Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection, Hit or Flop, Total Collection

Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection: As of Tuesday, January 31, 2023, the Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, and John Abraham starrer “Pathaan” has completed a week since its premiere and has already changed history all across the world. Early statistics indicate that the Shah Rukh Khan-starring movie had a morning occupancy on Day 7 between 18 and 22%.

Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection

Day six’s international revenue is Rs 16 crore. “Pathaan” has made $27.56 million (Rs 224.6 crore) in just six days in foreign markets alone, while its domestic net earnings currently stand at 307.25 million (Hindi – Rs 296.50 crore, dubbed – Rs 10.75 crore). The Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection is very close to breaking the record set by “RRR” by SS Rajamouli. Even while the numbers were down from Day 5’s record-breaking collections, they were still higher than anticipated.

Pathan Movie Review

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Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection 2023

A spy-thriller movie in Hindi was made in India. The Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection will debut in theatres on January 25, 2023, the day before India’s Republic Day. Now we are here to give you a report on Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection & Earning. According to certain reports, the Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection can be estimated at over 100 crores depending on the results of the film’s advance booking.

The movie was directed by Siddharth Anand, an Indian producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker. Aditya Chopra, an Indian director, is responsible for producing it through Yash Raj Films. According to certain speculations, Indian superstar Salman Khan would participate in the movie as Avinash Singh from the Tiger movie series.

Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection Overview

Film name Pathaan
Article Category Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection
Language Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
Movie Launched Date 25th January 2023
Director Siddharth Anand
Producer Aditya Chopra and Alexander Dostal
Pre-Booking Collection 40 Crores
Pathan budget 250 Crores
OTT Release Date Available Soon
Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection
Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection


Pathan Movie 8th Day Collection in India

8000 screens worldwide have shown Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection in India since its premiere, claims trade expert Taran Adarsh. 5500 screens, including Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, showed the movie. The Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection has 2500 screens in other countries concurrently. The Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection in india was initially shown on 5200 screens, but due to its popularity, 300 more screens have been added. With the introduction of Pathan, 25 single screens that were shut down during Covid have been reopened. Through his social media, Shahrukh kept himself updated on this.

Pathan Movie story

On January 25, Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Pathan will be released in theatres. In terms of the plot, Shah Rukh Khan will play a raw agent, Deepika Padukone will play a soldier officer, and John Abraham will play the leader of the outfit X terrorist organisation. The Pathan Movie story of the movie will begin in the Middle East where Shahrukh Khan was held hostage.

There is a terror group known as outfit X who work on contracts without any motive, and their target is going to be India. What Pathan does now to save the country from this terror group, you will have to watch it by going to the theatre. He will be the real villain who is plotting a conspiracy against the country, but Pathan (Shahrukh Khan) gives a befitting reply to.

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Trade analysts about Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection Reports

Girish Johar, a well-known trade expert in Bollywood, predicts the Trade analysts about Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection Reports would easily surpass the 300 crore mark worldwide on the weekend. However, it will need to surpass 512 crores in order to surpass Bahubali 2’s previous record.

The speed of the Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection is expected to shatter all prior records because of the positive reception it is receiving from the audience, according to all other industry analysts. Popular trading analyst Komal Nahta predicts that Pathan will select on Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping this movie will probably gross between 40 and 45 crores throughout the weekend. See the tweet from Taran Adarsh below regarding the Pathan film library.

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Pathan Movie Budget & Star Cast

Along with Shah Rukh Khan, other notable actors who have significant roles in Siddharth Anand’s film “Pathan” include Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Ashutosh Rana, and Dimple Kapadia. King Khan portrays a RAW agent in the movie, and John plays the bad guy. There is a lot of praise for Shahrukh Khan’s appearance in “Pathan.” The 250 crore-dollar film “Pathan,” starring SRK and Deepika Padukone, was produced.

  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Deepika Padukone
  • Salman Khan
  • John Abraham
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Dimple Kapadia



Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection FAQs

Pathaan movie hit or flop ?

