Chicago Mayoral Election 2023, Result, Polls, Candidates

On the day of 28th February 2023, a mayoral election happened in the city of Chicago located in Illinois state. It was conducted to get the opinions of local residents in form of a vote to choose a new mayor for the city. Unfortunately, no one received the required number of votes to be eligible to become the mayor. Now Chicago Mayoral Election 2023 will have a run-off on 4th April 2023.

Chicago Mayoral Election 2023

Chicago Mayoral Election 2023 was conducted on 28th February 2023 in which no one won because they were unable to get the minimum required numbers of votes. This election was going to give a new mayor to Chicago. If anyone would have got enough votes then that person would have served Chicago with 4-year term.

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The last mayor of Chicago, Lori Lightfoot also stood for the post of mayor in the Chicago Mayoral Election 2023. It was her second attempt but from the result of the election, it was clear that this time she was not the first or second choice for the majority of the people and therefore she is out of the run-off election which is going to happen on the 4th April 2023. The first and second choice for the post of the mayor by a majority of votes was Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson. Paul Vallas is the CEO of Chicago public schools. Brandon Johnson is a proud serving member of the cook county board of commissioner.

Chicago Mayoral Election 2023 Overview

Name of the event Chicago Mayoral Election 2023
City Chicago
State Illinois
Country USA
Year 2023
Name of post Mayor of Chicago metropolitan

Chicago Mayoral Election Results 2023

According to the Chicago Mayoral Election results 2023, the first round of election in Chicago for electing the mayor of the city failed because no one received a qualifying amount of votes to be the mayor. Even the last mayor was a candidate but got third place. Now there will be a run-off between the first and second-place candidates. Paul Vallas and brandon johnson both are going to stand in the runoff to become mayor. Voting on 4th April 2023 will decide who’s gonna win.


Chicago Mayoral Election 2023
Chicago Mayoral Election 2023


Chicago Mayoral Election Candidates 2023

  1. Brandon Johnson
  2. Paul Vallas
  3. Kam Buckner
  4. Chuy García
  5. Ja’Mal Green
  6. Sophia King
  7. Lori Lightfoot
  8. Roderick Sawyer
  9. Willie Wilson

Out of above mentioned 9 candidates, 7 candidates got eliminate and now the first 2 people from the above list are going to stand against each other in run-off election. All of them are residents of Chicago and serving their nation proudly. There were more than 30 nominees for standing in this mayoral election but most of them were declined and disqualified for many reasons and 2 person withdrew their name.

Chicago Mayoral Election Polls 2023

According to the Chicago Mayoral Election polls 2023, most of the votes were received by only 3 candidates and the rest of the participants combined got less than 20 percent of the total votes. Paul Vellas, Brandon Johnson, And Lori Lightfoot did good but unfortunately, none of them made it to the winning spot. Even lori lightfoot is out from the Chicago Mayoral Election 2023 for the post of mayor.

Candidate Votes Pct.
Paul Vallas 172,093 33.8%
Brandon Johnson 103,387 20.3%
Lori Lightfoot* 86,952 17.1%
Other candidates 147,124 28.9%


Paul Vallas Chicago Mayoral Election 2023

The highest number of votes in the recently occurred Chicago mayoral election 2023 were received by Paul Vallas. He is the grandson of a Greek immigrant. He grew up in the Roseland neighborhood. His family used to run a Greek restaurant for a living. He got his education from the Chicago public schools.

To join a college for higher education, he chose a western Illinois university. By studying very sincerely about history, society, and politics, he got his bachelor’s degree in history and political science. He studied a little more because of his interest and got a master’s degree in political science. He even became eligible to be a teacher. Paul served the Illinois state all his life.

Brandon Johnson Chicago Mayoral Election 2023

Brandon Johnson is the son of a pastor and therefore he was raised with good principles, morals, and values. He is a hard work believer. He is widely famous for being a super fine teacher. he is very kind and loving and gets a lot of love and respect from his students. He even became a commissioner in cook county and led the department very well. Even in the time of covid pandemic, he tried his best to help the senior citizens.

Faq’s on Chicago Mayoral Election 2023

When is the chicago run-off election 2023?

The runoff election will be held on 4th April 2023.

Who got the highest number of votes in the Chicago Mayoral Election 2023?

Paul Velas received the highest number of votes.

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