Parivahan Application Status, RC Status, DL Status

The Parivahan application status is an online platform provided by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. The platform enables users to track the status of their driving license, vehicle registration, and other related documents. By entering the required details such as name, date of birth, or vehicle registration number, users can access information on the status of their application. is the official website for parivahan Application.

Parivahan Application Status

The platform also provides updates on the issuance of new driving licenses, renewals, and duplicates. The Parivahan application status is a convenient and efficient way for individuals to stay informed about the status of their transportation-related documents and ensure that their information is up-to-date.

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Parivahan Application Status

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, GOI, announced the Sarathi Parivahan application status sewa portal. where citizens can easily apply online for a driving license. A valid Indian driving license is required for anyone who wants to legally operate a four- or two-wheeled vehicle on Indian roadways. You can check the status of your Parivahan application online on this page. A driver’s license is required in India in order to follow traffic laws. In addition to being required by law, a driver’s license serves as identification and aids in purchasing auto insurance to protect your vehicle. To know more about Parivahan Application Status scroll down to read the full article.

Parivahan Application Status Overview

Article Parivahan application status
Platform Name Parivahan Sewa
Launched by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
Category Application status
Year 2023


Parivahan Sewa

Parivahan Sewa is an Indian online platform for transportation-related services. It provides a range of services including obtaining driving licenses, vehicle registration, tax payments, and issuance of permits. The Parivahan Sewa was launched by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2018 with the aim of providing a centralized and convenient system for transportation services.


Parivahan Application Status
Parivahan Application Status


The platform has made it easier for citizens to access various services related to transportation and has reduced the need for physical visits to government offices. With features such as online appointment scheduling, digital payment options, and real-time updates, Parivahan Sewa has become a popular choice for citizens looking to complete transportation-related transactions.

Parivahan Application Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • The applicant must be at least 16 years old in order to be granted a license for a motorcycle without gear. For those who are under 18, parental or legal guardian consent is required.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old in order to be granted a license for a motorcycle with gear.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old to be granted a commercial license for transportation. To obtain this license, the applicant must also possess a light motor vehicle license.

Parivahan 2023 DL Status

Take on the process of Parivahan 2023 DL Status digitizing a variety of government activities, including transportation services. In actuality, you must visit the Regional Transport Office (RTO) for the driving test even if you can apply for your license online.

You can also check the Parivahan 2023 DL status of your application form for a driving license online if you’ve already submitted an application. You can either go to the relevant RTO’s website or go to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ Sarathi website. There are a few options for drivers of light and heavy vehicles to check their driving license status online.

Documents required for Online RC/DL Application

The Parivahan application status form must be uploaded along with the following documents:-

  • Physical Fitness Statement (form 1)
  • passport-sized images
  • health certification (form 1-A)
  • Affidavits sworn before a Public Notary or a Judicial Magistrate are acceptable forms of address proof, along with a passport, ration card, life insurance policy, voter ID card, and others.
  • a document that has been sworn in front of a Public Notary or Magistrate as proof of age, such as a passport, voter’s ID card, birth certificate, school matriculation certificate, life insurance policy, or affidavit

How to submit an application for Parivahan Sewa?

People can submit an application for a driving license using this form (Learning license, Permanent license, International driving license, Duplicate driving license, Light motor vehicle license, and High motor vehicle license). Below are the steps for applying for Parivahan Application Status:-

  • Visit the Parivahan government website at
  • Choose the State (to which you belong).
  • Select the desired option from the Contactless Licence Services menu. It and the choice can both be manually skipped. But making a direct decision is preferable.
  • The portal will display Instructions for Application Submission after you select the option. Press Continue after thoroughly reading it.You can enter your information as requested on the site and then press “submit.”
  • Your application will be looked at soon and accepted. If you don’t give accurate information, your application will be turned down.
  • After the procedure is finished, your driving license will be sent to the address listed in the paperwork.


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FAQs related to Parivahan Application Status

How can you check Parivahan Application Status?

You can check your Parivahan Application Status using the official website i.e

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