Income Tax Calculator India – Calculate your taxes for FY 2022-23

An income tax calculator India is a tool you can use online to determine the taxes you owe based on your income following the release of the Union Budget. A specific percentage of your net annual income must be paid in income tax depending on the taxable income category you belong under. Our tax calculator makes calculating income tax very simple. Our income tax calculator India which has been updated in accordance with the most recent income tax rates and tax laws, ensures that you receive an exact estimate of the amount of tax that is due.

Income Tax Calculator India

Individuals and businesses are required to file income tax calculator returns each year, declaring their income and any deductions or credits they are eligible for. The tax rate can vary based on the individual’s or business’s income level and tax bracket. In India, the tax rate for individuals ranges from 5% to 30%.

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There are also various deductions and exemptions available to individuals and businesses, such as for investments in certain tax-saving schemes, to reduce their overall tax liability. After the Union Budget is presented, you can estimate your taxes based on your income using the simple-to-use income tax calculator India.

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Income Tax Calculator India Overview

Article Title Income Tax Calculator India
Tax name Income tax
Implemented by Indian Government
Category Finance
Year 2023


Tax Slabs In India

Individual taxpayers are taxed using a tax slab In India, which is the foundation of the Indian income tax . Individuals are subject to a range of tax rates depending on their income tax slabs in India . In other words, the amount of tax you pay increases with your income. There are many income Tax Calculator India. The following three categories are where people must pay taxes:

  • anyone younger than 60
  • 60 to 80-year-old senior citizens who live there
  • Residents who are Super Senior Citizens and older than 80
Income Tax Calculator India
Income Tax Calculator India


Income Tax Calculator Old regime

Income Tax Calculator Old Regime is for those who are 60 years of age or older but under 80 years of age, the basic exemption limit is $3,000, and for those who are 80 years of age or more, it is $5,000. In this section we have provided the Income Tax Calculator Old Regime. The tax rate under the new tax system is the same for everyone, regardless of age.

Details FY 22-23
Gross Total Income Rs. 14,50,000
Total Deduction Rs. 2,77,500
Taxable Amount Rs. 11,72,500
Tax On Total Income Rs. 1,64,250
Surcharge Rs.0
Health And Education Rs.6,570
Total Tax Payable Rs.1,70,820


Income Tax Calculator New regime

According to the Income Tax Act of 1961, an income tax is a charge levied by the federal government on taxpayers who are either individuals or companies based on their income or earnings (commonly known as taxable income).

In most cases, income tax calculator New regime is computed by multiplying the amount of taxable income by the tax rate. The type of taxpayer and the type of income are two factors that can affect the tax rate. In the table below we have provided income tax calculator New regime.

Details FY 22-23
Gross Total Income Rs. 14,50,000
Total Deduction Rs.0
Taxable Amount Rs.14,50,000
Tax On Total Income Rs.1,75,000
Surcharge Rs.0
Health And Education Rs 7000
Total Tax Payable Rs.1,82,000


How to Use Income Tax Calculator?

Here we have told you to how to use income tax calculator, so read the steps and follow for using the income tax calculator India.

  • Select the fiscal year for which you wish to compute your taxes. Choose your age wisely. In India, the different age groups have different tax obligations.
  • Enter your taxable pay, that is, your salary less any applicable exemptions like the standard deduction, the HRA, and LTA. (If you want to see how much tax you owe based on the previous tax slabs)
  • Otherwise, simply input your pay, that is, your wage without taking advantage of any exemptions like the standard deduction, professional tax, HRA, or LTA. (If you’re interested in learning what your tax obligation is under the new tax slabs)
  • You must include information such as interest income, rental income, home loan interest paid for rented property, and loan interest paid for self-occupied property in addition to your taxable wage.
  • Enter the net income (sale consideration minus acquisition cost) under “Income from Digital Assets”; this income is subject to a 30% tax plus any relevant surcharge and cess. You must enter your tax-saving investments under sections 80C, 80D, 80G, 80E, and 80TTA if you want to compute your taxes using the old tax slabs.
  • To calculate your tax obligation, select “Calculate.” Additionally, you will be able to compare your pre-budget and post-budget tax liability.

How to calculate Income Tax FY 2022-2023?

An individual is exempt from filing income tax returns if his income is below the basic exemption threshold. Although those who want to receive an income tax refund but make less than Rs 2.5L can only do so by filing an ITR. In all other circumstances, filing income tax returns is required. To calculate the taxes you can use the Income Tax Calculator India.

The total of the basic wage, the HRA, the special allowance, the transport allowance, and any other benefits is income from salary. Your income tax calculator India may include tax-free benefits such leave travel expenses and phone bill reimbursement. Renters who receive HRA are eligible to make an HRA exemption claim. By using our HRA Calculator, you can determine the HRA’s exempt portion.


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FAQs related to Income Tax Calculator India

What is Income Tax Calculator India?

An income tax calculator India is a tool you can use online to determine the taxes you owe based on your income following the release of the Union Budget.

How can I calculate my Income Tax?

You can calculate income tax by using the income tax calculator.

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