Muthoot Finance Gold Loan, Interest Rate, Apply

The Secure nature is only the reason behind Muthoot Finance gold loan success. The gold nature and the secured nature only tell you that your gold ornaments of work as a collateral or security against the loan amount. In this post we are going to tell you about how Muthoot Finance works, how you can apply for a gold loan, when you are eligible for applying for the gold loan, what is the process of applying and what is the rate of gold interest. To know all about Muthoot Finance Loan stay with us in this post at last.

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

Opting for a golden like Muthoot finance is a better option for you. If you are looking for the secured gold loan option. Opting for Muthoot Finance gold loan is the easy option and easy process. From which you can easily apply for the loan. For the Muthoot Finance The gold loan option is very easy and to get it. This option make you easy to get the loan amount anywhere any time without the help of any other things.

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Muthoot Gold Loan Interest Rate

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan is so easy that you can get the loan amount anywhere and with the help of over 3600 branches across the country. So keep regarding to learn about how you can apply for this through the process of this article. The need of cash or money can be various type of whether you are in the various position to take the gold loan.

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Overview 


Title  Muthoot Finance Gold Loan
Year  2023 
Branches  3600 
Type  Loan 
Gold Loan Rate Interest 7.25 percent 
Apply Process  Given 


Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Rate

The Muthoot Loan Interest price is .25% of ₹5219 Rate Per Gram. The Instant Cash will be provided by the company. So, if you like this rate then you can apply for the gold loan. The Gold loan is one of the safe and less expensive methods by which you can get the money. In the gold option the price may vary according to the price of gold in the market. So this is the Muthoot Loan Rate by which you can get the loan. The loan can vary from time to time. But in this time this is the Muthoot finance Loan Rate. 


Muthoot Finance Gold Loan
Muthoot Finance Gold Loan


How To Apply For Muthoot Finance Gold Loan?

If you want to apply for Muthoot Finance Loan then you have to follow the given process. The application process for gold loan is quite easy and it can be done via both online and off-line mode. The online mode is different under the open mode so first we go through the off-line mode. 

Offline Method

  • First of all you have to go to one of the nearest branches of Muthoot Finance.
  • Muthoot Finance has more than 4200 across the country. 
  • The respective over there will tell you about the gold loan scheme and help you at each step of the process.
  • So in the off-line mode you don’t need to worry about anything.
  • To know more about that you can call to the gold loan the customer care number is given in the official Website of Muthoot Finance. 

Online mode

  • First of all, visit the official website of Muthoot Finance.
  • Then here you can check the price of the loan. 
  • Then you have to go in the option of a gold loan. 
  • Then submit a related document and click on the submit button.
  • Now you can easily apply for the gold loan in Muthoot Finance. 

Muthoot Finance Gold Loan Per Gram Today

The Muthoot finance loan per gram today is given in the overview section. If you want to apply for Muthoot finance Gold per gram today. Then you will need some documents and the documents are given below this document you have to submit on the official website of Muthoot Finance. The below document you have to submit on the online and off-line mode both. 

  • Identity Proof – Aadhar Card or PAN Card or Voter ID Card
  • Address Proof – Ration Card or Driving Licence or Aadhar Card. 

Muthoot Finance Interest Pay

From Muthoot Finance interest Pay you can calculate the rate of gold and the interest that will be provided in the loan option. Or so you can check in the official website finance. the calculator is available on the official website then you have to Go to the official webpage of the Gold Loan EMI Calculator. now Submit the required loan amount. Then Select your current residing city.

FAQs related to Muthoot Finance Gold Loan

What is the Muthoot Finance Loan Rate?

The Muthoot Finance Loan Rate is @ 7.25%, ₹5219 Rate Per Gram in Instant Cash.

How To Calculate Loan Amount Of Gold?

You can Calculate In from the Official calculator that is provided in the official website of Muthoot Finance. 

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