Kusum Solar Yojana Login, Online Registration, Application Form

Kusum Solar Yojana Login – Kusum Yojana online registration and application form 2022 are being invited by the central government. In accordance with the Kisan Urja Suraksha Utthan Mahabhiyan (KUSUM) Scheme, the Union government will give farmers 3 crore solar pumps up until FY 2022–23. Subsidized solar agricultural pump sets would take the place of the diesel and electricity-powered agricultural pumps already in use. Kusum.online used to be the Solar Agriculture Pumps Subsidy Yojana’s official website, but it has since been shut down.

Kusum Solar Yojana Login

The government would give farmers solar agricultural pump sets at a subsidy as part of the PM Kusum Yojana. Kusum Scheme 2022’s main goal is to give farmers cutting-edge technology for power production. These solar pumps will help farmers with irrigation and also enable them to produce safe energy, so they have two advantages. Farmers can sell any excess power generated by these pump sets straight to the government, which will improve their income.

Even deserted land can be used by farmers to generate solar energy. They can build solar power plants there, generate electricity, sell any extra, and make a living off of it. KUSUM According to the national government’s announcement, the Yojana would support solar power generation and solar farming.Farmers will benefit from solar farming. One of the biggest projects in the world, the PM-KUSUM programme solarizes agriculture pumps to supply more than 3.5 million farmers with sustainable energy. The PM-KUSUM initiative seeks to support the installation of an extra 30.80 GW of solar capacity.

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PM Kusum Solar Yojana

PM Kusum Scheme 2022 Parts is composed of the following components:-

Distribution of Solar Pumps: As part of the Kusum Yojana, the power department will collaborate with various central government agencies to successfully distribute solar-powered pumps.

Building a Solar Power Factory – This includes building solar power plants with the ability to generate a sizable amount of electricity.

Installing tubewells: As part of the Kusum plan, tubewells that will also produce some power are installed.

One of the objectives of this Kusum Scheme 2022 is not modernization of existing pumps: which only provide power. The renovation of existing pumps and the installation of solar pumps in place of out-of-date pumps are the final elements of the Kusum plan. Banks would also lend farmers an additional 30% of overall expenses in the form of bank loans. The farmers would now just be required to pay the initial cost, which represents around 10% of the overall cost to install these solar installations.

Kusum Solar Yojana Login
Kusum Solar Yojana Login

Kusum solar yojana online application

The proposed Kusum programme, also known as the Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan, will include three parts:

Components A:10,000 MW of distributed, grid-connected, ground-mounted renewable power plants make up Component A. For a 1000 MW capacity, this component will be operated in pilot mode. On their uncultivated or arable lands, individual farmers, cooperatives, panchayats, and farmer producer organisations (FPO) will put up renewable power plants with a capacity of 500 KW to 2 MW under component A. The DISCOMs will acquire the remaining generated power at feed-in tariffs set by the appropriate SERC. The Kusum Scheme will give rural landowners a reliable and ongoing source of income. In addition, DISCOMs will get performance-based incentives for 5 years at a rate of 0.40 rupees per unit.

Component B :17.50 lakh independent solar-powered farm pumps are installed as part of component B. Individual farmers will receive assistance from this component to install stand-alone solar pumps with a maximum horsepower of 7.5. People are also permitted to open Solar PV systems with a kW capacity, which is equivalent to an HP pump capacity.

Component C: Solarization of around 10 lakh solar-powered agricultural pumps connected to the grid. This element will be tested out with 15,000 grid-connected agricultural pumps. All individual farmers will receive assistance under this component to solarize pumps with a capacity of up to 7.5 HP. Under the Kusum Scheme, solar PV capacity up to twice the pump’s kW capacity is permitted. The remaining energy would then be sold to DISCOM while farmers might use the generated energy to power irrigation systems. This plan will open up a way for farmers to earn more money and assist the states to reach their RPO targets.

On the basis of the success of the pilot projects, component A & B will both be scaled up, while component B will be implemented fully.

Kusum solar yojana implementation

The government would offer central financial assistance (CFA) in the amount of 30% of the benchmark cost or tender cost in order to successfully implement Kusum Yojana components B and C. (whichever is lower). Additionally, the state government will provide 30% as a subsidy, leaving the farmer responsible for the remaining 40%. Bank financing will still be available for the farmer’s 30% investment, but he or she will have to come up with the remaining 10% themselves. For the North Eastern States, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Lakshadweep, and A&N Islands, the central government will contribute 50% of the CFA.

The Kusum Scheme will significantly improve the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. When all three components are used together, approximately 27 million tonnes of CO2 emissions are saved annually. Additionally, the Kusum Scheme’s component B (standalone solar pumps) will reduce the import of crude oil, which will result in 1.2 billion fewer litres of diesel being used annually.

Kusum solar yojana 2022 registration online

Farmers must apply online on the program’s official website for the PM Kusum Yojana in order to receive a free solar pump (mnre.gov.in). On this website, farmers can quickly apply for the Kusum Yojana.

The prior application process for the Kusum Yojana online application and registration form is described here (it is no longer active).

  • Visit kusum.online to see the official website.
  • Go to the homepage and click the official link.
  • The Kusum Yojana online registration form for 2022 will then show up as follows:
  • Candidates can finish the Kusum Scheme 2022 registration procedure by entering all required information, including farmers’ names, mobile numbers, email addresses, and other details, and then clicking the “Submit” button.
  • Candidates can log in to the Solar Agricultural Pumpset Subsidy Scheme 2022 by visiting the Kusum Yojana homepage as indicated below:
  • Candidates can fill out the Kusum Yojana online application form to receive a subsidy on solar agricultural pumps after creating a Kusum Yojana 2022 Login at the homepage.
  • The KUSUM Scheme was launched by the central government in the 2018 fiscal year to help farmers switch over to solar agricultural pumps from all of the existing diesel and electric pumps. The government would subsidise 60% of the total cost of these solar agricultural pumps for all qualifying farmers in the nation.

PM Contact numbers for the Kusum Yojana Helpline

011-2436-0707 and 011-2436-0404 PM KUSUM Toll Free Number.

Official internet address: www.mnre.gov.in

Official Website mnre.gov.in
UAK Home Page urbanaffairskerala.org

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