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Delhi MCD Exit poll The state election commission has said that the highly-anticipated municipal elections will be going held on December 4, and results will be declared on December 7, 2022. In this Delhi MCD Exit poll is important that every media and organisation held a survey and estimate the number of seat  Delhi MCD Exit poll. In 1958 the Delhi municipal committee was replaced by the municipal corporation of Delhi under the national parliament.

Now the municipal corporation of Delhi the largest civic body in the world goes to largest Delhi MCD Exit poll on December 4th. MCD decided directly or Indirectly how the 25 million population of the national capital lives thier lives. It has been a very high octane battle a campine on steroids a lot went down but viewers today Delhi rights are going to out. Delhi MCD Exit poll is happening like last year also in this year.

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Delhi MCD Exit poll 

Today the voting timing closed in 5:30 pm. After some day the Delhi MCD Exit poll will release. We  hope we are asking them to do it better what you did them the last time around the last time Delhi voted because the percentage was about just 54%. Only 45% voters turn out had been recorded till 4:00 p.m. Delhi MCD election result the last time Delhi around voted for its civic body and this was before unification well BJP had Swift DM City poll with 181 Delhi MCD Exit poll awards.

Delhi MCD Exit Poll overview   

Let’s move on to the overview of Delhi MCD Exit poll. This  election was deferred in the date of March, 2022. Earlier, the polling was scheduled to held in the date of  April, 2022. The chosen date for candidates to file papers is between the date of  November 7 and November 14 and while the scrutiny is to be held on the date of November 16, and the withdrawal date is chosen in November 19. The model code of conduct was implemented in November by the election commission. Following the table of Delhi MCD Exit poll.

City Delhi
Body Election commission
Notification date 7 November
Polling 4 December
Timing of polling 8:30 to 5:30
Counting 7 December
Delhi MCD Exit poll
Delhi MCD Exit poll,


Exit poll delhi

Delhi MCD Election 2022 Delhi MCD Exit poll is going to release soon.  Delhi Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Kejriwal made a big disclosure on this Tuesday and in which he said that  Aam Aadmi Party Delhi Delhi MCD Exit poll will be wins the Delhi MCD election 2022. The Municipal Corporation Department will run the many development  of Delhi and  the mini-councilor status will be provided to the platform of RWA. Arvind Kejriwal presented his claim according to Delhi MCD Exit poll that this time the Delhi MCD Exit poll of Aam Aadmi Party is winning more than 230 seats from 250 seats in MCD elections and this time BJP cannot be claimed to get 20 seats.

Nigam chunav delhi

Municipal Corporation of Delhi which is known as Nigam chunav delhi is the local body of Delhi, under the influence  of the most areas of the capital come. There are the three local bodies in Delhi  North Delhi Municipal Corporation, South Municipal Corporation and East Municipal Corporation. After passing the law passed by the Parliament which is held on 22 May 2022. Before the year 2012  Nigam chunav delhi used to be only one Nigam chunav delhi combining these three. Now the first Nigam chunav delhi of this integrated Municipal Corporation of Delhi is being conducted. There is a direct fight between the BJP and the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party in the Delhi MCD Exit poll. Votes are given on 4 December 2022 for Delhi MCD Exit poll.  

Delhi municipal corporation 

The  Delhi MCD Exit poll is going to held after some day. If you want the notification on this then turn on the notification bell.  Delhi MCD election the BJP vs aap war has escalated bjp and trying to defeat each other. Increasing while delhi government provide lincenses to larger motorized the MCD deal with the cycle rickshaw hand pulled carts and the right now when it comes to education while McD government schools. The Delhi government provide higher faculty in schools also. So, this is all about Delhi MCD Exit poll.

There is a hard compitition between all the party who are working. Wherever the east delhi is highly support to Bhartiya Janta party and west delhi is of aam aadmi party. This will a very interesting result in 7 December. Although arvind kejriwal is highly pleased his add in the east delhi area with the slogan of “MCD ME BHI KEJRIWAL”. In The Delhi MCD Exit poll there are only 50 percent of public voted. This show they are how much interested in Delhi MCD Exit poll. FAQs 1 How many seat there are in Delhi municipal corporation? 250 2 What is the date of election and results? 4 and 7 December 3 What is the time of polling in Delhi MCD poll? 8:30 to 5:30.

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