Meghalaya School Holidays 2023, Check Holiday List

In this article, you have been given all the information about Meghalaya School Holidays 2023. If you want to see in which month in 2023, which holiday has been given by the Government of Meghalaya and by the Central Government to government employees, schools and other institutions, then read this article till the end. For more information, you can also check the official website of Meghalaya State.

 Meghalaya School Holidays 2023

Every year a holiday list is released by the government of every state, in which it is told about every holiday that will be given to a government employee and the rest of the public within the year. The list of Meghalaya School Holidays 2023 has also been released by the Government of Meghalaya, in which they have also mentioned another public holiday and those holidays which are exclusively for government employees. In this article, how much and when will you get a holiday in festivals, whether you will get a holiday on national festivals or not, and when will you get additional holidays, all these things have been mentioned.

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For more information, you can check the official notification pdf of Meghalaya School Holidays 2023 by visiting the official website of the Government of Meghalaya. The environment given by the central government has also been included in this list, festivals celebrated at the national level have also been included, as well as festivals celebrated only in the state of Meghalaya. It is very important to give a holiday to all people so that if a person is tired of working whether it is mentally or physically, he can give rest himself by using a holiday and also improve his mental health.

Meghalaya School Holidays 2023 Overview


Article Meghalaya School Holidays 2023
Organization Governor of Meghalaya State
Type Public Holiday List
Beneficiary Students
Year 2023


 Meghalaya School Holidays
Meghalaya School Holidays


Meghalaya School Holidays List 2023 


Date Day Holiday
26 January 2023 Thursday Republic Day
5 February 2023 Sunday Guru Ravidas Jayanti
18 February 2023 Saturday Maha Shivratri
8 March 2023 Wednesday Holi
22 March 2023 Wednesday Gudi Padwa
30 March 2023 Thursday Ram Navami
4 April 2023 Tuesday Mahavir Jayanti
7 April 2023 Friday Good Friday
14 April 2023 Friday Dr Ambedkar Jayanti
22 April 2023 Saturday Idul Fitr/ Maharshi Parasuram Jayanti
5 May 2023 Friday Buddha Purnima
29 June 2023 Thursday Bakrid/ Eid al Adha
29 June 2023 Thursday Muharram
8 July 2023 Saturday Behdeinkhlam Festival
17 July 2023 Monday U Tirot Sing Day
15 August 2023 Tuesday Independence Day
31 August 2023 Thursday Raksha Bandhan
7 September 2023 Thursday Janmashtami
21 October 2023 Saturday Maha Saptami
22 October 2023 Sunday Maha Ashtami
23 October 2023 Monday Maha Navami
24 October 2023 Tuesday Vijaya Dashami
28 September 2023 Thursday Eid –e-Milad
2 October 2023 Monday Gandhi Jayanti
24 October 2023 Tuesday Vijaya Dashami
28 October 2023 Saturday Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti
12 November 2023 Sunday Diwali
23 November 2023 Thursday Seng Kut Snem
27 November 2023 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti
18 December 2023 Monday Pa Togan Nengminza Sangma
24 December 2023 Sunday Christmas Holiday
25 December 2023 Monday Christmas Day
30 December 2023 Saturday U Kiang Nangbah


FAQs on Meghalaya School Holidays 2023

How many public Holidays are announced for schools?

More than 30 days are declared as holidays for schools in Meghalaya by the governor.

Which is the first official school holiday of the year 2023?

Republic Day has been announced as the first public holiday for the year 2023 in Meghalaya.

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