OTT Release This Week, Upcoming Web Series Releasing on Netflix, Prime, Hotstar

In recent years, a huge specter of OTT platforms has gripped the hearts and minds of the audience. Many people enjoy new movie web series through the OTT platform at home instead of going to theaters. Actually, we have brought you information regarding OTT Release This Week.

OTT Release This Week

It is noteworthy that the ghost of cinema has not yet descended from the hearts and minds of the people, but ever since Kovid-19 has made its home among the people, since then people were locked in the house and through the OTT platform only by staying at home.

We are entertaining that is why we have brought you unprecedented information regarding OTT Release This Week today. Actually we are going to tell you today that you will get information about which new web series or films are going to be released on the OTT platform this week, then do not go anywhere. Without delay, we are taking you to this new article of ours.

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OTT Release This Week 2023

As you must have also noticed that the audience has become more obsessed with the content available on OTT platforms.  The main reason for this was Kovid-19, with the arrival of Kovid-19, people stopped going to the cinema hall and people became dependent on the OTT platform at home. When Covid-19 was at its worst, OTT content like The Family Man, Patal Lok Panchayat and Delhi Crime have found themselves hits in the hearts of people.

Under OTT Release This Week, we are going to tell you which new web series are ready to be released this week. In fact, you guys eagerly wait for the OTT Release This Week. Nowadays digital platforms have become so crowded that many choose to release movies directly on Netflix, Disney Plus, Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, MX Player, Sony Liv, Zee 5.

OTT Release these week Binged Overview

Article title OTT Release This Week
Category Web Series and movies
Year 2022 and 2023
New Web Series Provided in Article
OTT full form Over the Top
OTT Platform Name Amazon prime video, Disney Plus hotstar, Sony LIV, boot, Jio Cinema, Netflix etc.
Other information Read Article
OTT Release This Week
OTT Release This Week


New OTT Release : December 2022

Now new content is being created and added at a rapid pace on your favorite OTT platform. That means every week New OTT Release: December 2022 content is coming out. Irrespective of the age group, you will definitely find something or the other on these OTT platforms. If you are obsessed with any of the titles be it Action, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Crime, Thriller etc.

Now you will find everything you could want in this OTP content released this week, so stick to this article  Till the last  Because we will tell you today in the context of New OTT Release: December 2022, which web series or movies have been released or are going to be released this week or this month. You will be able to watch all these programs stream on websites like Netflix Amazon Prime Video Disney Plus Hotstar.

OTT Release This Week India

Movie/Web Series Date of Releasing OTT Platform
Ramsetu 23 dec. 2022 Amazon prime video
Phone Booth 23 dec. 2022 Amazon prime video
Glass Pyaj Nives Out 23 dec. 2022 Netflix
Ajeeb duniya 23 dec. 2022 Disney hotstar
Veer Das landing 26 dec. 2022 Netflix
Tom Gun Maverick 26 dec. 2022 Amazon prime video
Rajdroh 26 dec. 2022 Netflix
7 mahilayen aur ek murder 28 dec. 2022 Netflix
Samrajyon ka Uday 28 dec. 2022 Netflix
Double XL 28 dec. 2022 Netflix
Aar ya paar 29 dec. 2022 Disney Plus hotstar
Rocket giroh 30 dec. 2022 Zee 5
Unhone tyron ka clone banaya 30 dec. 2022 Netflix
Mahima Season 1 30 dec. 2022 Netflix
Live to lead 31 dec. 2022 Netflix
Yakub Premi 28 dec. 2022
GaniBal 28 dec. 2022
Roald dahl ka Matilda 4 musical 25 dec. 2022
Pictures Season 2 23 dec. 2022


OTT Release This Month

Webseries Release date OTT Platform
Bahu roop darshak 1 Jan. 2023 Netflix
Shark tank season 2 2 January 2023 Sony LIV
Hit 2nd case 4 January 2023 Amazon prime video
Star wars band batch season 2 4 January 2023 Hotstar
Copenhagen cowboy 5 January 2023 Netflix
Pili neeli aankh 6 Jan. 2023 Netflix
Taja khabar 6 Jan. 2023 Hotstar
Vikram bedha 9 Jan. 2023 Boot
Bi kings balla season 2 12 Jan. 2023 Netflix
Sky Rojo season 3 13 Jan. 2023 Netflix
Test season 2 13 Jan 2023
Vah 90 ke dashak ka show 19 Jan 2023 Netflix
Mission Majnu 20 Jan 2023 Netflix
Chhatri wali 20 January 2023 Zee5
ShahMaran 20 Jan 2023 Netflix
Mili January 2023 Netflix
Drishyam 2 January 2023 Amazon prime video
Ek action hero January 2023 Netflix
Bhediya Jan. 2023 Jio cinema


New OTT Release This Week

As it has been revealed in the information that New OTT Release This Week has come out in the last week of November and all of them are eligible to watch.  Whatever it is, this week is attracting you very much to pull you on the OTT platform, many web series or movies are ready to be released this week, which we have told you above under this article.

Well this month is full of Christmas themes. You might also like Christmas with you and Christmas with love for Santa Claus.

Upcoming Web Series 2022, 2023 List release date on OTT

  • Anuchit aur Pyaara
  • Sheershak heen film
  • Ham Mein se Antim,
  • Rangeela,
  • Veerama Devi,
  • Oh mere Bhoot,
  • Sheron,
  • Amrita Preetam Biophic,
  • Aag se Pareekshan,
  • Naukar Season 2,
  • Sesi Jadoo,
  • Kaala gulaab,
  • Sanghamitra,
  • Joseph di samee ke Film,
  • Dil hai Yah,
  • Aankhen 2,
  • Nakharewalie,
  • kishore kumar Biophic,
  • Patalpani,
  • Sukhee parivaar kee sharten laagoo,
  • Mujhe bhi bulao,
  • India love project,
  • Test case season 2,
  • Shahar Lakhot,
  • Niyat,
  • Jayantee,
  • Mirzapur Season 3,
  • Adhoora,
  • brown munde,
  • number daayre,
  • 4 aur shorts 3,
  • Bhaarateey police bal,
  • Vaasana kahaniyan Season 2,
  • Aap season 4 bhag 1,
  • Farzi,
  • Saurabha, billee,
  • Gulkand ki dastaan,
  • Mandalorian season 3,

All these web series are in December or January. By 2023, different types of different OTT platforms are coming out in terms of entertainment for the audience.

FAQs regarding OTT Release This Week

What is the broad form of OTT platform?

The broad form of OTT platform is Over The Top platform.

Name the upcoming OTT web series releasing this week?

We have made available to you complete information regarding the upcoming web series to be released this week.

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