GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023, Live Updates, Discussion, Agenda

The 50th meeting of the GST Council Led by union finance and corporate affairs Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is a significant mark in the benefits of goods and service tax. In the council, there were many discussions held. The council discussed the recommended changes in GST tax rates and also the streamlined complaints process and also about facilitated trade. In this post, we are going to tell you about some highlights of the GST Council meeting 2023. What are the measures of tax rate changes and goods rates. To know all about GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023 stay with us in this post at last. 

GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023

There are many changes made on the tax rates. The 50th GST council meeting was held on 11 July 2023. We have also given some recommendations relating to GST rates on the goods. The changes in GST tax and also about the goods and services. Many important decisions have been taken in the 50th GST council meeting 2023 highlights. After the GST meeting there is a decision made that the prices ranging from the food and drink to buying a vehicle across the country. 

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However we have given the price action and also the changes that we made for the goods and services. After this GST meeting buying many things has become cheaper for common people like grocery items. Except for that some things have become expensive as before and we have given the list of the things that become costlier and that become cheaper. 

GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023 Overview 


Title  GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023
Year  2023 
Category  Finance
Date  11 July 
Highlights  Given 
Host  Nirmala Sitaraman 


Changes In GST Tax Rates

There are some major differences in the changes in GST rates. The food items there are some decisions taken and we have given that according to this decision at the GST council meeting, uncooked food items that have been made cheaper after this council. It is also decided that The GST rate on the raw or unfried snacks food has been deducted from 18% to 5%. The other part of the decision is that in the GST council meeting, now if you order food in the movie hall then it can be bought at a lower price than before. GST on food and drink items available in the movie hall has been reduced from 18% to 5% and it also has an impact on the medicine sector. 


GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023
GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023


GST Council Meeting Agenda 2023

After this meeting there is another GST council meeting agenda 2023 that is The medicine of cancer. After the GST Council meeting it has also decided that the IGST will not be levied on those cancer medicines which are imported because after taking the medicines from another country the price hikes very much Of the cancer patient medicine. Imports being cheaper would mean that they can be bought in the country at a lower price than before prices. And if we are talking about one dose of cancer medicine. So, all the highlights of GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023. 

50 GST Council Meeting 2023

We have already talked about that deduction in the tax in the two sectors that are food and medicine. And if We talk about 50 GST Council Meeting 2023 Then the expensive prices are in the given below points. After the decision of the GST council meeting, buying a car in the country is going to be costlier than before prices. It has been also decided that in this meeting that 22% compensation cess will be imposed on a multipurpose car that is a MUV. Another charge is that 28% GST will be charged separately on these cars.

GST Council Meeting Date 2023

GST Council Meeting Date 2023 was 11 July 2023. And in the meeting it also impacted the gaming sector. The GST is increased in online gaming. After the GST council meeting it has been decided that 28% GST will be levied on online gaming and casino or horse racing. So actually online gaming has been brought under the ambit of GST and as per now gamers will now have to pay more for the online gaming. So these are all the highlights which impact the normalisation of the middle class or lower class people. 

Changes In GST Tax Rates For Goods And Service 

Changes in GST tax for goods and services we have already given the list. And if you want to know more about the other goods and services that will impact the majors and also the makers you can see in the official portal. However many news websites also told the list and as the increment and decreased in the tax. This is all about GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023. 

FAQs related to GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023

What are the GST Council Meeting Highlights 2023?

The highlights and tax deduction and increase Are given above.

What will be the tax on unfried snacks?

The taxes deducted from 18% to 5%.

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