Bharat OS Download 2023, BOSS, Update

Recently, some software engineers from Chennai based firm called jandk operations limited and students from iit madras have created a new highly secured boss linux based operating system called bharat OS. It is completely developed with purpose for having extra privacy, security and control over the permissions given to different apps. It is a very highly advance operating system that has origins from india. If you want to know more about Bharat OS download 2023 then read the complete article. We will also tell you about how you can boss os download 2023 and then how can you use boss operating system features 2023.

Bharat OS download 2023

Bharat operating system solutions is an initiative of students, governments and some software companies to make india more self reliant in terms of advancement of technology. Daily a lot of innovative inventions are happening in india by our bright youth. Boss os is one of them. Now you can Bharat OS download 2023 and then you can use it in your phone. Most proud thing is that this was developed by the students of our country. It is designed in such a way to keep all the permissions and access to your privacy and data only with your consent.

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You can go to official website of bharat operating system solutions {}  and then you can Bharat OS download 2023 , but the process of installing this newly released operating system may appear difficult to you therefore read this full article and then you will know everything about  boss os and you can also easily download bharat os in your phone or tablet by following instructions mentioned in our website.

Bharat OS download 2023 overview

Name of the operating system Bharat operating system solution
Release year 2023
Institution involved iit madras
Company involved Jandk operation limited
Country of origin India
Category Software
Official website


Boss operating system features 2023

  • System is designed to keep your Privacy maintained.
  • It has its own safe ecosystem of applications.
  • There would be no preinstalled apps in your devices without your permission.
  • It has its own self reliant office suite software known as libreoffice.
  • It is developed in such a way that it can make your phones, tablets, laptops and computers compatible with all other input and output devices.


Bharat OS download 2023
Bharat OS download 2023


Bharat OS Release Date 2023

Name of operating system Bharat operating system
Bharat os release date 2023 March 2023
Version Bosslinux 9
Desktop enviroment Cinnamon
Recommended ram 2gb
Hard drive space 15gb


Bharat OS Update 2023

Boss linux india has launched a opensource operating system. It is the 9th version of their previous projects. It is based on cinnamon desktop environment. You can download Bharat os update 2023 through official website. Before installing it make sure to follow the procedure guidelines. Your system should have atleast 2gb ram and it will cover 15gb spavce in your hard disk.

Bharat OS installing Process 2023

  1. Firstly you have to make sure that your system is eligible for installing boss os updates by matching the specification of your system with the specifications mentioned in official website of boss linux india.
  2. Boss linux india website has a download page, you have to go there and then you will find there every operating system and software that bharat operating system solutions has ever created and released for open source.
  3. Click on download button that is given below the specification of operating system that you want to download.
  4. After downloading your file, install it and restart your system.
  5. Congrats, now your system has boss os update 2023.
  6. Follow every instructions mentioned in official wbsite of boss linux india and bharat os installing process 2023.

Faq’s related to bharat os 2023

Which company has developed boss os?

Iit madras incubated company jandk operations limited has developed boss os.

When was the boss os was developed?

Boss os was developed in india in year 2023.

What is the full form of boss ?

Boss stands for bharat operating system solutions.

Click Here for the home page of for the latest update.

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