Economic Survey 2023, Summary of the Economic Survey 2022-23

The Economic Survey 2023 is tabled by finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for 2022- 2023 in the Lok Sabha. The economic survey is tabled on Tuesday soon after the President drops the Murmu‘s address to both Houses of Parliament.. She will present the union budget for the next financial year beginning from 1 April 2023 on Wednesday, 1 February 2023. In this first we are going to tell you about when the Economic Survey 2023 was released, what are the pros of Economic Survey 2023, how you can download the PDF of the survey, when the union budget will be released. To know all about Economic Survey 2023 stay with us in this post at last.

Economic Survey 2023

This was released one day before the union budget. So you can access the full Economic Survey 2023 through the PDF. The survey was tabled by finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today in the Lok Sabha Parliament. After one day she will propose the union budget 2023. The economic survey is a flagship document of the government regarding the survey of the economy. This shows the economic growth of the previous year.

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Union Budget 2023

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For this while presenting the survey chief economic advisor V Ananda Nageswaram is sad that India is poised to perform well in this decade. On the back of reforms ushered by the Modi government in the last eight years of the Indian economy. The formulation of Economic Survey 2023 was started after releasing last year’s economic survey. So the process of Economic Survey 2023 is held almost all the year of the union budget.

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Economic Survey 2023 Overview

Title Economic Survey
Year 2023
Tabled 31 January 2023
By Nirmala Sitaraman
On Parliament
Economic Survey Summary Given


Economic Survey Summary

The Economic Survey 2023 summary is given. According to the latest Economic Survey 2023, the growth of the Indian economy is expected to expand 7% in real terms in 2022-2023. But there was 8.7% growth in 2021- 2022. This economic survey notes that the economic condition had staged a full and broad-based recovery after Covid pandemic. So this growth percentage is noted in the survey.

There is inflation in the economy. The rate of inflation was 7.8% in April 2022. above the reserve bank India’s upper tolerance limit at 6%. So the overshoot of inflation above the upper end of the target range.

There is a Fiscal development in our economy. This included economic activity and direct tax revenue also the goods and service tax. The monetary management of our economy is the growth in the credit offtake expected to sustain. And to combine with a pick up in the private Capex according to survey. So this is the Economic Survey summary.

Economic Survey 2023
Economic Survey 2023


Economic Survey 2022-2023

The Economic Survey 2022- 2023 was released by our finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the Lok Sabha Parliament on 31st January 2023. You can check the economic survey PDF on the PBI highlights. The full details of Economic Survey 2022-2023 you can check on this website including highlights and all those information of the survey. This development of an economic survey was done in the previous financial year. The overview and summary of the survey is given above so you can read it and if you want to fully check the survey then you can access the PBI website.

Economic Survey 2023 Highlights

The Economic Survey 2023 highlights are given. You can see these Economic Survey 2023 Highlights that are shown in the Economic Survey 2023. There were many areas that are highlighted in the Economic Survey 2023. The Highlight shows the development and growth of our country . The economic survey was tabled in Parliament by Nirmala Sitharaman and this highlights was shown in the economy survey highlights. The highlights that are shown are given below-

  • GDP Growth
  • Inflation within target but a further tightening of rates expected
  • Pharma and Mobile Exports
  • Credit Growth Remarkably High
  • Employment generation
  • Boost in the Agricultural sector
  • MSME Sector growth
  • Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • External Sector Performance

Economic Survey 2023 Pdf

The Economic Survey 2023 is an important part of our financial and economic growth. The survey was released by our government. So you can check the full economic survey of our countries on how much inflation is done and how much the economic survey is done. The Economic Survey 2023 PDF you can download from any web browser. You have to search their Economic Survey 2023 and the result will become the economic survey PDF. However the Economic Survey 2023 is not available but you can check. So this is all about the Economic Survey 2023. If you like this post then do share with your friends and family.

FAQs related to Economic Survey 2023

When will the Economic Survey 2023 be released?

The Economic Survey 2023 will be released on 31 January.

How many days are the Economic survey released before the union budget?

The Economic Survey 2023 released One day before the Union budget.

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