Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date, Download, Features

In March, Apple released the 16.4 version of the operating system used in its device, with which 50 new features were seen. The news has spread all over the world that the company is soon going to release the 16.5 version of the operating system used in its device and its public setting has started. It is believed that many new features will be seen with this version as well. In this article, you have been given all the information related to Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date and you can also visit the official website for more information.

Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date

On May 9, 2023, Apple first released the testing candidate of version 16.5 of its operating system and also told in its notification that it is going to release it to the public soon. He also announced the Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date. And just a few days later, on 16 May 2030, they released Apple iOS version 16.5. At present, this version is available only for public beta testers and developers, and many more people have received this boon and at present it is in its development stage. is on. What are the features of this version and how do you have to download it to your device, you will get all the information about it tomorrow, so please read it till the level

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The Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date for people around the world is also mentioned in this article. You can also bookmark our website to get updates on technology-related news from time to time. By visiting Apple’s official website, you can read in detail about the soon-to-be publicly released version 16.5 for the operating system used in their devices.

Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date Overview


Article Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date
Organization Apple Company
Event Operating system update release
Release date 16th May 2023
Category Software


Apple iOS 16.5 Features

Version 16.5 of the operating system used in Apple’s devices will soon be released to the people of the whole world, many updates have been made in this version, some of which are given below for an update, read it carefully and on thing For confirmation of doubt, you can go to the official site and read in detail.


 Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date
Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date


Apple iOS 16.5 Features

  1. In the Apple News application, a section will be given separately for news related to sports.
  2. Changes have also been made to the design of buttons, many buttons have been removed and many buttons have been added for new features.
  3. A new feature has been added in the name of the text size option, through which you can change the text size whenever you want while using any application.
  4. The button used for Next and Previous was removed with the arrow
  5. Now you can do screen recording with Siri
  6. Now you will be able to have different admins on your Apple device.
  7. A feature called Multiview will be given in the Apple TV application, with the help of which you will be able to watch many sports simultaneously.
  8. Small improvements will be made on the 10th so that customers can run their Apple devices well and get satisfaction.

Apple iOS 17 Update

According to sources, the Apple company has decided that it will also release the Apple iOS 17 Update of its operating system in June this year, and due to this it is also thought that there will be very small improvements in its version 16.5. More features will go to the next and all other major changes will be done with the 17th version only.

The Apple company is going to bring its iPhone 15 series soon and it is believed that the latest iOS version 17 will be given in this iPhone 15 series. For more and more news on this subject or to get updates from time to time, visit our Bookmark website or you can read about it in detail by visiting Apple’s official website. The official website has been given to you in this article.

Apple iOS 16.5 Update Download Size

There is no news about Apple iOS 16.5 Update Download Size, nor can it be estimated, but we know that in June, the company is coming with the 17th version of its operating system and therefore it can be assumed. That 16.5 will be a very small update and its size will also be there for which your data will not cost much while downloading. According to Pro, many big changes are also claimed in 16.5 and if this is true then the size of this update can be big. For more information, you have to read this article till the end.

Apple iOS 16.5 Release Time

Those who use the Apple company’s devices, of them will already know at what time Apple releases the update of its software and for those who do not know, let them know that the Apple company always updates 10 related to its software or operating system. Releases on AM Pacific time. You do not need to remember Apple iOS 16.5 Release Time, all you need to know is that the 17th version of the operating system is going to come in June and for that please update your device, now keep all your apps updated. And make sure that your device is not jailbroken.

Apple iOS 16.5 Beta version

Our advice would be more to the people using the devices of the Apple company, not to install version 16.5 of the operating system on their phones from now on because this version is currently the Apple iOS 16.5 Beta version and is currently running for testing only those people Also download those who are public testers or developers because if you install the operating system described in your device, then you will have trouble using your device. All the information about this upcoming version was given in the article, and for more information, you can bookmark us so that we will give you updates from time to time or you can read in detail by visiting Apple’s official website.

FAQs on  Apple iOS 16.5 Release Date

When did  Apple iOS 16.5 release?

On 16th May 2023.

What would be the release date of iOS 17?

It may roll out in June 2023.

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