CAT 2022 Score Calculator Percentile / Call predictor, Answer Key

There is a very big major update for CAT 2022 aspirants. The official answer key of CAT has been released. By downloading the answer key, you can easily extract your percentile from CAT 2022 score calculator and decide what your next strategy will be like.

CAT 2022 Score Calculator

When the answer key comes, the question in everyone’s mind is how to CAT 2022 score calculator their marks and percentile. In today’s article, we will know how to CAT 2022 score calculator CAT 2022 score. To know the CAT 2022 score calculator, stay with us till the end in this article. This CAT 2022 score calculator is very useful to calculate your examination marks and percentile.

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CAT 2022 Score Calculator Overview

Exam date November 27, 2022
Date announcement Last week of December 2022 CAT 2022 Result date January 3, 2023 at 5 pm
Official Website
CAT 2022 answer key release CAT 2022 answer key release
conducting body Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore
Total CAT exam centers 438
Duration of the Exam 2 Hours (120 Minutes)
CAT 2022 Score Calculator
CAT 2022 Score Calculator


CAT 2022 Answer Key

Step-1 First of all you will go to website. There will be a yellow colored icon which will be made like a line and will appear of the announcement.

Step-2 By clicking on it you can easily see the answer key.After clicking on it there you will see three things.

  • first your own response
  • Second cat released the answer
  • And the third is the objection work, in which even now if your answer is correct but CAT has made it wrong , So this is how you can cheak you marks with then you can take objection on it and prove your answer correct.

As soon as you login, you will have the option of username and password, enter your username and password there. Calculate your marks with CAT 2022 score calculator.

Step-3 There the option of response will come in front of you, you can easily see your answer key by clicking on click here and mix it and remove your marks. So this is how you can cheak your marks from CAT 2022 score calculator.

How to Calculate CAT 2022 Score

Now we will see how to check CAT 2022 score calculator. How can we check our percentile?

  • First of all, you will take out your question paper as you like. you will find that your answer is colored with another color and the correct answer is the one colored with green colour.
  • Where you have to go in verbal, lrdi and quant
  • Now give plus 3 marks to the questions you got right. And you can give minus one mark on those questions which might have been wrong. Those Theta question. you will have to give them as zero marks as you use CAT 2022 score calculator.
  • Now you can calculate your marks after using CAT 2022 score calculator calculate your marks, you have clear that what is your marks.

CAT 2022 Score Percentile Calculator

Now let us talk about what will be the actual percentile.

  • If your overall score is more than 110 then you can achieve 99.5% tile.
  • In this your Verbal score is 50 and over score is more than 110
  • If your overall score is more than 98 then you can achieve more than 99% tile
  • If your overall score is more than 88 then you can achieve than 98% tile
  • If your overall score is more than 72 then you can achieve 95% tile
  • If you’re score is more than 60 then you can achieve 90% tile
  • If you’re overall score is more than 53 then you can achieve 85% tile
  • If your overall score is more than 45 then you can achieve 80% tile

This is your overall score but not individual score. If you want to find individual score then you can find it. So this was all about your percentile. Now you can calculate your marks in percentile.

Now whatever marks you have come, you have to remove them. And accept those who are following this, don’t think that my score is earned and my score is high. My luck was not good. Now look at those things which can be useful in your future and what future opportunities you have.

So this is all about CAT 2022 score calculator. If you like this article then please do share with your friends and family.

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December 1, 2022 (11 am)

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