Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes, Quotes In Urdu, Messages

Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes : Hazrat Ali Jayanti is a predominantly festival in Islam. This festival is celebrated on 15 February every year. On the 13th day of Rajab Hazrat Ali’s birthday according to Islamic calendar. It is recognised for his courage and bravery Hazrat Ali also known as Ali Ibn Abu Talib. In this post we are going to tell you about Hazrat Ali birthday wishes, what are the Quotes and wishes of those you can use on the birthday of Hazrat Ali. Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes and quotes. To know all about Hazrat Ali Birthday Wishes stay with us in this post at last.

Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes

Hazrat Ali is also known as to be the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad and also the first Iman by Shia Muslim. The people get together to offer prayers to the local mosque by Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes. Families prepare traditional food and sweets on this day and the small children so I thought of Hazrat Ali’s contribution to the propagation of muslims.

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This festival is one of the happiest festivals for Muslims. It is thought that Hazrat Ali teaches on this day to everyone. The people hug each other. To celebrate this first festival and celebrate it we are given here some messages to share on the WhatsApp of Hazrat Ali. This Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes you can share on WhatsApp and all the social media platforms.

Hazrat Ali was the first person to accept Islam’s in the religious path of Muslims. This year’s birthday is being celebrated on the date of February but he said birthdays depend only on the lunar calendar or Islamic calendar. We already said that Hazrat Ali was born on the 13th day of Rajiv month in 599 Ad. Abu Talib and Fathima are the names of his parents. On this occasion of Ajit Deli birthday you can remember these great thoughts by sharing in the social media Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes.

Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes Overview

Occasion Hazarat Ali Birthday
Hazrat Ali Son In Law Of Prophet
Year 2023
Wishes Given
Category Wishes
Birth Date 13 Day Of Rajab
Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes
Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes


Hazarat Ali Birthday Quotes

Some Hazrat Ali birthday Quotes are given below. You can see these Hazrat Ali birthday Quotes and share them on WhatsApp and Facebook, a social media platform. This Hazrat Ali birthday Quotes you can also share in your relations.

He who has 1000 friends who has not a friend to spare, and he is one enemy will meet him everywhere.


The tongue is like a lion. If you let it loose, it will wound someone.


To make one good action succeed another is the perfection of goodness.

Hazarat Ali Birthday Quotes In Urdu

The Hazrat Ali birthday Quotes In Urdu are given here. These are the very famous wishes of which you can use and share them on social media platforms with others. Hazrat Ali birthday Quotes In Urdu are selected as

Jb Allah ne Aap Ko Swatantra Banaya Hai tu doosro ke Ghulam mat bano


Aggar Allah Se Darte Ho to Aapke paas Kisi aur se Darne ka koi Karan Nahi hoga

Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes In Hindi

Here are some given Hazrat Ali birthday wishes in Hindi which you can wish her to anyone and say in the front of anyone. This Hazrat Ali birthday wishes in Hindi or a very prominent and selected. This you can share in your WhatsApp and social media platform in the form of Hazrat Ali birthday wishes in Hindi. The Hazrat Ali birthday wishes in Hindi are given

Kisi ki Takleef Mein me na Muskuraye

Qki Bhavishya may Aapke liye kya hai

Ishqa Apko  Gyan nahi Hai


un papo se dare Jo Ap gupt roop se Karte Hai

Kyon Ki allah aapke karmi ko dekh rahe hai


Kabhi kabhi aapki duyaen qubul nahi hoti hai

Kyonki aap aksar anjane me wo maangte hai

Jo vastav me aapke liye hanikarak hai

Hazarat Ali Birthday

You can also share this Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On this day every year the birthday of Hazrat Ali is changed in the English calendar. But every year this is changing in the Gregorian calendar. On this day the cousin and the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad the founder of Islam religion , celebrate Hazrat Ali’s birthday.

He is also considered as the first imam by Shia Muslims so his birthday is celebrated as the birthday of Imam Ali in the Muslim community. Hazrat Ali’s birthday is celebrated as born in Mecca, the holiest place of Islam. This is also considered a very important figure among Muslims globally. So this is all about Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes. If you like this Post then do share with your friends and family.

FAQs related to Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes

When is Hazrat Ali’s birthday?

17 March is the birthdate of Hazrat Ali.

 What are the Hazarat Ali Birthday Wishes?

The wishes are given above.

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