apk for 2022 we get to see big excitement among pubg lovers but now it is heard that pubg mobile 2.3 update apk is working on 2022 by pubg mobile so that people who are pubg lover To boost their gaming experience, however, before the release of pubg mobile 2.3 update apk 2022, developers have started testing it. 

So friends, let’s know how pubg mobile 2.3 update apk 2022 is going to appear in the new version, what people have expected under PUBG Mobile 2.3. Today we will try to throw light on all these things under pubg mobile 2.3 update apk 2022.

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Pubg Mobile 2.3 Update APK 2022

As the information is becoming clear that Tencent Games is on the verge of rolling out the beta version of PUBG Mobile 2.3, thus giving us complete information about the gaming content that will be available with the upcoming update with pubg mobile 2.3 update apk 2022  is received.  Tencent collects feedback from the developers of the games before the beta version is released. 

pubg mobile 2.3 version by tencent games is available for everyone if you have android smartphone then you can download pubg mobile 2.3 update apk 2022 32bit apk file by clicking here if you are interested pubg mobile 2.3 update  To download apk 2022 64 bit apk, you can also download it from here.

Download BGMI 2.3 APK Updated

BGMI 2.2 update APK release date 2022

BGMI 2.3 Update APK Release Date 2022

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Pubg Mobile 2.3 APK download Overview

Article title pubg mobile 2.3 update apk 2022
Game domain Pubg Mobile global 2.3 
32 bit APK file size 716 mb
64 bit APK file size 799 mb
Update size 1 gb+
Pubg Mobile 2.2 release date 11 November 2022
Organization Tencent
website Click Here


How to update Pubg Mobile 2.3 version 

Friends, here and we are giving you information about updating Pubg Mobile 2.3 version in India you will be able to update Pubg Mobile 2.3 version without any VPN or any error.


Pubg Mobile 2.3 Update APK
Pubg Mobile 2.3 Update APK


  1. First of all you have to delete i.e. install Pubg Mobile 2.2 version and also delete all types of files related to it.  
  2. After this you have to download the latest PUBG Mobile 2.3 APK and OBB through the link given below, 
  3. After that you have to go to Settings, then go to Safety and Privacy 
  4. and finally you have to click on Allow Installation from Unknown Sources.  
  5. If Allow Unknown Sources is already activated in your mobile then you have to skip it.  
  6. After that you will install Pubg Mobile 2.3 version apk and open it for a few moments.  
  7. After this you have to find your copy file and move this file on Android.  
  8. Lastly, you have to open your Pubg Mobile 2.3 version and enjoy it by connecting through social media.

How to update Pubg Mobile 2.3 version

You can update Pubg Mobile 2.3 version from play store through a completely complete process by getting information through us.

  •  First of all clear your play store cache.  
  • Now create a fresh Gmail account and connect your phone to VPN.  
  • After that, open the play store and search pubg mobile.  
  • After this you have to click on the update option and download all the updates.  
  • After that, turn off the connected VPN and enjoy the game by opening your Pubg Mobile 2.3 version.

PUBG Mobile 2.3 update download

Aftermath update was released in PUBG Mobile with 1.8 update, according to PUBG Mobile 2.3 update download, initially this map became very popular among pubg lovers but later when no more parivartan came in this map the people’s  Interest in it waned. 

But this time a new map aftermath 2.0 version has been brought out by the developers for PUBG lovers, in this version you will get new weapons and new achievements according to PUBG Mobile 2.3 update download which are as follows.

  •  Fire Arm Upgrade 
  • Semi Truck 
  • New Bunkers 
  • Medicine Cabinet 
  • Guard Post Recall 
  • Towers Shop 
  • Record New Energy Mechanics 
  • Armor Upgrade 
  • Treasure Map 
  • Consumable Adjustment 
  • Etc

Football theme mode

The Fifa World Cup is also being seen on PUBG, you are also going to get Football theme mode with PUBG Mobile 2.3 update download but it cannot be denied that in beta version this Football theme mode is in limited review.  Only present.  Here under Football theme mode, you also get the following types of items which are as follows

  • New throwable football, 
  • new theme area 
  • mine pit area, 
  • technical item gold golden shoe 
  • football airdrops 
  • football carnival mode 
  • middle east style urban area 
  • football cover 
  • the football team spawned iceland.  
  • Let us also clarify here that the 32bit apk file size of pubg mobile is 716 mb and 64b bit.apk file size is 799 mb.


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FAQs related Pubg Mobile 2.3 version

When will Pubg Mobile 2.3 version come?

Pubg Mobile 2.3 version will come on November 11 2022.

How can we download or update Pubg Mobile 2.3 version?

You download or update Pubg Pubg Mobile 2.3 version by the direction given by us.

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