PKL 2024 Schedule, Teams List, Players, Auction Date, Time

There is a lot of curiosity among the fans about Pro Kabaddi League 2024 because soon this tournament will start, a lot of news related to its Player list, Venue place, and launch date on this tournament has come on the internet and we are going to discuss in this article. Important information related to PKL 2024 Schedule is going to be shared with all of you. If you like watching Pro Kabaddi League and want to read news related to it, please bookmark our website so that from time to time we will give you this information. Could give all the news related to the tournament. The season of the Pro Kabaddi League coming in 2024 is the tenth edition of this tournament. For more information, you can visit the official website of the organization organizing this tournament.

PKL 2024 Schedule

Pro Kabaddi League has given a different place to kabaddi in India and the world, this is the tournament that is watched by crores of Indians and people all over the world with great enthusiasm. To date, 9 seasons of this tournament have already come, which has changed the world of sports. I earned many names and gave new rising stars to the people. People love to watch this tournament and hence are eagerly waiting for the tenth season in 2024. In this article, we have given you all the information related to PKL 2024 Schedule, so please read this article till the end. We have also mentioned in this article which TV channel and which OTT platform you can watch Pro Kabaddi.

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Under the PKL 2024 Schedule or all the information is told on which day the match will be held and between which team it will be played, we are also told in which city the Pro Kabaddi League match will be held. Pro Kabaddi League has given love to the great players of Kabaddi playing at the village level in the country of India at the international level and has given them the right respect they deserve. Those who want to read the news of Pro Kabaddi League from time to time, please bookmark our website because we post news related to that tournament every day during Pro Kabaddi League.

PKL 2024 Schedule Overview


Article PKL 2024 Schedule
Tournament Pro Kabaddi League
Season 10th
OTT Platform Hotstar
TV Channel Star Sports
Number of teams 12


PKL 2024 Launch Date

Till now no official confirmation has been given regarding the launch date from the organization that organizes the Pro Kabaddi League, but every friend watching this series knows that by the end of this year, the tenth season of this Pro Kabaddi League will start. When is it sure to start everyone knows that 12 big kabaddi national teams will participate in this league.

According to sources, a date will be chosen within PKL 2024 Launch Date is November 2023 and the tenth season of the Pro Kabaddi League will be started. For those who do not know, we would like to inform you that the digital rights of Pro Kabaddi League have been bought by the same company which owns the Star Sports channel.


PKL 2024 Schedule
PKL 2024 Schedule


PKL 2024 Match List 2024

A copy of the schedule of matches going to be held in the tenth season of Pro Kabaddi League is becoming quite viral on the internet, yet the official confirmation related to this schedule has not been given but the schedule is as follows: Match Date
1 Bengal Warriors VS U.P. Yoddhas 08-11-23
2 Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Telugu Titans 08-11-23
3 Bengaluru Bulls VS Haryana Steelers 09-11-23
4 Tamil Thalaivas VS Puneri Paltan 09-11-23
5 UP Yoddhas VS Haryana Steelers 11-11-23
6 U Mumba VS Puneri Paltan 11-11-23
7 Patna Pirates VS Jaipur Pink Panthers 11-11-23
8 Bengal Warriors VS Gujrat Giants 12-11-23
9 Telugu Titans VS UP Yoddhas 12-11-23
10 Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Dabang Delhi 12-11-23
11 U Mumba VS Patna Pirates 13-11-23
12 Tamil Thalaivas VS Bengaluru Bulls 13-11-23
13 Bengal Warriors VS Puneri Paltan 14-11-23
14 Gujrat Giants VS Haryana Steelers 14-11-23
15 Jaipur Pink Panthers VS U Mumba 15-11-23
16 Telugu Titans VS Bengaluru Bulls 15-11-23
17 Patna Pirates VS Tamil Thalaivas 16-11-23
18 Dabang Delhi VS UP Yoddhas 16-11-23
19 Puneri Paltan VS Haryana Steelers 18-11-23
20 Bengal Warriors VS Telugu Titans 18-11-23
21 Gujrat Giants VS Bengaluru Bulls 18-11-23
22 UP Yoddhas VS Jaipur Pink Panthers 19-11-23
23 Telugu Titans VS U Mumba 19-11-23
24 Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Patna Pirates 19-11-23
25 Haryana Steelers VS Dabang Delhi K.C. 20-11-23
26 Bengaluru Bulls VS Puneri Paltan 20-11-23
27 Tamil Thalaivas VS Bengal Warriors 21-11-23
28 Telugu Titans VS Patna Pirates 21-11-23
29 U Mumba VS Tamil Thalaivas 22-11-23
30 Telugu Titans VS Patna Pirates 22-11-23
31 Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Puneri Paltan 23-11-23
32 Bengal Warriors VS Bengaluru Bulls 23-11-23
33 Gujrat Giants VS Dabang Delhi 25-11-23
34 Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Tamil Thalaivas 25-11-23
35 Haryana Steelers VS Patna Pirates 25-11-23
36 U Mumba VS Bengal Warriors 26-11-23
37 Puneri Paltan VS Telugu Titans 26-11-23
38 UP Yoddhas VS Patna Pirates 26-11-23
39 Tamil Thalaivas VS Gujrat Giants 27-11-23
40 Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Bengaluru Bulls 27-11-23
41 UP Yoddhas VS Bengal Warriors 28-11-23
42 Telugu Titans VS Jaipur Pink Panthers 28-11-23
43 Puneri Paltan VS Gujrat Giants 29-11-23
44 Telugu Titans VS Jaipur Pink Panthers 29-11-23
45 Bengaluru Bulls VS Jaipur Pink Panthers 30-11-23
46 Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Tamil Thalaivas 30-11-23
47 UP Yoddhas VS U Mumba 02-12-23
48 Patna Pirates VS Gujrat Giants 02-12-23
49 Haryana Steelers VS Bengal Warriors 02-12-23
50 Dabang Delhi K.C. VS Puneri Paltan 03-12-23
51 Telugu Titans VS Tamil Thalaivas 03-12-23
52 Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Bengal Warriors 03-12-23
52 U Mumba VS Gujrat Giants 04-12-23
53 Bengaluru Bulls VS UP Yoddhas 04-12-23
54 Puneri Paltan VS Patna Pirates 05-12-23
55 Jaipur Pink Panthers VS Haryana Steelers 05-12-23
56 U Mumba VS Dabang Delhi K.C. 06-12-23
57 Gujrat Giants VS Telugu Titans 06-12-23
58 Patna Pirates VS Bengaluru Bulls 07-12-23
59 Tamil Thalaivas VS UP Yoddhas 07-12-23
60 Bengal Warriors VS Dabang Delhi K.C. 08-12-23
61 Haryana Steelers VS Telugu Titans 08-12-23
62 Bengaluru Bulls VS U Mumba 08-12-23
63 Gujrat Giants VS Jaipur Pink Panthers 09-12-23
64 Puneri Paltan VS UP Yoddhas 09-12-23
65 Patna Pirates VS Bengal Warriors 09-12-23
66 Eliminator 1 13-12-23
67 Eliminator 2 13-12-23
68 Semi Final 1 15-12-23
69 Semi Final 2 15-12-23
70 Final 17-12-23


FAQs on PKL 2024 Schedule

When would the first match happen in all of 2024

On 8th November 2023.

Which OTT Platform will stream PKL 2024


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