Best Cuisines in The World Ranking- Indian Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Greece Cuisine

Testatlas, a website that provides a rank of food around the world on the basis of popularity, according to which we are giving you information about Best Cuisines in the world ranking, based on the recent poll, the best food in the world  A list has been issued. The list comes to light on the basis of a poll conducted in the year 2022 in which Indian cuisine has been included in the list of the fifth best cuisine in the world.  

Next, we are going to tell you, according to the Best Cuisines in the world ranking, which countries’ food has come on next, second, third and so forth, this type of information is going to be available to you here today, so we will give you the same advice. That you remain till the last in this article Best Cuisines in the world ranking.

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Best Cuisine in the world ranking

As we just explained to you in the survey released by Testlas, it was found what position Indian cuisine has got, so here we explain to you under the Best Cuisines in the world ranking that Indian cuisine means Indian cuisine and drinks.  Contents received an overall rating of 4.54 out of 5. 

When the Best Cuisine in the world ranking of good foods according to taste was done in the official website of Testalas, it was found that according to taste, Ghee Malai Garam Masala Keema and Butter Garlic Naan were considered as one of the best foods of the year 2022.  Such a statement came out according to the Best Cuisines in the world ranking that India’s place should be fifth.

Cuisine Meaning in Hindi 2022 Overview 

Article Title  Best Cuisines in the world ranking 2022,
Category  Food quality 2022
Rank of India 5th
Best cruisines Shahi Panir
Top 50 country list Given in Article 
Year 2022
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Ranking of World’s best cuisines

In the global list released of the best known cuisines of the world in the year 2022, Italy got the first place, followed by Greece and Spain in the second and third places respectively. Japan got the fourth place according to the Ranking of World’s best Cuisines, while India stood at the fifth place on the basis of ingredients, dishes and ingredients and on the opinion of the audience.  

Today you have come, in this article, under Ranking of World’s best Cuisines, you will get information about the ranking of food items of countries around the world.  That’s why we would ask you to read this article with us till the last so that you do not miss any information.

Best Cuisines in The World Ranking
Best Cuisines in The World Ranking


10 best Rated Cuisines in the World

As we explain to you here, Indian cuisine includes stoj snacks and desserts. A list of restaurants selling Indian cuisine has also surfaced under the website. Bukhara New Delhi, Karavalli Bangalore, Shree Thakkar Restaurant Mumbai, Dum Pukht New Delhi, and Comorin Village are included in this list according to the 10 best Rated Cuisines in the World.  

All these restaurants were used to try what the best of Indian cuisine is. As we explained to you above that the best rated food items included Garam Masala Bhi Butter Garlic Naan Keema and more than 400 similar items were also included, you will find the list on the official website of Tasteless.

World Cuisines 2022

1 Italy 4.72 18 Argentina 4.33 35 Denmark 4.05
2 Greece 4.68 19 South Korea 4.31 36 South Africa 4.03
3 Spain 4.59 20 Vietnam 4.31 37 Syria 4.23
4 Japan 4.59 21 Hungry 4.26 38 Bosnia 3.99
5 India 4.54 22 Romania 4.25 39 Malaysia 3.99
6 Mexico 4.53 23 Philippines 4.25 40 Lebanon 3.99
7 Turkey 4.52 24 Iran 4.23 41 Ukraine 3.98
8 US 4.51 25 Serbia 4.23 42 Palestine 3.98
9 France 4.51 26 Georgia 4.23 43 Bangladesh 3.97
10 Peru 4.51 27 Czech republic 4.21 44 Lithonia 3.96
11 China 4.49 28 Bulgaria 4.20 45 Taiwan 3.96
12 Brazil 4.49 29 England 4.18 46 Paraguay 3.96
13 Portugal 4.47 30 Thailand 4.16 47 Pakistan 3.96
14 Poland 4.44 31 Belgium 4.14 48 Tunisia 3.95
15 Germany 4.37 32 Netherland 4.10 49 Uruguay 3.95
16 Indonesia 4.37 33 Austria 4.09 50 Slovakia 3.94
17 Croatia 4.33 34 Algeria 4.07

World Most Popular Cuisines

The information found that in the top 50 ranking of the world’s most popular traditional dishes, only Shahi Paneer from India made it to the 28th position. In this way, according to the World Most Popular Cuisine, Shahi Paneer of Delhi’s Kake Da Hotel got 4.66 stars. As you know Shahi Paneer is one such curry which is made almost everywhere with onion spicy tomato cream sauce almond paste and is rich in nutrients.  

Shahi Paneer has its own separate place in almost every place in India. According to World Most Popular Cuisines, on the other hand, Delhi’s Butter Chicken got 53rd place, similarly, Lucknow’s Korma got 55th place in the world’s best 100 traditional dishes.

FAQs related Best Cuisines in the world ranking

According to the Best Cuisines in the world ranking 2022, what position has India got?

According to the Best Cuisines in the world ranking, India has got the fifth position.

Which are the top 10 world best food countries?

You can see the list of top 10 world best food countries in this article above.

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