Budget 2023 Date & Time, Where And How To Watch It Live

The union budget for 2023 and the financial year 2022 will be presented in the parliament by our finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman. The budget 2023 date & time is February 1, 2023 and begins at 11 AM. Because as per the previous year this time was suitable for the budget. So, according to the back consecutive year date and time this year also time will be the same.

Budget 2023 Date & Time

This year the budget 2023 date & timeĀ  will be 1 February and begins at 11 am. Last year this time was followed by the finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman. The meaning of the government budget is that the budget for the whole nation as you know. It is an annual statement showing the estimate of receipt and expenditure during a year. The financial year is taking one year back for the budget 2023 date & time. In India the budget will be presented on the day such that the president May direct it to the finance minister.

Union Budget 2023

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Budget 2023

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So, according to the president the finance minister will present the budget in the budget 2023 date & time. In this post we are going to tell about what is the budget 2023 date income tax, all about union budget 2023, the most bogey 2023 highlights and what will be the budget 2023 date. To know all about budget 2023 date & time stay with us in this post at last.

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Budget 2023 Date & Time Overview

Title Budget 2023 date & time
Release by Central government
Present by Finance minister
Date and Time 1 February 2023 and 11 Am
Presented on Parliament
Assign by President


Budget 2023 Date Income Tax

The budget 2023 date income tax is not released yet. This will be presented by our finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman in the parliament. The union budget 2023 will be present in the constitution on the date of 1 February. Citizens of India are awaiting the Budget announcements related to income tax slabs. After the release of the budget 2023 date income tax people can take their decision according to their priority. Many industrialists are also waiting for the budget 2023 date income tax. The tax rate for individuals has not been changed since the FY 2017-18.

Budget 2023 Date & Time
Budget 2023 Date & Time


Union Budget 2023

The Union budget 2023 can be more in the favor of the public. Because last year the union budget 2022 was for the long term investment and all of this. But this year it can be changed. The election is coming soon in india. The state government are already taken many decisions according to the union budget 2023 and the election. This year the union budget 2023 will be more in the favor of the local public. However this year the tax burden can be lower than last year. Last year in the education sector the capital invested was not too much but this year due to offline all of this can be increased.

Budget 2023 Highlights

However the Budget 2023 highlights are not decided yet. The people are expecting more in the industrial sector in the budget 2023 highlight. This year after the recovery of the pandemic there is a huge change of development to many sectors. This sector does not depend on any sector. The budget 2023 highlights can also mention the small business and the start ups. However the prime minister took the steps for the small business and the startups but this year the number can be increased in the development.

Budget 2023 Date

The budget 2023 date is decided by our finance ministry. The budget 2023 date for the presentation is 1 February. From last year the government is giving the time of 28 days for the industrialists and the business people to think about that and Chen has the policy of that. They are giving an opportunity to change the incentive what they took in the last year.

From this days they can change the policy According to the budget. So, after this policy the business man are very much happy about that. Budget 2023 Date & Time, After the budget 2023 date present they can also change what they plan for the future and think for the next.

Union Budget 2023-2024

The formulation of the union budget 2023- 2024 takes almost four steps to complete. The three steps for the union budget 2023-2024 have been completed. Next year the union budget this financial year will be show. Before this union budget 2023-2024 the economic survey will also present in one date before the union budget. So this is all about Budget 2023 Date & Time. If you like this post Budget 2023 Date & Time Then do share with others.

FAQs related to Budget 2023 Date & Time

When is the budget 2023 Date & time?

The budget 2023 date & time is on 1 February and 11 am.

Who will decide the budget 2023 date & time?

The budget 2023 date & time is decided by our finance ministry.

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