Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023, Exit Polls Result

The Nagaland election is going on and it is witnessing cutthroat competition between the parties in Nagaland. This year many parties decided to go for a single party or go for a solo in the Nagaland election 2023. The voting is going on and yesterday this was held on 27 February. In this post we are going to tell you about the Nagaland election live exit polls, the Nagaland assembly election 2023, what is the opinion of voters about the election and parties, and what will be the expected result. To know all about Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023 stay with us in this post at last. 

Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023

The election on 27 February started at 7 AM and continued till 4 PM. According to officials, there are more than 2290 polling stations allotted for the Nagaland election 2023. It is said that there can be a huge difference in voting for one party and the other party. Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge has said to voters to give him a vote and a chance. Rather than this CM Neiphiu Rio already expressed his confidence about the election. He said that it will be the winning election for him with the fifth the time record margin.

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Nagaland Exit Polls 2023

Time 09:30am uodate – After the completion of polling in 59 assembly seats out of 60 assembly seats in Nagaland (because there will be a by-election in one seat), the counting of votes is going on today, March 2, 2023. According to the information received by Nagaland Exit Polls 2023, different information has been received in different surveys, according to which BJP is seen getting 39 to 49 seats, which means that BJP is likely to register a bumper victory. Actually let us tell you that in Nagaland voting was held in February 2023 in a single phase. According to a Times Now survey, 39-49 for BJP, 4-8 for NPF and others are unable to open their accounts. Similarly, according to the exit poll of India Today Axis My India, BJP and NDPP can get 38-48 seats, NPF 3-8 seats and Congress 1-2 seats. You can also visit the official website of Election Commission of India for more details.

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Nagaland Election 2023

The election will be very competitive between one party to another. However, for the congress party, the election can be a winning chance. The assembly election in the Nagaland state is underway. On 27 February this started at 7 A.m. and will end at 4 PM around the state. It is said that the election can be not too competitive according to the Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023. The Congress can be the winner in this Nagaland election 2023. 

Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023 Overview 


Title  Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023 
Year  2023 
Voting Date  27 February 2023 
Result  2 March 2023 
Category Election
Polling Station  2291 


Nagaland Assembly Elections 2023

However, the result of the election of 27 February will be announced on two March by the election commission of India. The exit poll for the election has come out in various media outlets according to the opinion of the public and voters. The election will be held for 60 seats of Nagaland on Monday. The polling for this was begun at 7 AM and in Nagaland happened across 59 of the 60 assembly seats in Nagaland. There were more than 13 lakh electors set to decide the vote for 183 candidates. There were long lines in front of polling stations at 7 AM when the voting began. 


Nagaland Election Exit Polls
Nagaland Election Exit Polls


Nagaland Election Exit Poll Result 2023 Out

Nagaland election exit poll results out for the election will be announced on 2 March 2023 so you can see their result on this day. The exit poll according to the videos and officials are said to be where the BJP led alliance you said to be for the next government. We have given the Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023 below.

So you can see the exit poll done by maize gives 35 to 43 seats for the BJP party and 1 to 2  seats for the rival congress. However, the exit poll can be wrong but it gives 25 seats to Naga People’s front and it is also expected that 6 to 12 seats can be for the others. And the result will be out on 2 March 2023 so you can wait for this date for the result and see the public exit poll. 

Nagaland Exit Poll 2023 Live

Here are some Nagaland exit poll 2023 lives so you can see what they say according to the seats that are given and party. These are all the Nagaland exit one 2023 which are taken from the public and the voters that are provided on the news website. So you can see the seats that are given according to public opinion. However, this is only the exit poll you can see their result when the result will be available on 2 March.

Nagaland Exit Polls 2023

Congress:  1-3 seats 
NPF: 2-5 
NPP:  0-1
Others:  6-11

At 19:48 (IST), Feb 27

NPF:  4-8 seats 
Congress:  0


Nagaland Exit Poll 2023 Vote Share

A large number of voters will be peacefully voting in the assembly polls with a turnout of 73.65% according to the officials reported from the Nagaland election 2023. The Congress party which ruled from 2003 in this state does not have any members in the Current house. It has fielded 23 aspirants. We have given the Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023 so you can see this. So this is all about Nagaland exit poll 2023 vote share. If you like this post-Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023 then do share with others. 

FAQs related to Nagaland Election Exit Polls 2023

 When was the Nagaland election held?

The Nagaland election was held on 27 February 2023.

When will the Nagaland election result be released by the election commission of India?

The result will be released on 2 March 2023. 

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