Apple 15-inch Macbook Air, Release Date, Specs, Price

The just-launched Apple 15-inch Macbook Air will be available in the market starting June 13, 2023, Under this, you get a huge, high-resolution 15.3-inch Retina Liquid Display, which gives you up to 500 minutes of brightness and a billion support colors. You get twice the resolution and 25% brighter than peerless PC laptops. 

Apple 15-inch Macbook Air

The total thickness of the new Apple 15-inch Macbook Air is 11.5 millimeters. And it only weighs 3.3 pounds. This makes it incredibly portable. Apple today launched the world’s most affordable, cheap, and good 15-inch laptop, in which you get a 15.3-inch liquid retina display, up to 18 hours of battery backup, and incredible performance of m2. It is believed to be the best in the world. 

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It’s the thinnest 15-inch laptop out there. Information is coming out that the availability of the Apple 15-inch Macbook Air will start on June 13, 2023, under which applicants can start today. Talking about its price, it has come to our attention that the 13-inch MacBook Air with m2 is being made available with a new starting price of $1099. And for the latest information regarding the Apple 15-inch Macbook Air, stay tuned to this article.

Macbook Air 15 Reddit Overview 


Article Heading  Apple 15-inch Macbook Air
Category  Tech
Launch date 5 June 2023
Available in Market 13 June 2023
Price 134900 Rs. And for students and teachers 10,000 Concession 
Two other variants Apple Studio

Apple Pro 

Costs  1999 dollars and 6999 dollars


1080p Facetime HD Camera and Six Speaker Sound System 

On the MacBook Air, you will get a 1080p Facetime HD camera, and for Facetime calls and video conferencing, the biggest display is being given by the company to consumers in the MacBook Air so that consumers will get to see a new experience. It has been told by the company that this new MacBook Air with features like a 1080p FaceTime HD camera and a six-speaker sound system is going to be available to you for just  134900, for which it will be available for sale from June 13, 2023. 

Meanwhile, Apple  Along with the launch of the 15-inch Macbook Air, it was also said that it was possible to cut the price of the old model as well. If you are also willing to buy a light, premium laptop, then you should take the MacBook Air. Let us tell you what features you get in the new MacBook Air 15 and how much money you will have to spend to get them.

Apple 15-inch Macbook Air
Apple 15-inch Macbook Air


Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch

The world’s thinnest 15-inch laptop, whose weight is said to be only 3.3 pounds, i.e., about 1.5 kg. On one side is its price, and on the other side are its features. The difference between the land and the sky is being shown in both. That is, you will be surprised to know the price of the Apple Macbook Air 15-Inch, and after getting information about its features, you will be ready for a forced booking. 

The world’s thinnest laptop Apple launched a new product at WWDC 2023 on June 5 is being said to be three times faster than its old weight, that is, you get an ultra chip in it. The market availability of the Apple 15-inch Macbook Air is being announced on June 13, 2023.

MacBook Air 15-inch Review

Here we once again get you to review the features of the Apple 15-inch Macbook Air that have been told to you by the company, according to which the thickness of this Apple laptop is 11.5 mm and it is said to be about 1.49 kg in weight. In which you get 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage capacity. 

Along with this, under the MacBook Air 15-Inch Review, you are going to get a 1080-pixel FaceTime webcam, 24 GB of unified memory, 2TB of SSD storage, and an 8-core CPU and M2 processor. The company has specially introduced a special offer for students and teachers, according to which its price has been reduced from Rs.134900 to Rs. 124900 for students and teachers. That means a discount of Rs 10,000 will be given by the company.

15-inch MacBook Air India

First of all, we will talk about the 15-inch MacBook Air India, so here let us tell you that this laptop has been launched by the company in 4 color options, in which you will get color options like Midnight Star Light Silver and Space Grey. That means you will get these four color options for sale in India. 

Apple’s 15-inch Macbook Air has been launched by the company as Mac Studio and Max Pro for consumers who want more power, in which consumers also get ultra-chipsets. You should read this article carefully for the price and special features of these devices. As we just explained to you, the price of the Apple 15-inch Macbook Air has been reduced by  10000 to Rs 1,24,900. On the other hand, for the 15-inch MacBook Air in India, the company has launched variants like the Mac Studio and Mac Pro in the international market. Which you will get after spending $1999 and $6999, respectively.

FAQs regarding Apple 15-inch Macbook Air

When will the Apple 15-inch Macbook Air be launched?

Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air is launched on June 5, 2023.

Will the Apple MacBook 15-inch laptop be available on the market?

The Apple MacBook 15-inch laptop will be available on the market on June 13, 2023.

What will be the starting price of the Apple MacBook 15-inch laptop?

The starting price of the Apple MacBook 15-inch laptop will be 134,900, while a 10,000 discount will be given to students and teachers.

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