Largest Lake in The World by Volume – in The World Map

All over the world, you can find big lakes in different parts of the country and abroad.  But the question comes to which is the Largest Lake in the World? So to find the answer to this and to answer you, we have come here today in front of you. Lakes are impressive examples of Earth’s geography and longevity. Lakes have a very crucial role in the healthy functioning of our planet Earth. Thousands of lakes exist in the world today, and it is not much to wonder which one is the largest of them all. So today you are going to get information about the Largest Lake in the World.

Largest Lake in the World

Today’s human beings have collected data related to Largest Lake in The World in relation to which lake is the largest in the world according to the size and quantity of modern technology. Which is going to prove very informative and interesting for you.

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Today, through the article Largest Lake in the World, you will get information about the largest districts of the world. First of all you should know what a lake is. Usually, a lake is oval in shape whereas ponds usually have round edges. Generally, a lake is deeper than a pond.

Largest Lake in India Overview

Article Title Largest Lake in The World
Category Lake News
Purest lake in India Kankaria lake
Smallest lake in India Pookode Lake
Salty Lake in India Chilika lake
Sweetest lake in India Wular lake
Largest lake Caspian Sea



Largest Lake in the World
Largest Lake in the World


Largest Lake in The World By Volume

  1. One of the largest lakes in the world is Lake Baikal, which has the largest volume of water, in which the amount of water is 5670 cubic miles. It is also called the largest lake in the world. Largest Lake in The World By Volume According to this, this lake is located in Siberia, Russia. This lake was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. This lake contains 22 to 23 percent pure fresh surface water.
  2. Lake Tanganyika is the second-largest lake by volume in the world.  This great lake of Africa contains about 4500 cubic miles of water.  This is also the second-largest lake in the world. This lake passes through 4 countries: Tanzania, Congo, Zambia, and Burundi. It contains 16% of the world’s available freshwater.
  3. The third largest lake under Largest Lake in the World is Lake Superior. The lake in North America holds about 2900 cubic miles of water. The lake is roughly the size of the entire state of South Carolina. It is the largest lake by volume in the United States. That is, Lake Superior is the world’s largest freshwater lake spread over 1700 square miles.
  4. Malavi is also the second largest lake in Africa, which is located in 3 countries namely Malawi, Mozambique, and Tanzania. In which there is a volume of 2000 cubic miles of water and a depth of 2316 feet. By volume, we can call it the fourth-largest lake in the world.  The lake is known to be home to more species of fish than any other district in the world.
  5. According to Largest Lake in the World By Volume, Lake Vostok is the largest lake in Antarctica. The amount of water in it is about 1309 cubic miles. We can call it the fifth-largest lake in the world. If we talk about the depth, then its depth ranges from about 1700 to 3000 feet.
  6. Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes of North America, lies within the United States. It holds 1180 cubic miles of water, making it the sixth-largest lake in the world by volume. The maximum depth of Lake Michigan is 923 feet.
  7. Lake Huron ranks seventh in the list of lakes with the largest volume.  It has a total volume of 850 cubic miles of water. Talking about freshwater on earth, it becomes the third largest lake. Largest Lake in the World By Volume It is shared by Ontario Canada and the United States and Michigan.
  8. Lake Victoria is the eighth-largest lake by volume. At the same time, it is named after Queen Victoria of Britain. Lake Victoria is one of the African Great Lakes. Its surface area is about 23146 square miles.  And the maximum depth is 266 feet. In this, 80% of water is received directly through the rain. And 20 percent through other means.
  9. Great Bear Lake is the 9th largest lake by volume within Canadian borders, with a maximum depth of 1,463 feet. And this lake has clear water which is mostly covered with ice. The Great Bear Lake is protected and preserved by UNESCO Biosphere.
  10. Isik Kul is such a lake near which about 500000 people live. It is located in the northern Tian Shan Mountains within eastern Kyrgyzstan. It contains 417 cubic miles of water. Whose maximum depth are about 2193 feet. It is the 10th largest lake in the world by volume and the seventh deepest lake in the world.


Largest Lake in The World Map

Lake Name Area in km² Volume in km³ Length in km Depthin m
Caspian Lake 371000 78200 1199 1025m
Superior lake 82100 12100 616 406m
Victoria Lake 68870 2750 322 84m
Huron Lake 59600 3540 332 229 m
Michigan Lake 58000 4900 494 281m
Tanganyika lake 32600 18900 676 1470m
Bekal Lake 31500 23600 636 1637m
Great bear lake 31000 2236 373 446m
Malawi Lake 29500 8400 579 706m
Great Slave lake 27000 1560 480 614m
Eri Lake 25700 489 388 64 m
Winnipeg Lake 24514 283 425 36m
Ontario Lake 18960 1639 311 244m
Ladoga Lake 18130 908 219 230m
Balkhash 16400 106 605 26

FAQs regarding Largest Lake in The World

Which is the largest lake in Asia?

The largest lake in Asia is the Caspian Sea.

Which is the largest sweet lake of India?

Wular Lake is the largest lake in India.

Which is the highest lake in India?

Gurudongmar Lake is the highest lake in India.

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