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Dolyatra is a festival that falls on different dates in the month of March, although its main reason depends on the movement of the planet Moon, for this reason, Dolyatra is falling on March 7 this year. You can celebrate this festival like Holi. Actually let us tell you that on this day, this festival was born to keep the eternal love bond between Lord Shri Krishna and Krishna’s beloved Radha. And you must know that this festival marks the last festival of the Bengali calendar. Let us have a look at some important Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023.

Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023

Here we are clarifying to you that Dolyatra is a Bengali religious festival and holiday.  A procession is taken out here, just like it is taken out in Holi. You are also going to get Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023 here today. Just as the festival of Holi is celebrated to welcome the spring season, similarly Dolyatra is a celebration of the love of Lord Shri Krishna and Mother Queen Radha. For example, in Bengal, it is celebrated with great pomp. 

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Holi 2023 Date

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Dolyatra Status

Just as different types of colors are used in Holi, in the same way, in Dolyatra too, using different types of powder, the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha are decorated very well, apart from sprinkling colorful powders on the idols. The work of sprinkling colored powder on the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha is done by the men and the singing of songs and bhajans is done by the women.

DolYatra 2023 Messages Overview 


Article title  Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023
Category  Festival
Date 7 march 2023
How to celebrate Dolyatra Produce dairy Products

Make a smoldering fire.

Apply Gulal to all with love and Safety. 

Shubh Muhurat 6 March 04:17 pm to 7 March 06:09 pm 
Year 2023
Festival  DolYatra or Doljatra


How to Celebrate Dol Purnima 2023

When Dolyatra Wishes 2023 has been discussed, then a question will definitely come in the mind of many people, How to Celebrate Dol Purnima 2023, so here we explain to you how you can celebrate Dolyatra i.e. Dolyatra with great pomp.

  • First of all, things like butter, cream, panchamrit, milk etc. are made in the house, on the first day of Dol Yatra, we know it as “Gond”. It is believed that on this day Lord Krishna prepares to visit the house of Ghuncha (who was one of his wives). On this day, preparations for kirtan and prayer are made by the devotees by lighting a bonfire in front of the house. After that the idol of Lord Krishna is taken in front of the bonfire.
  • We know the second day as “Dol”, on this day people throw balloons among themselves, apply gulal, sprinkle colored water or throw colors from a pichkari. However, we should celebrate this day with great harmony. On this day, the tradition of visiting relatives and friends and playing Holi is also followed. On this day, the younger people of the house seek the blessings of their elders by applying abhi or gulal. Elders bless their children with happiness and prosperity. And the messages of Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023 also go to each other. 
  • In this sequence, the third day of Dol Yatra is similar to the second day.
  • On the fourth day of Dol Yatra, it is believed that on this day Lord Krishna returns to his home from the place of Ghunucha. We call this day Sueri. That is, under How to Celebrate Dol Purnima 2023, at the end of the festival, a very grand and non-violent procession is taken out by lakhs of devotees depicting the return of Lord Krishna, people show harmony by throwing colored powder on each other.


Happy Dolyatra Wishes
Happy Dolyatra Wishes


DolPurnima 2023 Date And Time

According to the information we have received, apart from Bengal, Orissa and Assam, Holi is celebrated in the rest of India, whereas in these states, the festival of Dol Yatra is celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety. According to the information received from Dol Purnima 2023 Date And Time, this festival of DolJatra is celebrated on the full moon day. 

That is, it is equivalent to Holi, the way we get colored in the colors of Holi, in the same way, the people of Bengal, Odisha and Assam get mixed in the color of Dol Yatra. Dol Yatra is being celebrated this year i.e. 2023 on 7th March. Information under Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023 will be given below.

Bengali Dol Yatra 2023 Shubh Muhurat

Here we are telling you today what is going to be the Bengali Dol Yatra 2023 Shubh Muhurat because people had a special demand that when and at what time the Dol Yatra would happen. So here let me make it clear to you that Dol Purnima is falling on Tuesday, March 7, just after that i.e. on Wednesday, March 8, Holi will be celebrated, so Dol Yatra will be taken out on March 8 only.  

Under Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023, the full moon date is starting on Monday, March 6 at 4:17 pm. And the full moon date ends on March 7 at 6:09 pm. Hence Bengali Dol Yatra 2023 under Shubh Muhurat will be Pradosh Kaal nadrapora on 6th March Monday.

DolYatra Meaning Quotes

  • God gives you all the colors of life, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love, and any other color you want to have in your life. Happy dolYatra.
  • Share the good time with colors on DolYatra and spend the rest of the day with your loved ones.
  • DoleYatra is a great time to break the ice, reconnect or revive relationships, and bond with those you care about through the use of color. Best wishes to Doljatra.
  • May God bless you with happiness and prosperity on this auspicious Dolyatra. Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a colorful Dolyatra. Happy dolyatra 2023.
  • May your day be filled with colors, happiness, laughter and smiles. Happy Dolyatra to all of you.
  • Let us make this DolYatra very special by showering colors of love on each other. Happy Dol Yatra to you my love.
  • Even though I am not with you on this joyous occasion of Dol Yatra, my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I wish you a very Happy DolYatra.
  • It is the day to express love through the colors of DolYatra, it is the day to show it and all the colors of you are of love. Heartiest congratulations to DolYatra.
  • Red green yellow and blue…. The colors of DolYatra remind me of you because like them you are vibrant and full of life.
  • Everyone is a child inside and festivals bring out the child in each of us. So let’s enjoy the festival of colors. Best wishes for the Dolyatra.
  • In this lovely celebration of life and colors let us all reaffirm our love for each other by sharing different colors of life.
  • May God bless you with happiness and prosperity on this auspicious day. Wishing you and your loved ones a very colorful DolYatra.

Bengali Dolyatra 2023 Greetings

Bengali Dolyatra 2023 Greetings are available below, share it with your friends, loved ones or family members.  Information related to Dolyatra Wishes 2023 has been given to you above. So let’s get all the important and necessary greetings regarding Bengali Dolyatra 2023 Greetings.

  • Dol Yatra is a special time of the year when we remember those we love with colorful flowers. The colors of DolYatra should spread the message of peace and happiness.
  • Best wishes to you and your family on Dola Yatra, may you forget all your worries and enjoy the day to the fullest, Best wishes for DolYatra.
  • Let us make this Dol Yatra very special and enjoyable by sprinkling colors of love among ourselves.
  • DolYatra is the day when people use colors to express their love. Dolyatra Wishes 2023 to express their feelings You all colors represent love. Best wishes for the journey.
  • If wishes come in rainbow colors I’ll send the ones in the brightest color to say Happy DolYatra. 

FAQs regarding Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023

What is the auspicious time for Bengali Dol Yatra?

The auspicious time for the Bengali DolYatra is 7th March 2023.

What is Happy Dolyatra Wishes 2023?

Information regarding Happy Doll Yatra Wishes 2023 has been given to you in this article.

Dol Yatra is a festival of how many days?

Dol Yatra is a festival of four days.

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