Largest Desert in the World, Top 10 Biggest Desert List, PDF

Have you ever imagined the desert? Have you ever thought about the desert? There is a name of such a place whose name fills your mind with apprehensions. Today, through this article Largest Desert in the World, we are going to check some of the world’s famous desert places. Here we are going to tell you how it is in terms of temperature, location, and others. So friends, let’s know a lot about the Largest Desert in the World only in this article.

Largest Desert in the World

About what is a desert, you are going to get the answer here. Such an arid barren region, it receives less than 10 inches of rainfall. And where the existence of humans is against the non-existence.  Even though humans have found a yogic way of living here, it is still a desert.  The largest Desert in the World is not as warm and yellow as you might imagine, but some of them go to the coldest, most remote regions of the earth.

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We have often imagined the biggest countries and the smallest cities today, but if we imagine the biggest areas, only deserts come to our minds. That’s why we have brought the concept of the Largest Desert in the World in front of you today.  So let’s know about the world’s largest desert.

Largest Desert in The World 2023 Overview

Article Title Largest Desert in the World
Category Largest Desert
Total Area of Desert 11435000010 km square tentative
Year 2023
Largest hot Desert Sahara Desert
Desert means Lack of Water
1st largest desert Antarctic

Top 10 Biggest Desert In The World

  • We come across the hypothesis of a polar desert under which night exists in more than one country, which we know as the Arctic desert. This area with desert features under the Top 10 Biggest Desert In The World is located in 5.4 million square miles.
  • In this list, we have another desert located in the polar regions, which is spread over an area of ​​about 5.5 million square miles. It is unique.
  • In this episode, according to the Largest Desert in the World, the Arabian desert is spread over an area of ​​2,330,000 square kilometers. This desert mainly covers a large part of the Arabian Peninsula and has natural resources such as sulfur and oil. This desert comes under Saudi Arabia Iraq Jordan Kuwait Oman Qatar Yemen and United Arab Emirates.
  • If we talk about the Sahara desert, then it is a plain of sub-tropical nature. It is also spread over an area of ​​3.5 square million. According to Top 10 Biggest Desert In The World, this desert covers Mali, Sudan, Tunisia, Chad, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Nigeria, Morocco and Mauritania.
  • Spread over an area of ​​1.3 million square miles, the Gobi Desert is a rocky area. Due to the presence of the Himalayas, there is a rain shadow here.


Largest Desert in the World
Largest Desert in the World


List Of Deserts in The World PDF

  • The Patagonian desert, based on the hypothesis of the Largest Desert in the World, is located in an area of ​​about 0.67 million square kilometers, with the Andes Desert in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east.
  • The Great Basin Desert is spread over 0.19 million square miles under List Of Desert in The World PDF and is the only desert where there is snow. This desert is spread under California, Nevada, Oregon and Utah.
  • The Kalahari Desert covers an area of ​​0.22 million square kilometres. It is so beautiful that it attracts photographers from all over the world. This desert is located in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia.
  • The desert of Syria, which is spread over an area of ​​about 0.49 million square kilometers. According to List Of Desert in The World PDF, the land here is stony and gravelly. Its area is empty and has dry river banks. It is located in Iraq Jordan Saudi Arabia and Syria.
  • The Great Victoria Desert, which is spread over about 0.25 million square miles, is located in Australia.


Deserts of The World Map

Desert Name Area in km Square Places
Antarctic Desert 14,200,000 Antarctica
Arctic Desert 13,900,000 Eastern Europe, northern America, northern Asia, northern Europe
Sahara Desert 9,200,000 Eastern, middle, north, and Southern Africa
Great Australian Desert 2,700,000 Australia
Arabian Desert 2,330,000 Western Asia
Gobi Desert 1,295,000 Eastern Asia
Kalahari Desert 900,000 South Africa
Patagonian Desert 673,000 South America
Serbian Desert 500,000 Western Asia
Great Basin Desert 492,098 Northern America
Chihuahuan Desert 453,248 Northern America
Karakum Desert 350,000 Middle Asia
Great Victoria Desert 348,750 Western Australia, South Australia
Kolorado 337,000 Northern America
Sonoran 310,000 Middle America
Kaijilkam 300,000 Middle Asia
Taklamakan 270,000 Eastern Asia
Ogden 256,000 Eastern Africa
Thar 238,254 Southern Asia


FAQs Regarding the Largest Desert in the World

Which is the largest desert?

The largest desert is the desert of Antarctica.

Which is the largest desert in India?

The largest desert in India is the Thar Desert. Which is spread over 77000 square miles.

Which is the coldest desert in Asia?

The coldest desert in Asia is the Gobi Desert.

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