National Authors Day 2022 – 1 November, Why, How is celebrated

It is said that writing holds its own place in the field of literature. In today’s model era, writing has also become hi-tech, now people do not do most of the work by hand as before, but you can do your work along with the computer with the help of social media. move forward quite rapidly. 

It is said that every coin has two sides, so here also two types of cases have come to the fore on National Authors Day 2022, one is the one that calls social media and computer media bad because social media has a bad effect on the youth of the society. 

On the other hand, on National Authors Day 2022, many thinkers believe that social media has made writers hi-tech or rather it has provided a new type of power. It is said that change is coming with the times, on National Authors Day 2022 this proverb is being fulfilled.


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National Authors Day 2022

It has always been believed that the promotion of any book is done only by the publishers, but most of the writers have always complained that this work was never done well by the publishers, in ancient times many publishers In order to not provide royalty, they did not make available the correct information of their sold or published books to the authors.  

But today the time has changed, in the time of National Authors Day 2022, all the work has become hi-tech, authors get orders for a large number of books even before the release of the book. National Authors Day 2022 The sales figures of today’s young writers are easily accessible to them.

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National author day india 2022

Article title National Authors day 2022
Held on  1 November 2022
Work of writers To increase the reading capasity of readers
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National reading month falls on   March
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First female writer Enheduanna
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Authors day activities 2022

As we have discussed with you above about Authors day activities 2022 that today’s writer has changed as compared to earlier. Authors day activities 2022 has become very modern and giving new dimensions.

Many writers of the country use the illustration method for the promotion of books. In which there are many satire things, that is, each character of the novel is seen speaking very satirical dialogues according to their own character.  According to the authors day activities 2022.

National Authors Day
National Authors Day

Writers have the advantage that the characters in any novel have already made their way into the hearts of the people before the books enter the market.  That is, we will tell you that the effect of the post written is less and the effect of the post with the picture is more.

Writers day in India 2022

We are going to celebrate 1st November 2022 as World Writers Day or let’s say that every year on 1st November we celebrate Writers day in India 2022 to honor the books written by different types of authors.  Many thinkers are of the opinion that books are a different world, on the occasion of Writers Day in India 2022.

In the language of many thinkers, to edit and revise and rewrite to create the content written inside the books. It takes a lot of time for this because on the occasion of Writers Day in India 2022 we are going to tell you that in the stories we read, we get lost in them as if we do not belong to this world, as if we have to leave this world.  There is no work.

National Author India 2022

Today, on the occasion of National Writers Day 2022, we are introducing you to National Author India 2022.

  • You must have known Sudha Murthy, Sudha Murthy, who is the wife of NR Narayana Murthy, the founder of Infosys Company. Sudha Murthy is known as a noted writer. Which he writes in the form of his autobiography. This is the reason why he has got a different identity as National Author India 2022.
  • Who does not know Kiran Desai, Kiran Desai has received Booker Prize and National Book Critics Circle Fiction Award, she does not need any introduction Kiran Desai is an introduction in herself National Author India 2022 Ken Desai as Segregation works on topics such as cultural conflict, displacement and exile.
  • Nikita Gill is a unique poet and writer, just like Kiran Desai, Nikita Gill does not need any introduction, she has achieved her identity on her own, she has more than 5:30 lakh followers on her Instagram Nikita Gill  Known as the author of a young successful.
  • Arundhati Roy, Arundhati Roy is a well-known writer and social reformer from India, she has been awarded the Booker Prize for her fiction novel The God of Small Things. Arundhati Roy herself is known as an introduction. She published a wide range that covered topics from the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan to condemnation of India’s nuclear attacks.
  • Twinkle Khanna, Twinkle Khanna has gained fame as a successful actress as well as National Author India 2022. Before marriage she was famous as an actress but after marriage she left Bollywood and started her career in the world of writing. She gained a lot of fame in the world of writing like Bollywood. He edited his first book Mrs Funnybones, which in 2015 became the best selling i.e. the book sold more than one lakh copies.
  • Chitra Diwakarni, Chitra Diwakarni is one of the unique writers, she loves to mix mythology. Chitra ji published her book The Palace of Illusion which became very much discussed. 
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FAQs related book lovers Day 2022

Que1 When is National Writers Day celebrated?

Ans. National Writers Day is celebrated every year on 1 November.

Que 2  What types of posts go viral faster?

Ans. Posts with pictures go viral more quickly than written posts.

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