Ans. If we look at the data on advance booking and audience sentiment, we can predict that Pathan will revitalise the Bollywood business and that the movie will be on the list of all-time greatest hits in 2023.

How much money did Pathan make at the Indian box office on day eight?

Ans. Pathan Day 8 Box Office Collection will shortly be updated.

Salman Khan appears in the Pathan film as well?

Ans. Yes, Salman Khan had a cameo in the movie Pathan.

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  1. Fake data. Aditya Chopra spent Rs. 250 crores to make the movie. Shahrukh Khan purchased tickets worth Rs. 150 crores worldwide to promote himself as a saleable actor. Hence total money spent on the movie was Rs. 400 crores. It didn’t even collect Rs. 300 crores worldwide. Hence it is a flop movie. But Aditya Chopra has recovered his Rs. 250 crore.

  2. Wowww…I have never seen media aggressively falsifying the data for any movie. Theatres are empty, people mocking the storyline, but YouTubers and news channel are continuously praising the collection 😅😅

  3. 😂😂😂😂IM LOVING U GUYS.
    Man it feels so good that u boycott dumbos make such good theories. Nah bhai SRK toh chutiya hain nah. He will spend money on his own film only, and the clips of people all over the world dancing and partying in the theatres are SRK’s henchmen. He paid them as well😂😂. Ohhhh and HE PAID THE MEDIA ALSO, PUBLIC ALSO, NO NO, USNEH TOH AMERICA, GERMANY, SABH JAGAH TICKETS KHAREED LIYE THE. Woh Ambani seh bhi bada how chuke hain abh😂. Chacha baas bhi Karlo abh boycott keh din Udh Gaye. Don’t miss with king K😎😎

  4. Saaaleyyy chaddiyoke nasallke keeede,, tujhe burnel chahiyeto dorectly maaang beyyy choootiye aisey inderectly birnelll kyu maaaangta haiiii beyyy

  5. It is a fake data given by you.
    It has grossed mainly because of no competition since 26thJanuary, 2023 with other upcoming movies.
    Otherwise in past many good movies’ Box Office collections dropped after release of other good movies.
    Yes, John Araham has definitely overshadowed Shahrukh Khan’s performance by his powerful performance despite of good performance by Shahrukh Khan.

  6. SRK himself has bought tickets. And Rich fans of SRK has turned their black money white by buying tickets..the movie is no good then WAR,which minted 350 crore back then when there was no boycott trend…i have seen the theater occupancies and show count on bookmyshow and it is way lower then kgf2, RRR nd bahubali can this movie go at par with those movies..they are manipulating box office ..

  7. Haha….. Who nonsense will spend their money 5times after making a big budget money only for fame…. If srk could then why he had not used his money for movie home production movie Zero, Fan, Jab Harrry mets Sejel etc.

  8. Really great 👍, from where do you get the ideas from….just to make fake news or trying to prove you are good andhbhakt, you talk anything what comes to mind 😀 😀😀

  9. goverbhakt burnol lagalo. dont cry like baby and movie already blockbuster. KING SHAHRUKH KHAN DESTROYED ANDHABHAKT LIKE YOU HAHAHAHAHA

  10. Super flop. I went to see this movie, my friend is the ticketing clerk in one of the movie multiplex in veraval gujarat, he said tickets are sold but no one is coming to watch. Clearly this is a case of bogus ticketing without actual audience.

  11. Fake publicity is created by pouring a huge amount of money on media and social media and in purchasing tickets. However some people got impressed by this fake publicity and went to cinema but at the end they realised that they are cheated as nothing new in this movie. Totally BAKWAS..Action seens not suits on overaged SRK . He is finished now and the next movie will tell all this. This is just like Adani Scam.

  12. correct and i fully agree with you because noone in my connection have gone to watch this movie. Seriously a very hard level marketing but upto how many more days😆😆

  13. The numbers are wrong. Almost 90% people knows that shahrukh khan bought so many tickets to maintain his stardom but upto how many more days. I love srk but he is showing us wrong data and this should not be done.


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