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Shivaji Jayanti or Shiv Jayanti is also celebrated as the Maratha Veer Shivaji Jayanti. This year the festival is on 19 February 2023. It is the birth anniversary of Veer Maratha emperor Shivaji. In this post we are going to tell you about happy Shivaji Jayanti wishes, what are the Quotes used in Shivaji Jayanti, we will also tell you about which you can use Shivaji Jayanti also in Hindi and in Sanskrit. The eng wishes of Shivaji Jayanti are also given. To know all about Shivaji Jayanti stay with us in this post at last.

Happy Shivaji Jayanti Wishes

Shivaji Jayanti is also celebrated as Shiv Jayanti. This is on 19 February 2023. The date is the birthdate of Veer Maratha emperor Chhatrapati Shivaji who is known for his courage and his war skills. This year the celebration of Veer Shivaji Jayanti will be celebrated. So we have given some Shivaji Jayanti Quotes and also the wish is that you can see and celebrate with anyone and share on WhatsApp and Facebook. The services you can also share with someone in his speech.

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Happy Shivaji Jayanti Wishes Overview

Title Happy Shivaji Jayanti
Year 2023
Category Wishes
Quotes And Wishes Given
Shivaji Jayanti 19 February 2023
Also Known As Shivaji Jayanti


Shivaji Day Quotes

Shivaji day Quotes are given below. You can use these Shivaji Day Quotes to wish anyone on the day of the Shivaji Jayanti. After using this wishes you can make your great impression in front of anyone. Shivaji is known for his courage then you can also show your courage by This wishes.

Let us celebrate Shivaji Jayanti by promising yourself to always walk in the path and will show courage with respect to our country like Sivaji Chhatrapati Maharaj and make our nation proud.

Shivaji Jayanti reminds us of the courageous act of Chhatrapati Shivaji which will inspire the coming generation forever to show their courage with respect to their nation. Happy Shivaji Jayanti to all of you.

Shivaji Maharaj Wishes

Shivaji Maharaj’s wishes are given below. You can use this quote in front of everyone to show your courage because this is a courageous wishes and that belongs to Shivaji Maharaj. This is especially for the day of Veer Shivaji Jayanti.

If you think that we can take inspiration from the leave of Shivaji then it will be the best think that you think we can do for our lives.

Best wishes on Shivaji Jayanti all of you.


Let us celebrate this is Shivaji Jayanti in front of everyone by promising ourselves to always walk on the part of radiation is like Shivaji Maharaj make our nation proud we also do this with our courage.

Happy Shivaji Jayanti all of you.


We are fortunate to be born on the land where Chhatrapati Shivaji like courageous person was born it is truly a pride for everyone those who are Indian to share his motherland with her courageous soul like him.

Happy Shivaji Jayanti all of you.

Happy Shivaji Jayanti Wishes
Happy Shivaji Jayanti Wishes


Shivaji Maharaj Quotes In Sanskrit

Here are some Shivaji Maharaj quotes in Sanskrit. However, these pieces are in Hindi but you can translate it into Sanskrit and use it in any speech to say in any public place or in front of anyone. You can also share with anyone in WhatsApp and Facebook also.

Yahan tak ki Agar Sabhi Hato me ek Talwaar thi,

To wah sarkar sthapit kar sakti hai

 “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj”



Jai Bhavani Jai Shivaji,

Sarva Pratham Rashtra,

Fir guru,

Phir Mata Pita,

Phir Parameshwara Atah,

Play Khud ko nahin Rashtra ko dekhna chahiye,

“Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj”

Happy Shivaji Jayanti Wishes In English

All the wishes regarding happy Shivaji Jayanti wishes in English are given in this post. You can use this up Vishal Sir in front of everyone in a speech and also in front of everyone. This is Vishal Zh you can share in WhatsApp and everywhere you want. These are some especially speeches and That you can only use on the day of Veer Shivaji Jayanti. So share these wishes with everyone and celebrate your Veer Shivaji Jayanti. The celebration is due to our memorable Veera Sivaji so let’s memorize him with these Wishes.

Shivaji Quotes In Hindi

Here are some Shivaji quotes in Hindi. You can share the Quotes to everyone in WhatsApp and Facebook and also use these wishes in his speech where you are given in school or in other public places.

Jab Aap Utsahi Hote hain

To Pahad bhi mitti Dher Jaisa Dikhta Hai@

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj



Pratisodh Manushya ko Jalti Rehti Hai

Sainyam hi Pratisodh ko Kabu karne ka upay Hai@

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Amar Rahe

So this is all about happy Shivaji Jayanti wishes. if you like this post then do share with your friends and family.

FAQs related to Happy Shivaji Jayanti Wishes

When Will the Shivaji Jayanti be celebrated this year?

The Shivaji Jayanti Is on 19th February.

What are the wishes and Quotes On Shivaji Jayanti?

The wishes and Quotes are given above.

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