Indonesia Earthquake Tsunami Warning, 7.7 Magnitude Quake

Last Monday, a very strong earthquake occurred in Indonesia, which was recorded at 7.7 magnitude on the Richter scale, although this earthquake was so strong that it also felt tremors in the northern part of Australia. Therefore, in view of these strong tremors, an alert regarding Indonesia earthquake tsunami warning has also been issued, although the land of Indonesia is a mine of such strong earthquakes. That is, such terrible storms and earthquakes keep coming here often, due to which many people lose their lives and property. 

Indonesia Earthquake Tsunami Warning

According to an official report, an earthquake tsunami warning is given every year so that every year thousands of people in Indonesia lose everything from this natural phenomenon. However, last night i.e. late Monday night, the European Mediterranean Seismology Center ie EMSC issued information in the public interest that this earthquake occurred in the Tanimbar region of Indonesia.

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Earthquake in Indonesia Today

However, it was also said by EMSC that the epicenter of this earthquake was about 97 kilometers below the Earth’s surface. And this earthquake came at around 3:17 in the morning according to Indian time.  According to the news of Indonesia earthquake tsunami warning, such tremors were also felt in Australia’s Darwin for about 4 to 5 minutes. Although so far no message like Indonesia earthquake tsunami warning has been issued by the authorities to Australia, this type of alert has been issued in Indonesia. People have been alerted and advised to follow earthquake related rules.

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Tsunami warning Bali Today Overview 

Article Title  indonesia earthquake tsunami warning
Category  Tsunami 2023
Earthquake reading in Indonesia  7.8 to 7.9
Scale of earthquake reading Reactor Scale
Date Monday late night or Tuesday early in The Morning 
Year  2023
Other Information  Given in Article 


Biggest tsunami in Indonesia

According to the Meteorological Department of Indonesia, the epicenter of this earthquake was 23 km away from the port and the depth was 27 km below the earth’s surface. According to the news, like Biggest tsunami in Indonesia, it was so explosive that a tsunami warning was already issued within a radius of 300 km.  

It is not a big deal to have such natural disasters in this province of Vanuatu because this type of natural disaster is the Biggest tsunami in Indonesia. The only reason to visit is that there are many active volcanoes here and apart from all this, the danger of earthquakes and cyclones always hovers here.

Indonesia Earthquake Tsunami Warning
Indonesia Earthquake Tsunami Warning


Tsunami Warning Today Live

In fact, early Tuesday morning, Indonesia was shaken by strong earthquake tremors, according to Tsunami Warning Today Live, the American Geological Survey said that a strong earthquake of 7.6 magnitude was recorded off the coast of Indonesia and East Timor region. Tsunami warning has been issued in Indonesia in view of the high intensity earthquake. According to Tsunami Warning Today Live, due to the increase in the intensity of the earthquake since late Monday night, there was an atmosphere of fear in Indonesia. People saved their lives by coming out of their homes. 

On the other hand, if we tell you two days before this, i.e. on Saturday, due to indonesia earthquake tsunami warning, the Merapi volcano mountain in West Sumatra province in Indonesia exploded for less than 1 minute, so that lava spread 300 meters above its smallest. Due to this, an atmosphere of great devastation was created.

Last tsunami in Indonesia

Earlier, on 26 December 2004, the last tsunami in Indonesia was recorded on the west coast of North Sumatra in Indonesia, which was of 9.3 magnitude. The waves of this tsunami were more than 100 feet high, during the Indonesia earthquake tsunami warning, all the residential areas around the Indian Ocean were targeted. This tsunami was so deadly that about 227880 people from more than 14 countries were killed.  

Due to this last tsunami in Indonesia, there was almost a maximum death toll in Asia whose figure was 130780. In view of which drill has been done many times in Indonesia by the authorities. And people are told every time to leave the coastal areas and go to some higher place and take shelter.

Tsunami in Indonesia date

The word Tsunami is derived from Su and Nami which means sea wave. According to the Tsunami in Indonesia date, the word Tsunami was first used by the fishermen of Japan, actually we explain to you that another meaning of Tsunami is upheaval in sea water. Due to this upheaval, the surrounding areas get destroyed.  

Actually we will explain to you Indonesia earthquake tsunami warning, there are mainly 4 layers of the earth, inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust, a 50 kilometer thick layer which is daughter in many sections, which is called lithosphere.  These are called tectonic plates and when there are too many vibrations in this plate, earthquakes are felt.

FAQs regarding indonesia earthquake tsunami warning

What time did the earthquake hit Indonesia last night?

The earthquake in Indonesia occurred late Monday, January 9, after about 11:00 pm.

What was the intensity of the earthquake recorded on the Richter scale in Indonesia?

Strong tremors ranging from 7.8 to 7.9 magnitude were felt in Indonesia last night on January 9, 2023 or rather on January 10, 2023 Tuesday morning.

What is the warning issued in Indonesia?

An earthquake tsunami warning has been issued in Indonesia.

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