Dr Maria Telkes Google Doodle, Sun Queen , 12th December

Today, on December 12, 2022, the birthday of Hungarian American biophysicist scientist and inventor Dr. Maria Tel Kes is being celebrated with great fanfare. It is noteworthy that Dr Maria Telkes google doodle was born in the Hungarian city of Budapest.

The whole world knows Dr. Maria Telkes as the father of solar energy technology, today people and scientists from all over the world, even Google is remembering the great Hungarian American scientist and inventor through doodles like Dr Maria Telkes google doodle. Friends, let us know some important information related to the great scientist and inventor Dr. Maria. Because we are celebrating his 122nd birthday today.

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Dr Maria Telkes google doodle

Here we want to make it clear to you that today we all are celebrating the 122nd birthday of Dr. Maria Telkes, even Google has remembered her by making a doodle to remember Dr. Maria Telkes google doodle. In the words of Dr. Maria Telkes, the sun is essential for human existence.  Human beings cannot be imagined without the Sun.

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Dr. Maria Telkes was honored with the first Society of Women Engineers Achievement Awards on this day. Dr Maria Telkes under google doodle Dr. Maria Telkes passed her PhD in physical chemistry in 1920 at the University of Budapest in 1924.

Celebration Maria Telkes Overview 

Article Caption Dr Maria Telkes google doodle
Date of birth 12 dec. 1900
Nickname The sun Queen
Award winning The Society of Women engineers achievement award
Year 2022
Total patent earn by Dr. Maria Telkes 20+
Inventions Solar Distiller, Dover Sun House, Solar Oven and many more


Maria Telkes Sun Queen

Dr. Maria Telkus returned to MIT as a research professor after World War II had ended.  We know Dr Maria Telkes as Maria Telkes Sun Queen because she built it in 1948 with Dover sunhouse architect Eleanor Raymond Dr Maria Telkes What a life full of innovation success and inspiring career by Maria Telkes Sun Queen. A solar oven design was also created which is still used by people today.  More than 20 patents were also earned by Maria Telkes Sun Queen.

Dr Maria Telkes google doodle
Dr Maria Telkes google doodle


Google doogle today honors Sun Queen

Google Doogle today honors Sun Queen By Dr. Maria telkes BA in 1920 AD and PhD from Budapest University in 19 to 24 AD Bay went to America from Hungary and went there Google Doogle today honors Sun Queen by Dr. Maria telkes as a biophysicist  He started his career as an American and in 1937 he took US citizenship.

Google Doogle today honors Sun Queen She started her career as a member of the Solar Energy Committee at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ie MIT. When the Second World War started, Dr. Maria Telkes was called by the US government to make his contribution under the Solar Distiller as we know that the solar distiller is the one that used to put the salt water of the ocean into fresh sweet water.

Google Doogle today December 12th

Significantly, the life of Dr. Maria Telkes is full of possibilities and inventions.  Under Google Doogle today December 12th, Dr. Maria also made many unprecedented inventions for farmers, one of his unprecedented inventions is the new oven design, this is the one by which farmers can dry their crops very easily.

Even today, according to Google Doogle today December 12th, this solar oven of theirs is in great use. Dr. Maria has served as a principal advisor to several energy related companies. This is the reason that according to Google Doogle today December 12th, she has also got an identity in the name of Queen for 10 years.

google doogle today

Google, the world’s well-known search engine, is honoring solar energy scientist Maria Telkes by making an animated doodle on the home page under Google Doogle today. Because Dr. Maria has made a lot of achievements in the field of solar energy and today is also her birthday, Google Doogle today is giving this honor to her.

Because Dr. Maria did a lot of unforgettable work on the Sun and won many titles, that’s why we call her by the name of Nick Name The Sun Queen.  According to Google Doogle today, today is very special for Dr. Maria Telkes because she received a famous title The Society of Women Engineers Achievement Award on this day.

FAQs related Dr Maria Telkes google doodle

Dr Maria Telkes google doodle By what name is Dr Maria known?

According to the Dr Maria Telkes google doodle, Dr Maria is called the Sun Queen.

What did Dr Maria Telkes google doodle do that makes sea water fresh?

Solar distiller was made by Dr Maria Telkes google doodle which makes sea water fresh.

Which title was awarded under Dr Maria Telkes google doodle?

Dr Maria Telkes was awarded The Society of Women Engineer Achievement Award under google doodle.

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