Full Moon in February 2023, Snow Moon, Full Moon Calendar 2023

In today’s article, you are going to know when the Full Moon in February 2023 is going to be celebrated. Significantly, the February Full Moon Snow Moon is the first full one to be observed in February.  According to the received sources, the next February full moon is going to be from 1:29 PM to 6:29 PM on Sunday, February 5, 2023 and it will reach its peak light by this time. Under Full Moon in February 2023, let us tell you that this is the second full moon in the month of February. Here let me tell you one more piece of information, that the duration of the full moon lasts for a long time, so you can see it anytime during the day or night.

Full Moon in February 2023

Here you are getting information under Full Moon in February 2023 today i.e. reaches peak light on Sunday 5 February 2023 at 1:30 PM. And when it’s below the horizon, you’ll see it before or after Sunday night, and around sunset you’ll see it drift eastward above the horizon and reach its highest point in the sky at midnight.

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Full Moon in February

Eclipse in 2023

It is considered very auspicious to see the Full Moon in February 2023. Let us tell you here that the story behind the name of Full Moon of February is quite simple. That is, due to heavy snowfall in February, we call it by the name of Snow Moon.

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Snow Moon 2023 Overview

Article Title Full Moon in February 2023
Category Full Moon Poornima
Full Moon Poornima Start On 5 February 2023 1:29 pm EST
Full Moon Poornima Tithi ends 5 February, 6:29 pm UST
Amavasya 20 February, 07:06 AM UTC
Year 2023
Snow Moon Word creation 17th century
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New Moon February 2023

As you and we know that the full moon is considered when the moon appears in a complete circular form in the sky, and you also know that the entire part of the moon is illuminated by the sun’s rays in front of the earth. We have been reading in books that the moon gives any visible light of its own.

So, according to the hypotheses of New Moon February 2023, we can see only those objects on the Moon which are illuminated by some other source. You have seen and learned information regarding the Full Moon in February 2023 here today. Because light is reflected from the Earth, although the main source of light for the Moon is the Sun.

Full Moon in February 2023
Full Moon in February 2023


Snow Moon Meaning

Here, let us explain to you that February is the coldest snowy month of the year and we also know it by the name of the Hungarian Moon or Bonny Moon. There is such a belief under Snow Moon Meaning that hunting was very impossible in ancient times due to severe winter in this month, so there used to be a shortage of food in this month.

For this reason, it is also known as the month of the Hungarian Moon or Bonnie Moon as mentioned above by the Cherokee tribe. The Full Moon in February 2023 is known as the Raccoon Moon by the Dakota Tribe, the Goose Moon by the Haida Tribe and the Groundhog Moon by the Algonquin Tribe.

Snow Moon Spiritual Meaning

As you know, when the Earth comes directly between the Sun and the Moon, then that event is called a full moon, that is, at this time it is completely bright.  According to the belief of Snow Moon Spiritual Meaning, there is definitely a full moon almost every month, if we say on an average, then a full moon is found at an interval of 28.5 days.

Under Full Moon in February 2023, it also happens many times that it happens in the month of February, it happens because of the leap year, so we also address it as Black Moon.

Full Moon Calendar

Here today we are going to inform you about the Full Moon Calendar for the next 5 years in the context of February Purnima i.e. Snow Moon. So that you can get information like the Full Moon in February 2023 falling in the next 5 years.

  • Thus, in the year 2024, February 24 will be a Saturday at 7:30 am EST, a February full moon.
  • In the same order, in the year 2025, February 12, Wednesday morning at 8:53 am EST is going to be the February full moon.
  • Similarly, according to the Full Moon Calendar under the year 2026, on February 1, 2026, Sunday evening at 5:09 pm EST, there will be Snow Moon i.e. February Full Moon.
  • And under the year 2027 and 2028, February 20 Saturday evening will be at 6:23 and February 10 Thursday morning at 10:04 respectively.

Poornima Calendar 2023

Poornima Tithi Time Poornima Name
6 January 11:07 pm Wolf Moon
5 February 06:29 pm Snow Moon
7 March 12:40pm Worms Moon
6 April 5:34am Rosy Moon
5 May 6:34pm Full Moon
4 June 4:41 am Strawberry Moon
3 July 12:38pm Duck Moon
1 August 7:31pm Sterjan Moon
31 August 2:35pm Blue Moon
29 September 10:57am Harvest Moon
28 October 9:24pm Hunter Moon
27 November 9:16am Weaver Moon
27 December 12:33am Cold Moon


FAQs regarding Full Moon in February 2023

When is the Full Moon in February 2023 going to be?

Information regarding Full Moon in February 2023 has been given to you in this article.

What is the new moon called?

 If the Moon is in its orbit between the Earth and the Sun, then the back side of the Moon remains illuminated and the side in front of the Earth remains dark, thus we call it a New Moon.

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