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January 28 is Data Privacy Day 2023. It is “an international initiative to raise awareness about the significance of protecting Data Privacy Day 2023, fostering trust, and respecting privacy.” However, one day does not seem adequate for such a significant occasion. Like last year, the IAPP will be promoting Data Privacy Day 2023 in conjunction with Stay Safe Online during the full month of January this year.  KnowledgeNet chapters will organise their first events of the year all around the world, making it simple for you to network, exchange professional insights, and have fun to kick off the year since Data Privacy Day 2023 is something to be proud of.

Data Privacy Day

We want to bring the celebration Data Privacy Day to you if we can’t be there to celebrate with you this year. Because of this, we developed the Data Privacy Day Swag Bag, which includes social media images and virtual backgrounds to liven up your KnowledgeNet Chapter celebrations.

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Data Privacy Day Theme

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Data privacy day 2023 events

Experienced data protection and Data Privacy Day events leaders and experts delve into the most recent trends at the World Bank’s fourth annual Data Privacy Day event. They also provide insights into how development organisations, governments, and the private sector can play a crucial role in addressing privacy risks.

Data Privacy Month

Data Privacy Day (DPD) is observed on January 28 all around the world. Sensitising people and spreading information about Data Privacy Month practices and principles are the day’s goals.

Data Privacy Day Quotes

Celebrate Data Privacy Day Quotes and raise awareness of the value of privacy and data security.

  1. Happy Data Protection Day, everyone. By preserving your privacy and your data, you can make sure that you and others are protected.
  2. Happy Data Privacy Day and stay safe online.
  3. Let’s toast to a productive Data Protection Day. Engage in social interaction and work alongside others to change the technological world for the better.
  4. Today, on the eve of Data Protection Day, celebrate and make a commitment to speak out against cyberbullying and harassment. Improve the state of the world.


Data Privacy Day
Data Privacy Day


How to celebrate data Privacy Day

We observe Data Privacy Day every day. It is the cornerstone upon which Abnormal Security was built. Our daily goal is to prevent supply chain compromise, credential phishing, ransomware, and other sophisticated threats that get around traditional email security measures. These Data Privacy Day include business email compromise, a major entry point for data breaches. Data Privacy Day also have a number of materials that may be useful in assisting others in protecting themselves from these risks, such as our most recent CISO Guide to Ransomware.

  1. Data Privacy Day and transparency are important to Abnormal Security, as shown by our Trust Center:
  2. We have SOC 2 certification with at least yearly third-party audits. On request, you can view our most recent SOC 2 report.
  3. We have Coalfire ISO 27001 certification.
  4. We collaborate with our clients to solve their privacy worries and inquiries, and we have a thorough Data Privacy Day Addendum.
  5. We take the required actions to abide by Data Privacy Day frameworks including the CCPA and GDPR.

International data Privacy Day 2023 theme

This year’s International Data theme of Data Privacy Day is “Privacy Matters.” It fosters a sense of responsibility by demonstrating the importance of privacy in everyone’s life. Because #PrivacyMatters, we must become more aware of it and responsible with our data.

International Data Day

International Open Data Day, which is observed on a day determined yearly by the International Data Day  Organization, is for you if you think all types of data should be available to everyone. It takes place on March 5 of this year. The idea of “International Data Day” is based on the idea that information should always be free and available to everybody. This International Data Day was established more than ten years ago with the intention of recognising the widespread use of open data.

Data Privacy Day Certificate download

In addition to the Data Privacy Day Certificate download collaterals, we have data privacy specialists coming together to discuss and present data privacy advances and innovations in privacy technology as part of this year’s DPD. Data Privacy Day Certificate download (DPD) is observed on January 28 all around the world.

Sensitising people and spreading information about Data Privacy Day Certificate download practices and principles are the day’s goals. In order to foster a culture of Data Privacy Day Certificate download, it encourages everyone to take ownership of their Data Privacy Day Certificate download obligations.

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