Iran Economic Crisis, Market Down Fall, Reasons behind it

Once Iran was a very beautiful country and economically stable but then, unfortunately, some people with extremist mindsets took over the country and started the Islamic revolution. In the early years of 1990 decades, the world started to see the rise of Iran Economic Crisis. The last year 2022 was also a bad year for the Iran economy. People of the country are suffering from increasing prices of food, shelter, water, electricity, and every basic need. In this article, we will tell you everything about Economic Recession In Iran.

Iran Economic Crisis

In recent times, currency of Iran – rial has lost its 30 percent value against US dollars. Many economist believes that Iran is yet to achieve the lowest point of their economy. People of  Iran are regularly crowding over currency exchange shops so that they can save value of their hard earned money. Iran Economic Crisis is making lives of Iranian people very tough. Poor people are begging for food because they are unable to afford grocery items like rice, wheat, oil, salt, vegetables and meat.

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Day by Day Iranian Currency Crisis  is breaking the backbone of countries economy. People are so irritated by current government that they even tried to protest against them in September 2022. They were heavily beaten and tortured by Iranian military after doing that protest. Even in this Economic Recession In Iran, government has more focus on increasing military power rather then making economy more better. Since establishment of  Islamic government in Iran, Country has only seen Downfall in both economy and Society. Iran really needs to get out of this Rial Inflation.

Iran Economic Crisis Overview

Name of the article Iran Economic Crisis
Focused event Economic Recession In Iran
Country Iran
Year 2023
Government type Islamic
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Iran Economic Crisis
Iran Economic Crisis


Iran Economic Crisis 2022

people of Iran country are very upset because of Iran Economic Crisis 2022. They are unable to live a normal and happy life in that country because they cant even afford necessary daily need items with their hard earned money because of ongoing Economic Recession In Iran. People want to go to another countries to live a normal life but they cannot do it either because of reasons like they cant afford plane tickets, visa and citizenships or their own country are restricting them from immigrating. Read this complete article to know everything about Inflation in Iranian currency.

what has created the economic crisis in Iran?

There are a lot of factors responsible for this Downfall Of Rial. Islamic revolution disbalanced the stability of economy, then wars boosted the Economic Recession In Iran 2022, mainly conflicts between Iran, Us , Israel and Iraq. One of the main reason is decreasing of demand for Rial in global market. Decrease in GDP of the country because of corruption and Decrease in exports. Tourism has all decreased because of the fear of terror among all the foreigners. Their overall revenue through oil industry has also decreased. Read this complete article to know everything about Inflation in Iranian currency.

Iran Market Downfall 2022

In an interview, local people of Iran were seen saying that their children and their family has no future left in their country. The situation is going worse day by day. Prices of everything is changing everyday and current government is still unable to bring stability or growth in economy of Iran. It is shocking that a country which has good oil reserve and educated people is still struggling for food, shelter and daily needs of people.  Stupid government officials are enjoying luxuries through public money in air conditioned rooms and all civilians are dying from starvation.

Government should try to find ways of making money other than depending on oil reserves. Government can give jobs to many people in different industries so that they don’t suffer financially.  Many western countries has already put many sanctions on Iran. This country is suffering without getting any monetary helps from major countries because they tried to become nuclear power country. People in the earthquake zone are more upset than rest of iran in last one month. Livelihood is in danger for many people.

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FAQ’s On Iran Economic Crisis

Who is current president of Iran?

Ebrahim Raisi is current president of iran.

When did Islamic revolution started?

Islamic revolution stated in late years of 1980’s.

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