EPF Claim Status 2023, EPFO Online Claim, How to Check

Many young and new employees may not know what EPF is, but today we are telling you how you can get your EPF Claim Status 2023, so first of all we would like to tell you here that EPF, It is a means by which funds accumulated during the course of one’s employment are allowed to be withdrawn in exceptional circumstances. But before that, EPF account holders should try to get more information about it, so that they can be sure that the entire EPF medicine process has been completed properly. You are going to know the different EPF Claim Status 2023 here today through this article, but first of all EPF account holders need to learn how and under what circumstances they can check EPF claim requirements.

EPF Claim Status 2023

Now the question comes to who is eligible to claim for EPF Claim Status 2023, so here let us introduce you to the information that account holders above 55 years of age ie those who have attained retirement,  The entire EPF is eligible for claim. But unlike this, under EPF Claim Status 2023, people who take retirement before their due time are not allowed for the entire claim.

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In this sequence, if an employee is 54 years old, that is, there is still 1 year left for his retirement, then he is allowed to claim 90% of his EPF. Apart from these two circumstances, if an employee is in a position to remain unemployed for at least 1 month, then he can claim his 75%.

EPF Balance Check 2023 Overview

Article title EPF Claim Status 2023
Percentage of PF goes to Pension 8.33 percent
Max. PF Withdrawal Limit before 1 year of Retirement 90 percent
Time taken by PF Form 31 5 to 30 Days
PF Pension Eligibility person Only Member of EPFO
Toll free number 011-22901406
Website passbook.epfindia.gov.in

What Is EPF Claim Status

Many people have this question What Is EPF Claim Status in their mind, but they do not know, so here we tell you that the Employees Provident Fund i.e. EPF is the Retirement Corps Fund, which is contributed by both the employee and the employer.

If you want to claim part or full amount before maturity, then check the status of the claim through your Universal Account Number. For EPF Claim Status 2023 it is absolutely necessary that your UAN should be active.

EPF Claim Status 2023
EPF Claim Status 2023


EPFO Online Claim

If you are interested in withdrawing money from your EPF account, then the first thing that comes to the fore is the purpose for which you are making the PF claim.  Secondly, whether you meet the required eligibility criteria or not, after that you are eligible under EPFO ​​Online Claim, then you should take the next step i.e. fill the form. For the information of EPF Claim Status 2023, some easy steps are being given which will provide you more information.

If you are willing to fund your LIC policy then you have to fill Phone 14, And if you are opting as a nominee for EPFO ​​Online Claim then you have to fill Form No. 28 and 10D.

How to Check EPF Claim Status 2023 Online

Nowadays you can get your EPF Claim Status 2023 through online methods.  Here we are giving you different types of questions asked by you in the context of How to Check EPF Claim Status 2023 Online, you will be able to check your EPF claim status very easily by reading them.

Through UAN Member Portal

  1. Now employees can check their PF claim status through UAN Member Portal by following a few easy steps, for which employees need to login to UAN Member Portal by entering their UAN number and password.
  2. From here now you will click on the option online services for the purpose of checking EPF Claim Status 2023.
  3. After which you will also have to click on the option with track claim status.
  4. Now finally you will see the complete details of your withdrawal or transfer status on the screen.

Through EPFO ​​Portal

Now to check their PF claim status, employees can also proceed through the EPFO ​​portal under EPF Claim Status 2023 and use the EPFO ​​Portal method.

  • For which first of all the employees have to visit the official portal of EPFO.
  • As soon as you come to the home page of the official portal, from here you have to click on the tab named ‘For Employees’ under the option “Our Services”.
  • Under the answer to the question How to Check EPF Claim Status 2023 Online,
  • on the next page, you will have to click on the “Services” option and open the option “Know your claim status” in the context.
  • Now here you will enter UAN and captcha code.
  • And click on the search option.
  • And finally by choosing your member ID you will be able to get your PF claim status information.

Through Umang App

  • Now you will also be able to check your EPF Claim Status 2023 very easily Through Umang App successfully,
  • for which you have to first install the Umang App and click on the option “Employee Centric Services” under the EPF ​​option on the homepage of this application.
  • After this, in the context of your question How to Check EPF Claim Status 2023 Online, you have to click on the option with “Track Claim”.
  • After this, you have to enter your UAN and OTP. And click on your login option.
  • In this way you will be able to check your EPF Claim Status 2023 very easily.

How to Check PF Claim Status 2023 Offline

Now apart from online, you will be able to track your EPF claim status very easily offline as well, for which we will provide you some easy medium like s.m.s. facility and missed call facility are mentioned. So that you will be able to track EPF Claim 2023 very easily under the question asked by you How to Check PF Claim Status 2023 Offline.

Through SMS

Now applicants will be able to get their EPF Claim Status 2023 information through SMS also. For which they have to send an SMS on the mobile number linked to the UAN portal. If you want your e.p.f. Get the exact status of the claim. For this you have to set the latest s.m.s. Format “EPFOHO UAN LAN” through s.m.s from the mobile number linked with the UAN portal.

Through Missed Call

Employees can also check their EPF Claim Status 2023 by giving a missed call through the toll-free number 01122901406 to check EPF Claim Status 2023 with the help of their registered mobile number. As soon as you make a call to this given toll-free number with the help of this registered mobile number, the call gets disconnected automatically after ringing.

And through an SMS on your mobile number, information about the status of PF claim is received under the answer to your question How to Check PF Claim Status 2023 Offline.


Official Website epfindia.gov.in
UAK Home Page urbanaffairskerala.org


FAQs related EPF Claim Status 2023

What is the time limit for PF withdrawal?

In terms of PF withdrawal individuals may have to wait for 2 months before withdrawing their PF funds.

What is the website to check PF claims online?

The website to check PF claims online is passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemClaims.

Can I join EPF directly?

No, you cannot join EPF directly, for this you must work for one of the organizations.

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