Credit Suisse Crisis, Problems, Latest News, Bailout

UBS has agreed to buy rival Swiss bank Credit Suisse for approximately 3 billion Swiss francs (3.23 billion dollars). That is, information has emerged that Credit Suisse will be acquired by UBS in view of the Credit Suisse crisis. A statement was issued by the Swiss authorities on Sunday, saying that all this was designed to prevent a widespread crisis of confidence in global finance. 

Credit Suisse Crisis

In a deal to combine banks that are in Switzerland. And the deal provided 100 billion Swiss francs as liquidity support for UBS and Credit Suisse. More recently, the collapse of US lenders Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank caused market turmoil that forced $54 billion of central bank funding to be tapped last week.

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In connection with the Credit Suisse Crisis, information was given by the Central Bank, under which UBS was acquired by Credit Suisse because it has been found to be a solution option to secure this financial stability and protect the rest of the economy. A Bloomberg report said that UBS Group AG is offering to buy Credit Suisse Group AG for up to $1 billion.

Credit Suisse Bailout 2023 Overview 


Article title  Credit Suisse Crisis
Date of sharp fall in European Bank shares 15 March 2023
According to Suisse fund Withdrawals by Customers in the Fourth quarter 110 billion Swiss Franks
Events responsible for the decline in the stock Multibillion-dollar loss Change in top management A series of scandals Indifferent strategy
Category Finance
Year 2023
Total fall in shares in last 1 year 75 percent
Credit Suisse total of offices in 50 countries 150 + 


Rebust History of Credit Suisse 

As we know Credit Suisse is known under 30 such financial institutions which are known for their name as globally arranged important banks which have scrutiny and high capital requirements. Credit Suisse was founded by industrialist Alfred Escher in 1856 to finance the development of Switzerland’s complex rail network through the Alps. 

According to the Rebust History of Credit Suisse, Credit Suisse was involved in a banking scandal known as the Chiasso Affair until 1977. According to the Credit Suisse Crisis news, it was a high-risk, loss-making industry at the time, but according to historians, the propensity for risk and innovation through the corporate culture is still prevalent in it today.


Credit Suisse Crisis
Credit Suisse Crisis


Credit Suisse problems

If we believe the report of the Financial Times, then it comes out that the 167-year-old bank shares have registered a decline of 25% in the middle of this week. You can get the information here that, under Credit Suisse Problems, money was poured from the investment fund. Deposits totaling more than $10 billion are withdrawn daily by account holders. 

As a result, an emergency loan of about $54 billion from the Swiss National Bank has failed to stop the bleeding. The Credit Suisse Crisis came from a statement by Axel Lehman, Chairman of Credit Suisse, that the announced merger represents the best available outcome given the recent extraordinary and dire situation.

Credit Suisse News

  • In fact, let us tell you that this Swiss bank is getting another 3.3 billion-dollar share payment deal for its rival, under which comprehensive government guarantees and liquidity provisions have also been included. registered a decline of 99 percent.
  • According to Credit Suisse News, as a result of this deal, about 16 billion francs in Credit Suisse bonds will be liquidated.
  • We consider Credit Suisse to be one of 29 financial institutions that are considered systemically important banks globally.
  • When the news of this Swiss bank deal came to light, coordinated financial steps were announced by various central banks around the world to stabilize the banks.
  • When Lehman Brothers collapsed in September 2008, $580 billion in such swap lines were tapped three months later.
  • Credit Suisse has a number of problems of this type that are unique in that they do not overlap with the weaknesses that brought down Silicon Valley bank Oriental Bank in the wake of the Credit Suisse Crisis.
  • Actually, let us tell you that Credit Suisse has been nominated by the Financial Stability Board, an international body, whose job it is to monitor the global financial system.

Credit Suisse What Happened

If you have doubts in your mind about what happened at Credit Suisse, let us explain here that a series of scams over the years, a change in top management, and an indifferent strategy are all aspects to be blamed, no exaggeration, will not happen. 

It is a matter of January 2022 that after 8 months of fixing the financially weak bank, Antonio Horta Osorio had to resign from the post of president due to a violation of Kovid-19 rules, which he failed to win over investors in a strategy review by the new CEO and restructuring expert Ulrich Karner in July. The result was that customers were forced to flee because of the impending failure of the bank.

Credit Suisse Bank

As you know, it is considered one of the 30 systemically important banks. And its failure would send ripples throughout the financial system, considering the bank is one of the world’s largest wealth managers. Credit Suisse Bank We are a local Swiss bank operating wealth management, investment banking, and asset management. 

If we talk about its assets under management, it will have more than 50,000 employees and 1.3 trillion Swiss francs at the end of 2022, which is less than 1.6 trillion in the previous year. In this way, Credit Suisse Crisis has more than 150 offices in 50 countries and works as a private bank for entrepreneurs, wealthy and ultra-wealthy individuals, and companies.

FAQs regarding Credit Suisse Crisis

Why has Credit Suisse collapsed?

An indifferent strategy, changes in top management, multibillion-dollar losses and a long series of scandals have led to the collapse of Credit Suisse.

What do you mean by Credit Suisse scandal?

Four connected funds were closed by the carat switch, in which about $ 10 billion was invested.

Who is Acquiring Credit Suisse?

It is learned that Credit Suisse is being acquired by Swiss bank giant UBS.

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