National Bird Day 2023 – Date, History, Fun Facts, Importance

Birds have always been very dear to mankind, birds have also always had a feeling of love with mankind, whether it is a cuckoo, a parrot or any other bird, there has always been a different importance for birds in our hearts. Today we all are going to celebrate 5th January 2023 as National Bird Day 2023. Having said that, birds are indeed quite special. Many proverbs have also been made in the name of birds.  

Basically, birds act as a barometer for our environmental health. That is, birds are already aware of any unknown danger.  Nowadays, many species of birds are on the verge of extinction mainly due to illegal party trade, disease and loss of habitat. Keeping this fact in view, the government celebrates January 5 every year as National Bird Day 2023. So friends, let us tell you all the information that you are curious to get regarding National Bird Day 2023.

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National Bird Day 2023

As you know, we have been celebrating 5th January every year as National Bird Day. In fact, birds are such a medium that seeing our mind makes us happy. Then whether it is a pigeon coming to the park or a crow speaking on the roof Or be the star cardinal in your backyard. Whether it is a sweet speaking cuckoo or a parrot that eats green chillies. 

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To provide a refuge to all of them, it has been recommended by the government to celebrate it as National Bird Day 2023.  For this, the Avian Welfare Alliance has given recognition to celebrate National Bird Day i.e. National Bird Day 2023. We have been celebrating National Bird Day 2023 on 5th January every year in view of this plight of birds and how to initiate the necessary changes to build a more sustainable relationship with birds.

January 5 Special day in India Overview 

Article Title  National Bird Day 2023
Category  Birds day Celebration 
Celebration date 5 January 2023
Day Thursday
Purpose to celebrate Birds Day To Give Protection and feeding Birds
Year 2023
Other information  Given in Article 


National Bird day of India

Today, on the occasion of this National Bird Day of India, we are willing to provide you with some important information related to birds because this type of information is very suitable for you and also necessary so that you can know about birds i.e. National Bird Day from 2023, Get some related information.

  • The total estimated number of bird species expressed on Earth is over 10,000.  
  • If we talk about the smallest bird on earth, then its length is about two and a half inches.  
  • Ostrich birds can also run at a speed of 43 miles per hour on the earth.  
  • There are 20% species of birds that cover long distances on the earth every year.  
  • Parrots are the only animals that can eat green chillies.  
  • Birds use their beaks to eat and drink, ride feathers, and even make nests.  
  • Birds do not sweat like humans.  That’s why birds are always eager to get cool.  
  • Ostrich is the largest bird in the world, weighing up to 150 kg, The eggs are up to about 15 cm long.
National Bird Day
National Bird Day


National Bird Day 2022 Theme

Today, on the occasion of this Bird Day, the National Bird Day 2022 Theme of all of us should be that we should provide housing to birds because just as every animal needs housing, similarly housing is very important for birds. We should also build a birdhouse under National Bird Day 2023. Because you know that nowadays deforestation is in full swing, the habitats of birds are getting destroyed. 

Today we all need to pay attention to the plight of birds around the world. And also encourage people to help the birds.There are many different ways to celebrate National Bird Day 2022 Theme. You can also build birdhouses for birds. Take some time out of your busy life for the birds. Trust me you will enjoy it a lot.

National Bird Day Dates

National Bird Day is celebrated by the United States of America on 5 January every year. That is, the purpose of making Bird Day is only to respect birds and promote their conservation. Here you can get that on which day National Bird Day is going to fall in the coming years under National Bird Day Dates. Today, under National Bird Day 2023, you would definitely like to get this information, we give full guarantee.

  • In fact, this year National Bird Day 2023 is falling on Thursday, January 5, 2023.  
  • In this sequence, National Bird Day will be celebrated on Friday, January 5, 2024.  
  • Bird Day will be celebrated on Sunday, January 5, 2025. 
  • In this context, Bird Day will be celebrated on Monday, January 5, 2026. And on January 5, 2027, Tuesday, Bird Day will be celebrated.

National Bird Day 5 January

As you know birds have been a part of our culture since ancient times. We have always been giving importance to birds as teachers and protectors along with us.  That’s why it is our duty to celebrate National Bird Day on January 5 as a way of protecting birds. Under National Bird Day 2023, protect them with the importance of wonderful, lovely and unforgettable birds. 

If we talk about National Bird Day, its history starts from 1845, it was started by John James Audubon, he made the first Christmas Bird Day. The only reason he celebrated National Bird Day on January 5 is the dwindling population of many species of birds and to encourage and encourage birds among people, thus every year January 5 has been celebrated as National Bird Day 5 January.

FAQs related National Bird Day 2023

When is National Bird Day 2023 observed every year?

National Bird Day is celebrated every year on 5 January.

Why is National Bird Day celebrated?

National Bird Day is celebrated to pay attention to the decreasing species, population etc. of birds and to provide protection to birds.

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