Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022, Photos, Quotes, Messages

Today we have brought for you Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022, under which we will wish you a very happy Kanak Das Jayanti today as a great saint who gave the message of prosperity and peace in this society. Today we are celebrating Kanak Das Jayanti, under Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022. You will know that Das Jayanti is celebrated every year with great gaiety on 11 November 2022.

Kanak Das ji chose Haridasa literature and in this literature he executed his works  and made his lord Krishna happy. With Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022 we will tell you that Maharishi Das ji was a great poet, social reformer and peace messenger. He gave many important messages for the betterment of the people. Therefore, today we will throw light on the life of Kanak Das ji under Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022.

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Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022

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Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022

Today the whole country is celebrating 523m birth anniversary of Krishna Das ji Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022, As we know that Maharishi Kanak Das ji came out openly in opposition to the high-low caste caste, etc. Adambara, openly opposed the caste system. According to Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022, Kanakadas ji emphasized the principles of life and worked to remove religious evils from people’s lives.  Every composition of Kanak Das ji seems to be alive.  Kanakadasa ji openly opposed the caste system of that time, due to which many people became his enemies.

Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022 Overview

Article title Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022
DOB of kanak das 6 Noveber  1509
Category of article Jayantih
Date 11 November 2022
Jayantih year 523th
Famous As a poet, magician and Haridasa
Haridasa teachings Ghamand tyagna, moksh ka marg apnana


Happy Kanakadasa 2022

Today we are going to tell you big basic information about the life character of Kanakadasa ji under Happy Kanakadasa 2022. The difference comes in millet.  Here rice denotes upper caste and millet denotes lower caste. According to Happy Kanakadasa 2022, rice is used by the upper caste people which signifies highness while millet acts as a staple food for the lower caste class. Under Happy Kanakadasa 2022, Das ji also mentioned that Bajra is very high in its status as it is always dear to God.

Happy Kanakdasa Jayanti 2022

As we are explaining to you today on the auspicious occasion of Happy Kanakadasa Jayanthi 2022 that Karan Das ji was an exclusive devotee of Lord Krishna since childhood. It was done because he used to belong from a lower caste, under Happy Kanakadasa Jayanthi 2022. Let us explain to you that after this Kanak Das ji started doing kirtan sitting on the steps of the temple, so what happens is that the idol of Lord Krishna is in his direction. Turn to the side where Kanakdasji was standing. In this way Kanak Das ji gets darshan of God. Even today, the opening of the temple of Lord Udupi i.e. Shri Krishna is called by the name of Kanaka window.

Kanakdasa Jayanti Photo

Kanak Das ji was born on 6 November 1509 AD, and as far as we know very little information about Kanakdasji’s life is mentioned in the pages of history, but it is known that Kanak Das ji was of a high order. He was a revered saint. He always presented his works to the public in Kannada language. Kanakdasji always used to call himself as Haridasa i.e. devotee of Lord Shri Hari.

Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022
Kanakadasa Jayanti 2022


If we open the pages of history, then only such an unprecedented saint Birla can be seen. Who worked for the betterment of Hasdeo society culturally and socially.  For this reason, for the honor ceremony of Kanaka Das ji, the Government of Karnataka gave the status of a national holiday to the birth anniversary of Das ji.

Kanakdasa Jayanti 2022 , 2023, 2024

  • In the year 2022, Maharishi Kanak Das Jayanti is being celebrated on Friday, November 11.
  • In the year 2023, Maharishi Kanak Das Jayanti will be celebrated with great pomp on Thursday, November 30.
  • In the year 2024, Maharishi Kanak Das Jayanti will be taken out on Monday, November 18.
  • In the year 2025, Maharishi Kanak Das Jayanti will be taken out with great pomp on Saturday, November 8.
  • If we talk about the last few years, then here we will tell you that in the year 2017, Kanak Das Jayanti was celebrated on 6th November on Monday.
  • Similarly, in the year 2018, 2019, 2020, Maharishi Kanak Das Jayanti was celebrated on 26 November, Monday 15 November, Friday 3 December and Thursday respectively.

Kanakdasa Jayanti Message

We get many types of messages from the life of Kanak Das ji, such as a story about him, we get the following message. Was refused to go but still he determined his mind and camped outside the temple and started chanting bhajans in the temple of Lord Udupi, he did this for almost a long time, then something similar happened as we have given you clear above  Is. The message we get from this story is that we should never give up hope in despair. All we need is to remove (Ni) from despair, and then after that we only get hope.  Kanak Das ji had always taught to renounce pride and walk towards salvation.  told everyone that everyone has the right to equality from God.

FAQs related Kanakadasa Jayanti Wishes 2022

When is Maharishi Kanak Das Jayanti being celebrated this year?

Maharishi Kanak Das Jayanti from God is being celebrated on 11 November 2022.

Maharishi Kanaka Das Jayanti is celebrated by which section of the people in Karnataka?

Maharishi Kanaka Das Jayanti is celebrated with great fanfare by the people of Kuruva society in Karnataka.

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