Elon Musk Twitter CEO, Elon Musk Will Quit As Twitter CEO

Elon Musk Twitter CEO,  announced Tuesday night that he will step down as the company’s CEO, but only after he names a successor. He had organized a Elon Musk Twitter poll this week in which millions of users had voted for his resignation, but this was the first time he had explicitly addressed it.

Musk declared in a tweet that he will step down “as soon as I find someone stupid enough to do the job”! Musk also stated that he will “manage the software & servers teams” at Twitter after stepping down as Elon Musk Twitter CEO, implying that he may continue to have a big impact on the organization’s decision-making.

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Elon musk Twitter

There was more than a day of silence before the results of the survey were made public. After more than 17 million people had cast their votes on Monday, 57.5% of whom believed Musk should step down, the billionaire executive barely made a passing reference to the results.

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He proposed that future Elon Musk Twitter polls might only be accessible to Twitter Blue subscribers who have paid for their subscription. One of the most significant social media organisations in the world has undergone broad, occasionally chaotic changes as a result of Musk’s brief time serving as CEO.

Elon Musk Twitter user poll asking people if he should step down as CEO followed a significant backlash to Twitter’s abrupt suspension of several journalists who covered him, as well as Twitter’s Links to other social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon, a Elon musk Twitter rival that has doubled in size since October, were banned, and then later unbanned.

Elon Musk Twitter CEO Overview

Article Title Elon Musk Twitter CEO
Application Name Twitter
CEO Elon Musk
Elon Musk new project Tesla
Announcement Date 20th December 2022
Website of Application Twitter.com

Elon Musk Twitter CEO

Under his leadership, Twitter has let go of the majority of its staff, alienated significant advertisers, welcomed former president Donald Trump back after his suspension following the Capitol riots on January 6, and made internal communications about the company’s operations available to journalists before Musk became the company’s owner.

Elon Musk Twitter CEO
Elon Musk Twitter CEO


Because of the Elon Musk Twitter CEO propensity to base significant product changes on nothing more than unofficial Twitter polls, Musk’s impromptu and ad hoc management style has come to light. But an increasing number of Twitter users are criticising that strategy.

Twitter punished a number of journalists last week for their coverage of Musk’s decision to permanently block an account that monitored his jet. The poll conducted on Sunday, which acted as an effective, though unscientific, referendum on Elon Musk Twitter CEO management of the company since he completed his purchase of Twitter in late October, was the culmination of growing criticism of Musk.

Elon Musk Twitter Poll

Elon Musk stated on Tuesday that he will step down as Elon Musk Twitter CEO once he found “someone insane enough to do the job,” two days after asking his 122 million Twitter followers whether they thought he should step aside as the platform’s CEO. The majority of responses were in favour, he said.

Musk, who paid $44 billion for Twitter in late October, posed the query to his followers on Sunday night in response to criticism of the company’s unpopular new content moderation measures and its apparent arbitrary banning and restoration of high-profile users. Even some former admirers of his were critical of his behaviour, labelling his on-stage antics as “the last straw.”

Elon Musk New Project

Mr. Musk had chosen to be the sole manager of Twitter. Elon Musk New Project has invited workers from his other businesses, such as Tesla and the start-up tunnelling company The Boring Company, to join him. The Boring Company’s president, Steve Davis, has spearheaded several cost-cutting efforts at Twitter.

The investor Antonio Gracias, a former member of the Tesla board encourage Elon Musk New Project and his personal attorney Alex Spiro have both been on and off Mr. Musk’s advisory board for legal and financial concerns. In addition, Mr. Musk has depended on staff from Tesla and SpaceX to handle technical issues because layoffs and resignations have devastated Twitter’s engineering staff.

Some of Mr. Musk’s advisors have pushed for the position of CEO of Twitter. Jason Calacanis, an investor in Elon Musk’s Twitter, on Sunday polled his own Twitter followers about who should lead the company: Calacanis or venture capitalist David Sacks.

Elon Musk Leaving Twitter

Jared Kushner and Mr. Musk attended the World Cup final in Qatar this past weekend. Mr. Musk is also looking for new Twitter investment. One person who was solicited to invest and who was not permitted to talk publicly claimed that after he sold $3.6 billion worth of Tesla shares last week, his finance staff, directed by Jared Birchall, the head of his family business, sent emails to possible investors.

According to the source, letters sent to potential investors asked them to buy shares at the $54.20 per share price Mr. Musk paid to acquire the business. Nevertheless, Mr. Musk has now admitted in the public that he overpaid for Twitter. Semafor previously reported on the prospective fund-raising.

Mr. Musk has persisted in making dramatic expense cuts at Elon Musk Twitter CEO.Four people with knowledge of the company’s operations and those who have access to papers obtained by The New York Times said that on Friday night, another wave of layoffs started. According to the persons, some 50 employees, mostly from the company’s infrastructure sector, were let go. How other divisions were impacted was unknown.

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Is Elon musk leaving Twitter as a CEO?

Yes Elon Musk is leaving Twitter as A CEO.

Is Twitter a famous Application?

Ans. Yes Twitter is really famous among celebrities and people.

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